Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kawaii Summer outfit

Well not quite, we had 2 nice weeks in May- June and since then its gone back to rain, showers and sunshine. Boo!! But am not letting that stop me! Today's post is all about my wishlist or summer trends and ideas that I hope to purchase , use , wear and still look Kawaii as the summer - Wishful summer rolls on in. So lets do this!

Fristly this is a dress I am so obsessed with! The Iron fist Care bears line is to die for. I adore the care bears and even more when I saw the designs for this collection. I mean am not a die hard Care bear fan or that but I did sit and watch it all as a kid. Thinking back though some of those movies were pretty dark. Any way getting back on track. This Dress is my ideal summer style dress!
You can get the dress online at Iron Fist's own website.

Moving on to SUNNIES, I love sunnies and I have found the cutest kawaii looking ones that have that alternative vibe to them . Found on ebay at a few pounds is these cool shades.

Of course with the weather being some what hit and miss, I found 2 cute jackets one in pink from Cutesy Kink ( can be found in black.) And a Rain style one that is well see through, cause you still need to show off your style in the rain right?! You can grab one of these on ebay.

Of course there is shoes, and in summer many like to wear summery styles or light wear shoes, I am a nightmare when it comes to shoes so am not even gona go there!
Myself I will wear some tatty old shoes such as a pair of old vans or even boots - yes even in summer. I never have been one for flip flops or sandals. Oh and I can not stand those jelly things either yuck!
Maybe others can suggest something here as this is purely my week point. Maybe its an excuse to but them care bear iron fist flat shoes haha!

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Laters Tartan xox