Saturday, 22 April 2017

Really a Princess

Yuno as I write this I sure do not feel like a princess. 
Am in sweat pants and a jumper okay the jumper is baby pink and cute as possible while I nurse myself with some dreaded Con Flu . Which is why I have some time to blog about this. 

My newest adventures of late have been becoming a Princess, Well a cosplay/ costume princess. Years ago I never dreamed of putting of puffy full sized over the top dresses. But it did happen thanks to meeting my cosplay sister last year. And then we had this crazy idea of doing more Princesses together.  So I guess I wanted to blog about my adventures as a princess. Since it has been a while since I did a post in all. So I guess it all sort of slot into place meeting some one who has the same passion for princesses and cute stuff like myself. It's been pretty crazy and it all started when I upgraded my Elsa cosplay ( Who is really a Queen.) at a MCM last year. Also joining up with a charity collection street team who all cosplay too, I brought along Snow White, Even though it was more a Sci Fi thing, they were more than delighted having me along as Snow and then from there on it was Snow, Belle, Anna, Elsa , Jasmine , Ariel and even Maleficent going along to events ect.

What it's like to be a Princess, well it depends on your take of it of course. Personally I study the princesses , I watch their film a few times over and then learn about them, I also research them and take my cosplay to the next level with character and act with some of their charms . Not every one will do this but I love too.

More so when its like my favourite ones likes of Snow White. It also goes down a charm with children - which you will come across when out in public or at family friendly events and conventions.  Taking a Princess out can be a lot of fun. The children react in many ways mostly positive of course! Some will run right up to you, calling our your princess name. Of course while out in public and in character its best to be careful children, they are small and cute but some also shy away with being so star stuck cause its not every day you come across a princess when your away to do a day of shopping.

Also you gotta know your stuff when it comes to princesses with the little ones, cause they ask a lot of questions form ''How did you get here?'' To ARE you the real *insert princess name here* ?!'' Some are young enough to play along with grown ups and then you do get the odd ones who will like to test you and see if you are up to their standards of princess! The most asked questions are '' Are you from Disney.'' and ''It that your real hair.'' It can be hard to judge which child will take your word for it but if you are clued up on your character your more likely to pull it off.
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The one thing I never imaged was wearing such big dresses, honest the last big dress I ever wore was my Wedding Dress! I have come to enjoy wearing big puffy dresses , the only thing I do not like about princess dresses is lack of pockets! Haha, I mean Princess has to have her stuff on her for touching up her make up and checking her phone to see if Prince Charming has sent a cute message to her! Talking of make up, I really enjoy learning about the kinds of make up and styles for the princesses , it takes a while to get used to walking around with red brows and sometimes its hard work looking for the right shade lippy for some characters too! But its fun transforming with the use of make up and of course the wigs. 

Do I wish I could be a princess every day? Well if I get to have a Kawaii castle full of pastels and cute things , but of course I would! That would be amazing ...

However it is nice to just be a kawaii princess inside no matter what it is you are wearing any day, even if its just sweat pants and jumpers while feeling rotten!
Later guys!