Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kawaii Pins!

OMG, who else loves pin badges?!
And more so that now kawaii artists are now putting their art on to pins! I am in heaven. I mind when I was a kid and my 1st pin was a CATS Musical pin. I still have it . I wanted more but my folks would be like they are pins , they are sharp so no. Gutted. I kinda forgot about pins as an accessories until of late and love that they are cute quirky and super kawaii .  I also noted that Button badges are coming back in again! ( Who else used to fill up the school tie with buttons being all edgy !LOL! Do kids still do that?!)

They are great to add a little magic to your outfits when you want , or you can wear them alone one with a uniform if you want to keep kawaii at work or maybe like me you like to throw a mash of them together on your leather biker jacket and rock out you inner Kawaii mom-ness at the school. Cause y'all know thats how I roll. Yes- my biker jacket is pink btw but of course. So why not pin about them as they are trending once again and very popular on instagram! Sooo lets do this!

Here are a few Kawaii Pins that I had to show you all that have caught my eye and are on my wish list!
Buy it on this link here!
First up is the cute unicorn from House of Wonderland, I love the design and cuteness in this one so much! Its so cheerful as well! They have a few other ones on pre-order . Am eye balling that Team Awesome one as well but the unicorn has caught my heart!

Buy it here!

This next one is from PunkyPins and its a simple yet adorable nail polish pin, great for any nail polish junkie! Plus its in Pastels! I love how cutesy it really is and I have the matching lipstick pin that goes with this!
Esty Listing is here!

Next up is a super kawaii pin, which is a much larger that is from Fairy Cakes, I love the details on this pin, The fact it is like a pocket pet tamagotchi! There is a cat on it, need I say no more. Oh and its in the cutes of pastel shades and the cutely made shapes for buttons on the design. I would sooo love this pin!
Buy it here!
I am loving this simple pink shell pin. From I am Crafty , this is from the i'm really a mermaid collection and I love the hint of it looking mature but still magical and cute at the same time! Also it is pink which makes it pretty to look at and every girl wants to be a mermaid , right?

And finally.
Buy it here!

THIS! Its even got glitter in the text! I love the sparkles and the over all style of this soo much!
You can get it on Esty form Jordan Love. ( from the USA so shipping is rather costly *sobs*) So there you go here is a few of the pins am seeking out and loving . I also thought it be nice to show you a few of the pins I already have . Later's!

My Pins are  from PunkyPins and CutesyKink!