Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Ice Cream Work - Feature

Today am featuring an item*. I don't do features on my blog , this may even be my very first one. Anyway I got an email asking me to feature this book called Ice Cream Work . Normally it is not something I do off the bat. But after checking the book I was some what delighted by this simple story but very interesting art by the artist Naoshi.

The story is sweet and simple about the main character Ice Cream Man and about his day and work
The Art is very retro looking and everything seems to have some kind of desert theme to it. I took a look into the art and found myself delighted by the images and the colours.

The art is made with Sunae which is the shiny colourful sand- cool right?! I have a linked Video here showing you how she does this. It left me really impressed and never seen how this is done and it looks amazing.

''Using Sunae, the Japanese technique of painting with colored sand, artist Naoshi brings us the sweet and surreal world of Ice Cream Work. This playful book follows Ice Cream Man as he goes from job to job, emphasizing the importance of imagination in daily life and reminding us that everyone has unique traits which make them special.''

 The best bit I really liked that struck a cord with me was the image of Ice Cream Man picking the Ice cream or what looked like to me a Wig, to pick out to wear for the day.  I totally connected to that image as I wish I could be able to display all my wigs out like that ! It would make life much more easier if I had a shelf set up full of my 100+ wigs to admire and pick out with ease!

What I also admire about the art is those tiny little details such as the cuteness in the art.
Like I already said this is not the kind of post I put on my blog but I thought that since I made such a connection to the images and the fact everything is cakes, ice creams and all those other yummy delights. I had to share it with you all and hope that you guys will also check out the book and enjoy it too. 

After looking at Naoshi, Finding out much more about the artist herself . Such as her being based in LA and has taken part in many projects and exhibits around the world.  I have found myself looking into her other work and learnt much more about it and have become a bit of a fan of her's. Her art really makes me smiling as its so charming and adorable. I also recognised one piece of art from Hello Kitty , Hello Art!

You can purchase one from Over Cup Press Link Here.
And find Naoshi's facebook here.

Tartan xox

*NB this is not a sponsored post