Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Adventures at Capital Sci Fi Con 2017

February was a fun month. It was pretty busy which is why there was a long time of my blog being quite and such. The run up to February was weekends full of promoting a charity convention for CHAS. Out each week with my friends and cosplay family in our cosplays. promoting , meeting the public and collecting money!
Finally the event came , it was so different to last years one. this time I was meeting not only the street team cosplayers that I had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few months and making new freindships and bonds but also a lot of cosplay friends I had not seen since September last year!

It was quite the event. I was doing Disney cosplays and it was lots of fun. I think over all the best day for me was the Sunday as I was asked to step in for a Guest Judge, Judging Character portrayal when cosplayers came up on the stage. Myself I was walking around the event with my partners in crime , stopping for photos , talking to every one, Day one  was Jasmine, something I whipped up and customised. It was the first day I took her out in public ...I was not really happy with it at the end of the day. I felt her pants were to flat and not princess enough for me. I did get many kind comments but after the day at the event I was keen to re do that cosplay , so until I get round to that I will be keeping her in storage.

Day two was as I said my most enjoyable day of the event,maybe it was cause I more a evil villain that day and it is fun to act out as a colder character like Maleficent . This was the 2nd time I have had Mal, out in public the very 1st time was a collection day and it was liked so much and received so well. Also while swanning around the event , talking to guests this time, vendors and all my friends, cosplayers ect it was such a positive reaction for Mal again.  I really enjoyed it more so being able to spend my evil time with my cosplay sister who was the evil queen!  We both got every into character one thing we really aim to project when we dress up and become the characters that we are - its the best bit (imo) of Cosplay. You can find more of my cosplay photos up on my page on FB here!
On the 2nd day I also was asked to take part in a mini photo shoot too, which was amazing to even be asked and it was also fun hanging out waiting our turns with fellow cosplayers such as Batman!
The atmosphere was much more than last year and it was lots of fun at the event. With taking part in the judging it was really hard to pick out of so many amazing cosplays and every one did so well . I know it might sound odd but I never have had the guts to get up on stage ad do it for myself. I rather support my friends doing an amazing job on stage.  There was also so many who came to the convention than last year which was also an amazing turn out! Really looking forward to later on in the year to return back out in cosplay at the collection days and try new cosplays!

I already have a few more conventions coming up this next month so watch out for those!
Catch you all laters , Keep it Cute !
Tartan xox