Thursday, 2 March 2017

Kawaii Easter Review with Modes4U

Hello there every cutie!

I am so excited to share with you all my lastest parcel form Modes4U, I will be doing a sponsored review all the kawaii and amazing items they have sent over ! All the items can be found , and many many more over at where there is so many items to pick from and a great place to get some cute Easter items to make your Easter and Spring holidays much more cuter! 

So shall we check out the adorable items that were in the parcel!? Lets do this!

My parcel came well wrapped up , and well sealed inside my items were all inside this kawaii character bag, Also I want to point out that all the stickers in my parcel were also inside a cardboard packet to protect them! Good call cause that way none of them got bend out of shape or damaged! Fantastic!

Inside I got 2 sets of Kawaii Stickers one a sheet the other a bag, they all feature the most adorable rabbits, The bag of of stickers also has cute animals such as cute little rabbits piggys and little penguin's  with the shiny metallic shimmer to them and they all are so pretty!
The other set is the sheet of Rabbit stickers that have glitter and the most dreamy designs to them . They are more the puffy 3D style ones. I love stickers its so easy to transform dull things into kawaii styles with the help of cute stickers!

As well I got some Kawaii Japanese Stationary , a set of cute memo sticker notes that will be cute to use for a mini Easter egg hunt, Shall be using those to have clues to where the Easter eggs maybe hiding ! As well as this pocket size note book. I love the size of this , its not to big nor to small to carry around, I always carry note books on me , You never know when an amazing kawaii idea might pop into my mind or a cosplay idea so I love the size . It also is a lined notebook that has the art both on the back and front of the covers as well as on the corners of each page! So cute I adore the pastel like Easter colours on the designs!

As well in my parcel of Kawaii Easter themed goodies there was a very cute and tiny sweet Squeeze squeak toy Bunny that looks just like the Amuse bunnies you can get, Of course its not Easter with out a few Kawaii rabbits and bunnies around right?! I fell in love with this tiny little cutie!

And yes if you squeeze her, she makes a small squeak noise! Kyaa! Its adorable! I love her blushing cheeks and cute little pose!

And last but not least , the last item is a amuse brand white bunny rabbit plush toy, There is a whole range of plush toys that you need to check out on the website! But this one that was sent just melted my heart! She is a nice sized plushie rabbit in white a lot like the tiny squeeze toy with the pink blushing cheeks and details . She also wears an adorable cute bow that is to the the side , She also has the these really cute floppy ears and she is so soft and unbelievably fluffy!

And along with my parcel , There was the business card form ModeS4U and a small gift of decorative Hello kitty tape in the parcel too. I have ordered from this company many times and done a fair amount of reviews with them , I have never experienced any bad service or had any issues, they are always ready to help and easy to contact .The shipping is very quick from the wear house and I enjoy checking out the website time to time to see all the new product that are stocked. So if you want some Kawaii for Easter or Kawaii all year round, check them out!

Tartan xox