Sunday, 7 May 2017

Some Kawaii Adventures and updates

Last month I got hit by some cold bug it lasted around 2-3weeks, It was like the cold was not wanted to leave me, between that root canal , skin reactions to a cream or a soap thing and then pulling something in my bad has left me a bit of a glitter hot mess. However trying to get back to doing kawaii things or pottering about once I summoned my energy I took a day out to the Kyoto Friendship Gardens in Edinburgh. As the Sakuras are in blossom and did not want to miss out on the chance to enjoy it fully ( I always end up missing them!)
As well I been busy pottering about with ideas for my blog/ youtube and made a new intro part for my videos...thought it was kinda cute but here is the link to a new video here of my day in the gardens. Its just a short cute thing , nothing to heavy. I was so nice being able to hang out , barely a soul was about so the place was pretty much all to ourselves and very quite. The place is just so pretty and relaxing .

Any way since the weather has been better too, I have attempted to re do and make my tiny garden a little more kawaii with new plants. I have some Japanese Maple tree pot plants, A thing that is called a red star..can you tell am not into garden stuff lol Cute little flowers and herbs! I picked up lots of lavender cause I adore Lavender so much and some heather, ivy .

Am working on making my garden a little more vibrate and cheerful. It was re painted last year in that awful brick red colour you use for the not cute. So its my mission to try and bring back some fun and colour into it . More so now the weather is nice , spring is here and summer is due. ( Hopeful thinking cause this is Scotland after all.)

So I been pottering about with all of that, I been to the garden centres and love how much cute stuff you can find to put in the garden. I think i need some kawaii decorations to really brighten up the place. This month I have not been busy convention wise, more due to the fact I have been unwell and the other being am not really in the mood for much of them. This month brings a small event where I have been asked to princess up for a local thing which is rather small but I think it will be nice to bring out Snow again. Apart form that I have nothing planned . Though Hyper Japan might just be on the cards this year.

I have been looking at new wigs for the past month , Cutesy Kink have a fair new amount coming in real soon. I plan to post about them and maybe a insight to all the things I do with the wigs. It might be a video am not 100% sure yet. I also have been looking at Lace Front Wigs and will be thinking about some kind of insight reviews to those . As well I been exploring much more in make up and  have a few products I really want to show off and review for you all. I plan to start doing much more this month .

Later Tartan xox