Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hanging out at Resonate Gaming festival

So last month at the end of it , I went along to Resonate Gaming festival. In Glasgow. It was a weekend event but I and my dear gal pal could only make it the Saturday. Yuno cause being a Kawaii mum has its ties and responsibility but that aside I got the event.
We traveled via train which was nice for a change as we both met at the station and chatted on the train.Something I don't often get the luxary of and it was great to catch up with my pal. We got to Glasgow Central and jumped on to the next train to get us to the SECC ( 2 stops away) And then it was a very short walk along the tunnel to the event .

We got there about the back of 11am and there was no line. So we walked right on in. The event took over 2 Hall spaces and one hall for the panel talks, We caught a tail end of one merely out of interest to see the space. As I said there was 2 other spaces and one was the Jr area and the other was where..well where everything else was. Gaming. Indie, Retro and Stalls.

Now I have been to a other gaming festival and tbh that event spoilt me rotten. Like HUGE EVENT. huge space, halls and venue ( yep am looking at you Insomnia Scotland!) I dare say that Resonate was small and everything in the spaces were small. I know that this is a first time event for Resonate up here, So I did expect this. As it was a gaming festival there was on the day I went maybe 2-4 cosplays. One was a pokemon cosplay , one I did not who they were and the other 2 were kids with masks on. ( not really cosplay but still.) However it did not spoil the fun. Myself and my pal where in kawaii pastel goth style and we met up with a few other pals too. Also I met up with twitch TV personality @DANGELUSRAWKS. Where we had a chat, interview ( all in a bit of banter by the way!) and took some selfies and hung out for a bit which was super cool.

As I said the space, it was small - But this gives it a huge potential. There is a vast amount of areas and sections for them to work on and improve. The Jr's bit or the kids bit was very limited. I know I would of thrown in a lot more for the kids ( being a mum that also helps haha.) Yes the lego was a good idea but not every kid likes it. Maybe a 'draw your own minecraft steve' or make your own Splatoon character at a art table would of been cool. Maybe more console choice and games. Stuff like that. Also the main area again I felt that it was limited. They have the E-Sports and Street Fighter and there was a bit for minecraft. These areas were mobbed and I did not get near them- nor did I want to look like a noob on those games when playing.  There was as I said a tiny retro area that was brought in by a gamer cafe. As well hidden in the corner and my fave bit was the indie games.

Yes- I love the indie games! Why? Cause you get to hang out and chat to the folks who made the games . All of them are really nice and chatty and will help you try out the games. I was playing a few and even had some of the games at home or on my phone. So it was cool meeting those who made the games and connecting with them on twitter after. I really wish they had made this bigger and had more folks at this area.

Also they had your stalls and I only spent my money on a bubble tea in the end as the stalls are the same stalls you get at any convention . Mind you I did have a chat with as many as I could such as the guys at GAME who were super helpful and friendly when I asked about a item I was after.
Overall it was a fine day. I can see that there is tons that could be added to the event and they could benefit more with more stuff and space.

Before we parted Glasgow we headed to Tokyo Toys and got some kawaii goodies from them and headed back to Edinburgh.