Tuesday, 10 January 2017

In Disney Paris in Kawaii style 2017

Getting up at the crack of dawn did not seem so bad when booking the holiday. At least it means getting more time of day one in the park when arriving! After running around checking all is in order getting a last minutes large case cause I just knew - I would need more space!  All outfits planned out for both us girls and that extra space to buy some Disney jumpers  or clothing - see what did I say about needing the larger case. It was a case of hop in the car, on a bus, on a plane, on a bus and thank goodness - we got in the hotel checked in, dumped out stuff and hit the park, well as quickly as possible can be a task as our room was so far off and it was a maze getting from the room to exit hahaha.

Any way... Welcome to the most magical place in the world. Leave your worries at the entrance and enjoy the magic of Disney! 

Disney at Christmas and New year was pretty much the same as 2 years ago, There was a extra new float in the parade but all the decorations and the fake bubble formula snow was still the same even the central area by the castle was the same decorations and set up. However this time there was more rides open and many meet and greets too. A few rides were going to be closed near the end of our weeks stay so we made sure to do those rides . Rides are mainly kiddie rides as am a big cowardly lion and after a bit of encouragement and a fast pass being used I found myself on thunder mountain a more speedy ride...And as soon as it was over I came off shaking like a leaf , haha. Rides are not my strong point! Meet and greets are my thing!

 Over the week I met about 8 or more characters, some I got to hang out with , some where amazing , one stood out being awful- they just were not up for the banter for some reason. Which sucked. But I did love meeting every character who crossed my path. I saw no princesses but did see the royal wishes stage show which was stunning. It had all the princess's and the charming princes with them dancing in a small show. I did catch a small video of them leaving when Prince Philip noticed my all pink outfit and hair and said '' oh! Make it Pink and pointed Aurora over to me to wave. Which was really cool. At the parades again the pink hair and bright kawaii outfits came through for me as I stood out among the dull dark winter colours of others in the crowds and even got Flynn to show me '' the smoulder'' Again I have a fair amount of video to filter through and edit yet. 

As I said I had pre-picked my outfits for my trip and am so glad I brought all my thermal and extra layers as it was utterly freezing! But I was determined to make sure I upped my kawaii game in style. I picked colourful skirts and layers and pastel jumpers and of course my pink wigs. I really wanted to be myself even if the weather was trying to cramp my style. We are talking 4-5 layers to keep me warm and even then it was not enough, I was not giving up. My outfits created a type of magic too with being asked by others if I was a princess by their kids and even had a couple ask me if I was a cast member at the park. - HAHA I wish!

 I explored a lot more than last time and which was nice , I found little areas I did not get to see last time and spend a whole day in the studio park too. Which was where I got to meet the new Tribe leader Moana ( not a princess but the daughter of the chief in her village.) I saw Moana before it came out and ever since I fell in love with it ( even if the story is a little naff.) Moana was a greet character she was bright, chatty and was so sweet she was very good and lots of fun. I think me and her would be good friends . I did ask her is the other princess's had made her welcome yet and she said she was trying hard to get to know them all and try and mind which one was which and their stories - bless her! She was the main one I wanted to meet. 

 The others I met after were, Pluto who is always a fun character , I had lots of fun with Pluto - He explained that he got a big bone form Mickey which he dug a hole for and then forgot where he left it! LOL of course I was translating alot for the little one who found Pluto utterly funny and more so when he was messing about with her cat hat of Marie, Talking of Marie the cat . She was the 1st one I spotted as entering the park. Her line was short so we jumped in and again she was a delight to meet. As some one who has been brought up with mute members of family I find meet and greets are so much fun to interact with the characters having a bit of fun and banter with them and getting the full magic as they play along. Marie was a darling as was Minnie mouse whom was a delight. Meeting Chip and Dale was also great fun as well as meeting other characters at Breakfast!! 
The others were Jarfar, who wanted to cut off my hair! He really is a grumpy character and so fussy , no hug from him - I think he needs more hugs haha, The Genie was also out and about a other character who was lots of fun. He was kind enough to grant me 6 wishes as I promised I would set him free in my wishes.  A few characters were still in christmas outfits such as Jack Skeleton dressed as Sandy Claws. He was the most polite and charming character I ever met! He even invited me to Halloween town and to come see him at Halloween time. ( I WOULD LOVE TO JACK!) He was so sweet.

  The other Character my hero! Donald Duck was some one I spotted on the 2nd day and I abandoned my plans just to meet him. Last year I missed him - no sign of him and the day before I was saying to Scrooge Mc Duck how much I was wanting to meet Donald. Uncle Scrooge was a bit gutted he is not my number one but let me off when I said that Donald was instead. Scrooge was a total gentleman and was very dapper looking in his christmas outfit. 

Donald Duck is my hero, I adore him. My own dad used to do the voice when I was a kid and I would watch the tv shows of Donalds and feel sorry for him getting angry all the time as things went wrong for him lol. Any way like I said I had him clocked and I let the others head on to the rides while I waited over a hour to meet him.. OVER A HOUR! I must of been mad it happened to be so close standing in line. I had to shuffle about and try and keep warm. However it was so worth it. When it was my turn . Donald was disgusted at my mouse ears, So I took em off handed them to the cast minder and she was kind enough to take photos for me. After telling Donald that he was number one ( buttering him up there) He was the best! Hugs Kisses and lots of fun hanging out with him. I was on cloud nine! He was amazing. At one point I thought he was never going to let me go out of a hug . Those character have a firm grip when you get a hug! The minder kept teasing us and saying she was going to tell daisy that Donald was flirting with some one else. lol mind you I adore Daisy as well so I would of had a litter of kittens if she was to come out and say hi! She is very sassy! 

With every character ,I thanked each and every one of them for spending time with me and the family  - its always nice to be polite to them and they were all so good with us and such fun times with them that have created wonderful memories to keep and cherish.  The other things we did were the live active shows and we also did the Wild West show which was lots of fun. The others abandoned their cowboy hats. I however kept mine, cause its how I roll. We booked in to have breakfast with mickey and we meet goofy, pluto again . Chip and Dale and Rafiki there.  We also spotted Hook, The mad hatter, The queen of hearts , The white Rabbit and even Belle in the park. We also met Minnie in her christmas outfit on the last day before we left.

Over all It was amazing fun. A few bumps and issues but nothing I could not handle. I feel like I have done Paris now and its park. I would love to go back maybe when the little one is a lot older so she can do more of the bigger rides . I would like to go to the other parks some time. However am so glad I did return to Disney Land paris for the second time as I felt I knew what to do and how to go about everything and plan it all out.

My next post will show you some of the Cute things I got when I was in Disney.
Till later
Tartan xox