Thursday, 29 September 2016

Purrrrfect Gift ideas for a Kawaii Christmas

Yup I know , I know its not even Halloween and am talking Christmas. However these gifts are the perfect gifts for any kitty cat person and would make kawaii little stocking fillers for Christmas time. All these items have been sent from Modes4U and you can find them on their social media platforms with ease. You can find the shop website link here!

I got my parcel in the mail just the other day , the shipping was what I expected around about a week. It came well wrapped and in one piece. I had to hide it away from prying eyes as there is a few items I wanted to stash away for mini little gifts from a certain little one. Any way with the items tucked away in secret .I got round to taking some snaps to upload here and show the items off you guys. My order came in this cute animal pattern plastic bag , keeping the items together.

If you like cute stuff and purrfect cat themed items, your gona love all of these items!

Frist up is this Tiger/ big cat stamp which is utterly adorable! I fell in love with its cute little face and we used stamps a lot in the house of Kawaii on charts and art- we have lots of fun with them. Also this stamp has not one but two stamps in it . Take the lid of the face off and you have the 1st one and then remove the body part and you have a second one. They are cute designs and easy to use. I would adore to have more of these animal stamps but as the tiger is more cat like I just fell in love. A side note I have about 3 or 4 stamps from Modes4U that I got about last year and they are the best stamps I have got and they are still going, none have dried up or worn away. So am happy to say these are worth getting if you are into stamps and stuff like that. Can I also just say how friggen cute its the stamps over all design?!

Next up in my little package of kawaii is this Cat Plush Charm. It is a cute small charm of you guessed it a cat, This one is dressed up in a red hooded cape with red little boots! I love the cute blue eyes and face on it too! It is like its all wrapped up and ready for winter in that outfit. This would make such a cute gift for a kitty lover and its all ready for Christmas weather too. I think this would look super cute on a set of keys but more so , it would be adorable having it on a zipper of a winter coat or hanging off your hand bag.

This little charm is also a a Cat Charm for your keys or any where else you wish to hang this cutie in that fact. This is not just any Cat though it is really Rilakkuma dressed up as a cat from the cat collection that was a while back. It is a plastic charm on a gold coloured ball chain clasp for attaching to what ever you wish. It would be a purrfect gift or little present for any Rilakkuma fan who happens to love cats as well!

Next up..Cat Stickers . I love stickers. Modes4U have a ton of stickers to select from. There is sheet stickers to packs of stickers and even neat books to keep your fave stickers in. ( I have one that is a Cat themed one too. Can you tell Cats are my thing haha.) Its really hard to pick from such a selection of stickers! So your sure to find some for any ones tastes. These stickers are so cute. Featuring a cute pair of cats. One black , one white and they have shiny style stickers in mini sizes as you can see in the photo but also these have at least 2 giant size stickers in the pack too! Which is pretty cool! Also there is a a fair amount of stickers in this pack that it will last you a while to place these where ever you wish to do so!

Last item that was in my parcel was this amazing Cat Deco Tape. This was a surprise when I got this as I expected this to be a small item. Ha. no. This is the wider or thicker style of Deco tape to what am used to . This has more of that masking tape feel to it but its still super sticky. Deco tape is a lot of fun. I like this one as it seems more shaped around those adorable cat faces and around the ears of the cats. Its a cute tape that would come in handy for wrapping up all these cat themed items . The kind of tape on a gift that any cat fan would be excited to attention to detail. It has pretty colours and cute cat faces on it. Do I need to say any more?!

So that was all the items inside my parcel from , they have such a vast range of kawaii cute items to pick from. I have not had any issues ordering from them in the past and used them many times. I always found the customer service to be quick and very helpful if I have had any issues. I also love that they have a Christmas Section which you need to check out also and they have many kawaii items coming in all the time so please check them out.