Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Harajuku Street style

Its the month of romance ! I love this month cause all the shops are full of Cute themes and lovely things!  And I am a complete sucker for of it. However this post is not about valentines day as such but more on the Harajuku Cats and the new stuff I bought from Cutesy Kink the other week. And its all cat themed!

The stuff I got is from the brand ACDCRAG. A well known Japanese brand in Harajuku. Who sell , you guessed it Harajuku street fashion. So I wanted to share with you the goodies I got myself and a few other bits and bobs that I have.
So this is a top that I  have been eyeballing since CutesyKink got the brand in , while am at it am pointing out that CustesyKink are the official stockist in the UK and ACDC rag have this confirmed too . So if you want to buy please buy from either ACDC rags website or to save time , money , customs and handling fee's get yourself to Custesy Kink.  Right lets move on to the top I have been swooning over. The top is the Rag doll cat top, Its a cute top in either pink or blue with clouds and ragdoll kittens all over it . I fell in love. It even comes with a matching skirt or a hoodie to really get that harajuku vibe.

The other top I got was the colourful candy top that is so bright and cute with candy all over it and the little sweet cat faces too. The tops are all one size but I found they are nice and loose and have a heavy feel to the fabric used and comfortable to wear.   I also have a Jacket from the same brand, the pink dragon biker summer jacket which again is so bright and the images are crisp , The art it beautiful and the jacket itself is just stunning. It even has a waist belt that matches in with the design.
Also in my order I got myself some cute pastel drippy melty socks again same brand and they are very cute and soft to wear. I included them in a small photoshoot I did not that long ago.

I also treated myself to one of the new Pusheen products , they also are official stockists of Pusheen over at CutesyKink! Am a huge Pusheen fan so its lots of fun modelling the new designs that are coming out but when I saw Pusheen as cupid I fell in love with her! I mean LOOK AT THAT CUTE FACE!!

As well I happen to come at the same time was a jumper I had been hunting high and low for ages , a new jumper form New Look. I went in store to get it and none...So had to order it online. They have the same jumper in green too which I really want to get as I love the shape and style of the jumper.

I hope you like my Harajuku street style post haul of things...I am trying to be more active on my blog and hope toget back to my youtube channel . As I  have been spending most of my free time doing volunteer work with charity at weekends in cosplay and been semi making a cosplay for the frist convention that I have this year which is Capital Sci Fi Con and then next month I will be attending Rai con. So hope to be able to work on my blog , take photos and film again . Laters!

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