Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Barry M Haul / Review

As some of you cuties now, I do love the high street brand , found in most boots and super drug stores. Barry M. I saw that they have a few new products that clearly needed to be tried and tested. I raised an eyebrow to the new lipstick liquid to matte kits. As you all know I adore a good liquid matte, so had to give that a whirl, while I was at it I picked up my normal Barry M make up items and thought why not throw together a haul/ review on them...
So lets check out the items and my over all thoughts on what I think of them.

So this Berry Good Lip oil  to me pretty much is a lip gloss, not as gloopy as a normal gloss as it kind dries? Am kinda confused on this product , its as the website says
''Condition lips instantly with these Lip Oils that moisturise even the roughest lips to create a smooth smile. Daily use of these non-sticky oils will leave lips feeling nourished and looking shiny and fuller. Berry Good acts as a double duty lip treatment as it hydrates lips whilst giving them a kiss of colour. Coco Loco not only smells delicious but contains soothing Camellia to nourish your pout and leave lips silky soft.''

I did notice mine gave a ombre kiss of colour but am not really sold on it, I thought it would be much more hydrating but meh am like 50/50 on the product. Am not sure if you wear it alone or if it can be used ontop of a lippy but you can't use it as a treatment like thing.

Okay these, I was to happy to see Barry M hop on the Liquid to Matt train. And I was pretty gutted on this. You get a Kit, now am used to liquid lippys coming as they are cause they do not need a pencil as such to line the lips. So I was kind of like hmm? Is this a bad sign or maybe am being a bit judgemental. Any way I got the 2 shades Pose and Runway. From Boots or Superdrug there is other shades that are not limited ones. Pose is a nude shade... I hated it. I am being harsh here, but I hated it . The liner was fine, It was pretty soft , easy to apply, the liquid was fine, runny very runny for me. It was just a awful shade on me. I am also used to long lasting liquid lippys. These lasted like 2-3hours on me. They faded. Now I get these are only about £5 . Maybe I had high hopes. Runway on the other hand I loved , again it was runny and didnt last long but the shade was sooo nice! I really loved it but its a lippy I would pick over what I already have cause I have much more longer lasting ones that I can depend on.

To be fair my haul so far has been pretty disappointing. I even got the brow pencil as my old one was like 1cm left so I had to get a new one. AND its like they have chanced the pencils its way to creamy! I have to sharpen the damm thing every time for a crisp point when drawing but the time I am done one brow I have to sharpen it again. Not cool and its using way to much product up ! I am gutted and now on the hunt for a new brow pencil to line out my brows! 
Moving on!  The Mist and Fix setting spray. I like it , Its could be better its not the most long lasting comapried to my Neves cosmetics one but it works its not heavly scented or to chemical like, feels nice on the skin so am happy with it , its handy for travel due to the size of it. 
The Hydro fix primmer  I do like! It leaves a nice slight tacky feel on the skin, its very light and again nice size, it helps the foundation go on and I really like it , it would for sure be a product I would buy again! Oh and I got a free contour kit, I have used it before its pretty decent.

Over all.. I like the mist products the best. I was gutted over the lips but if you are new to matte liquid lippys they might be worth trying if you are scared to take the dive into a high priced one ( I will spend around £15 on mine!) . So might be something you might want to check out.

I hope my review and thoughts may have shed some light on you all , till my next post, keep it kawaii!