Monday, 15 August 2016

Love Meow Kawaii box

Hey there kawaii kittens! How you are all doing well.
It's been a while but today am bring you a post all about the Love Meow - Kawaii box.

This box is a cute themed style monthly subscription box. That you will love if you are a cat person like myself who also adores all things cute.

The box is a fairly large size and comes in with roughly 4-5 items.You can sign up on the website and you can also pick the kind of box you want form a classic kawaii one to the cat themed one which I got. The boxes are around £14.99 to £19.99. Again you can depending on the piece you want to spend on.

So let's check out the items inside the box that I got.

The box it was all presented with logo's and wrapped in shredded pink tissue . There was a flyer include with the websites , web address.

The first item was a cute pretty post card of a cat. It was very sweet - something you can send to your friends or penpals. Maybe even frame it . It also had a quote on it too. The other items inside was a cute selection of kitty cat themed stickers that were on a flat transparent sheet and there is quite a selection to pick from.  A decorative tape was also in the box I loved this it was super thick so I think you could get many uses with this- it annoys me when you get a really cute tape but barely get any use out of it lol. It was full of cute black cats and pink paws over the tape. The other item is a pair of cat themed bookmarks . One is a small short one and the other is a longer one. As they came in a pair it was super handy to have both for more than one book. Also there was a super cute Kitty faced note pad that had the cutest hat on its head! Kyaa~~

Next up is an adorable pair of cute white socks that have the sweetest little kitty faces on them in white. Which I think are ankle length socks. You can never go wrong with cute socks lol. Also there is a small cat plush soft toy in white that mine has one blue eye and one yellow eye. Which is very soft and fluffy, It's utterly adorable! Finally inside the box is a cute head band that has a pair of cat ears on it (fully lined.) Each ear also has a bow/ ribbon and a bell. -Kawaii!

Overall I enjoyed this box it was so cute and purrrfect for the likes of me as a cat person. I think the box price is pretty reasonable and the box is based in the UK so the shipping is fast and no need for that super long wait like some other boxes. My only nit pick is that , It would be nice to have a list of what your items are or a wee note. But that's me being picky lol! I like the idea of the boxes being Kawaii and themed on something. I would like to see other ideas maybe from them ( maybe a kawaii puppy box?!)  Again I think this would make a really cute gift to some one and or a treat for yourself! I would be over the moon to get one again!

You will need these links to get your own order from LoveMeow!
Love Meow Website