Sunday, 28 May 2017

Alternative Kawaii Looks

So I guess if you have been following me on Instagram you will see I have been taking more outfit shots. Iuno for some reason y'all like them so its nice to see the feedback here or on Instagram. So I thought I would post them up here and run through them. Yuno...why not...

The 2 float style crop tops  are from Cutesy Kink and it was like a super warm day and I have some cute jean like shorts hidden beneath the tops. They are very airy to wear and cause I have both colours and was not quite sure what mood I was in , I put both of them on and then picked the white one as it was super hot that day.

This outfit was something I put together for a family surprise party , My pastel gothic dress with skulls with a pentagram harness and my other lace front. I loved the flower crown I have on with this as I think it matches well. I also had a small girl tell me that they loved the flowers matching my dress! Which was really sweet.

This was a experimental look . I wanted something baggy but not to warm so I picked a cold shoulder style jumper and teamed it with shorts and fish net leggings, however the damm leggings ripped and they didnt show up well , they look more like normal day tights - boo! Am also rocking the huge cat eye sunnies with my fave bow choker necklace .

 Yuh that dress has been well worn the last while but you can do so much with it . This time its paired with cross lace up leggings and my ironfist batwing pink boots - which I adore. Again they pastel pink wig is my current go to hair. Under the dress is a black mesh top and am showing off my barret hat. Cause why not..

More pastel goth vibes , this time its a pop of colour from my care bear ironfist crop top, a mesh long cape and a tulle skirt. Those I nabbed off ebay . I don't really like this cord but it was kinda cute.

A more kawaii cute colourful outfit , My heart mini flare skirt which I think was from SHEINSIDE like last year and my top is from Cutesy Kink. Headband is from IAMCHUBBYBUNNY!

This is a old dress I would love to wear more but I never find the right time to wear it or for the right place, Its a very old Hello Bunny Kimono style dress, Its airy and light . I am wearing leggings under it for some comfort ( i think tights are really un comfortable!) And ta da a new colour of hair , brand new hair in a light minty blue shade - Am so in love with this wig !

More gothic inspired or gunge alternative look with this simple outfit. Restyle top with a cute heart choker from Cutesy Kink , Jeans are from New look in a light brown and the vest top jacket thing, I got years ago from primark in tie dye pastel colours and am rocking out shades with some cute kawaii pins on the vest top jacket . ( I see you pink hair making a come back lol)

And lastly this casual cutie look, is a dress top care bears and icecream scoop from Iron fist..Can you tell I like the stuff they make haha. Teamed up with a plain pair of tesco's own shorts and the base wig from Cutesy Kink that has the clip in pony tails but when its warm you don't want to much hair to deal with so this short style is kawaii and super light to wear.

Yuh so hope you like the outfits. Let me know if you want to see more of them or more things like this! Later xox