Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Let's Chat Gaming Festivals

Hey guys and gurls. How are you all. So today I wanted to share with ya about a upcoming event that I am planning on checking out. The event is a huge 3 day event in July. Right at the end of the month 29-31 to be exact. Held at Glasgows SECC.  Now I have been only to one gaming style festival and really enjoyed it. I was with the cosplay team. This event however has no cosplay as such but it seems to be highly encouraged to come along to the event in cosplay.  As am planning to go its been a while since I have been in cosplay. Am thinking of a j- fashion or something.

That aside I find not many take me as a gamer. Don't get me wrong am not a mega ultra super serious style gamer or anything but I sure do love and enjoy all kinds of games from playing Nintendo to the Xbox. I might be slightly out of date not having the most up to date consoles but I do love and have a soft spot for the cute style fun games on the Wii U.  Also I also have a soft spot for old games and retro ones I love the old school charm from them games even if I still am pretty much rubbish at the games. LOL! Also I don't come across - well I do not think I come across as a gamer, But am a bit of a Kawaii geeky gamer hahaha..

What I do like about Gaming festivals is there is a good amount of indie sections for local new game developments and I have always loved this part cause I  like to talk with folks and like to find out about the games the make. Fun Fact is am also a Linux user..yes am a female who used Linux. I have a very computer geek man as a husband who made me switch and I have never looked back. So its my number one question. Will your game run on Linux. Shout out to Binaries who after many tweets  got the game to run on Linux and now I can play the game. ( please check them out here!) Whoop!
So I am looking forward to finding more indie games at up coming events such as Resonate that will be my next convention since April!

I also like the idea of gaming festivals cause sometimes I can not get hold of the newest game or a demo is its pretty cool being able to try the games out for yourself. Its nice to go along to different conventions , personally I find the gaming ones more chilled out and laid back compared to the comic con ones. There is for sure a different atmosphere and often crowd as well with is nice to mix things up. I also find that refreshing.

If any one is planning on going to Reasonate, let me know as I should be able to come along and check out the games and the event its self and would be happy to meet up with some peeps who want to check out some games and stuff. I also have found out that the event is all for cosplay however will will not be a cosplay masquerade or contest- which is a shame but am sure that will not put off any cos players who might want to show case their cosplay at the event.

Find the deets below!