Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Disney Haul - Things I got from Disney Paris

So if any one like Haul posts and cute stuff here is the post for you , the things I got at Disney. On the whole I was completely gutted at the Disney village and the shops in Disney if I am being honest. The prices I felt were higher than normal ( but then it was 2 years since I was there.) The big disappointment was even though there we were there on a Tsum Tsum Tuesday...NO TSUMS were found for that release. To be frank they barely had any Tsums! I was gutted . I in the end did by 4 Tsums, mini ones of Donald, Minnie and Mickey in the polka dot outfits and as last time I got a Medium size Donald I this time got a same size Daisy for him ..yuno can't leave poor Donald all alone!
I was so gutted missing out on the Aristocats Tsums! I did check online and poof they were all gone I am going to check some stores but looks like I may have to call in some of my Kawaii shopping skills to buy me Marie's Brothers ( the ones I really wanted!!) Or Pay for them at double or more on Ebay ... or wait for Clinton cards to sell them. Am still hunting for a mini Beast Tsum too. Gutted.***Update I got the ones I wanted and more from a pop up Disney store in the next City!***
So that was a utter fail for me. Last time there was HUNDREDS of Tsums in every shop there it was heaven! But this time it was like the rejected unwanted ones or the ones that you can pick up with ease. So annoying. Any how the medium size Daisy seems to be non- available in every store I have looked and online so I was happy to get her.

I also bought 2-3 keychains in a very cute style I like the face they were so friggen cute . I HAD to have Minnie and I really wanted Elsa to go with the Anna but the Anna is a gift to some one - I have no idea if she reads my blog but its for my '' Frozen Sister Anna'' who cosplays with me a lot . I really hope she likes it as much I love the style of these key chains!!  Of course I also picked up Snow White my favourite princess ever! I love the kawaii looks on their little faces- I would of got more but again ouchie on the cost of these . Mind you there is some wight to these little cuties! ( We picked up a Tinker bell one for the wee one too.)

Also I picked up 2 sets of Disney Mouse Ears, I fell in love cause well. Hello they are pink!! Oh and sparkles I mean come on now. These were made for me. And the outfits I was wearing too. I was matching and rocking out the Kawaii like I was ready for Vogue.  I picked the sparkle shimmery ones and the other pink one that has the crown and veil. Now these cost a arm and a leg but they are well made and good quality so I did not mind as such . However having them on all day really hurts after a few hours! So keep that in mind. And I do not have a large head as I can fit the kids hats on me but they need to make these a little bigger!

The other things I spotted in the park was a adult colour therpy book- I had to get that , I love my colouring in. Plus I got the puppies/ baby animal one which is super cute. I also when home looked around for more of these as I really enjoy that as a relaxing hobby so I have a princess one and a frozen one on the way - YAY!  The other thing I got - well more of a gift from the Mr . You see we very much think this will be our last Disney trip for a long time so I asked if I could have a keep safe gift. I picked out a very simple Disney necklace of a little mickey to keep and wear to remind me of the magic of our holiday. Its very simple and fragile , It was not to expensive but I like the simple look to it- They didn't really have any Kawaii styles in the shops there. I would think I would have to go to Japan's Disney for all of that . * DREAMS* .

Last but not least the one thing I was VERY excited about last year was getting my very own Duffy ( Mickey's Disney Bear.) Well this time I almost hit the roof when I came across his friend Shellie May! There was not many but there she was in her cuteness sitting next to Duffy ( in the shop across form the board house if any one needs to know.) With her cute little bow on her. I HAD to get her. So again like what I did with Duffy I did not get any outfits as the Build a Bear outfits actually fit them . As I have a few spare outfits from my Hello Kitty's at home I just put on a cute outfit on her so she can be all dressed up next to Duffy who both live in my bed room together now. I love how soft they both are and yes you can spot the character Duffy in the Christmas Parade at the every end float. It would be cool if they could bring him back for meets and greets. 

So thats my haul of goodies. I also when home got online to buy some new items I am needing and hope to load up a impression videos of my new stuff . So keep a eye out on that! 
Till next time!

Tartan xox