Monday, 5 September 2016

Rambling of the new Limecrime Livin on a Prairie

S'up Kawaii Crew.
So today's post is my thoughts or ramblings on the new shades from Lime crime and the new products called the super foils? Anyhow these are some new shades and products that I wanted to share with you as its ''make up for unicorns'' and more of you guys are into that kind of stuff.

Before I start again. Am no telling you to spend your money on these products unless you want them. Yes I buy Lime crime products and No I don't want any of those who disagree with Lime crime hating on me.It is my money at the end of the day. If this is not a post for you then click on my tool bar and find something else you want to read! Also this is not a sponsored post or that either. Now that is cleared up . Lets get on with this!

So we got 5 new shades in this collection, myself I went for 3 and then got a forth one. so here is my rambles on the shades. I picked the following Saddle and brownish shade. Rustic a brown red shade and Wisteria a muted purple colour and then got Prairie which is very much like the shade from 2 moods Marshmallow but slightly darker.

I fell in love with both Saddle and Rustic, Saddle is a pretty colour that seems to be between the shades of the other browns it already has. And Rustic seems to be the shade that is in with the middle of the red shades. A warm earth red which quickly has become a favourite. The next 2 shades are the purple one and the pinky one , which when I put on to being with they seemed very bright but darken once dried on. Again they all lasted well when worn and through out the day. I would say the darker shades are the ones I reach for more. The blue shade I did not get as its a blue tone shade and I look like a complete idiot with blue on my lips.

Next up I got myself some of those new Super Foils. A new product from Lime crime.The wet / dry foil eyeshadow duos. I picked one I liked the shades of which is the Electric/ Barbarella. I thought it was the 2 shades I would use the most. So I used this both wet and dry . Personally I found using the product wet messy. So I use mine dry or use a tiny amount of water to get the foil effect , which is not something for every day wear for me but I found using them dry was more my kind of style.

I took to getting a second pan of super foils the one called Tutu and En Pointe which has the pink and purple shades. I not used it as much as the other one but the colours are so bright and pigmented.  As I pointed out these can be a bit messy but this is how you are recommended to used them from Lime crimes own website .

Pick up product with your finger (brushes do work, but we recommend fingertips for best results).
Spritz finger with water or mixing medium.
Watch it turn into liquid foil before your very eyes!Apply directly to eyelids and HAVE FUN!

I found that these are pretty long lasting on the lids and do give off that cool foil effect. But again I favour using mine dry .Am still not completely sold on the foils as of yet. I will not be buying any other shades but I do like the liquid lipsticks.

So yeah there you go, that's my rambling on that I think of these products you can find my collection of Lime crime lippy's on my you tube here.