Saturday, 10 June 2017

Blippo Surprise Kawaii bag Review and Giveaway

Hey everyone here is my post on the Blippo Surprise Kawaii bag!

I got my suprise bag in the post the other day and I was like oh?! What is in this box?!

I was delight to see that inside the box my new surprise kawaii bag had come in the mail. Blippo have created a new product , based on Fukubukuro Lucky Bags in Japan! There is many kinds to pick from so there is a mystery bag type ready for you! I got the Kawaii mixed bag. It is a separate product to the well know kawaii monthly boxes and with this one you don't need to sign up or have a monthly subscription with. 

''Each bag includes a mix of at least 15 stationery items chosen randomly from our kawaii warehouse. The retail value of the included products is approximately 35 USD! The bag is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves mystery surprises!''

So lets check out what I got inside the box and if you want to get your kawaii paws on a surprise Kawaii bag then don't forget to enter the give away I am holding for your chance to win!!! Or if you don't want to wait and want your own one get it

First off, I love the cute bag the items come inside. Its adorable and lots of cute sprinkles on it with pastel colours . So I can see me reusing my bag to store all my kawaii bits and bobs! It was very full and packed as well.

Inside there was the following items, 3 very cute coin purses. One was a soft plush watermelon which was really cute. The other could be more of a small make up bag at a push for travel with a cute charater face on it! The other being a well known character of pikachu which was also made of very soft plush fabric too.  There was a few accessories as well inside the bag. These included a travel comb and mirror in pink , A mini bear animal spray bottle and geek like frames with a kitty bow and whiskers on it.  There was a set of cute hair clips with watermelons on them too.

There was a few other items as well such as a summer fan to keep cool, A deco pearl strip to add to your cell phones/ phone. A cute Macaroon travel tag for bags and a pass holder with a alpha on it.Oh and a pastel mint bead bracelet with shells on it!  Not forgetting the other items there was 2 cute food/snack themed key chains/charms that you can add to your bags keys or phone and a small sized plush of a Nyan Neko Cat!

For just over £13 that a LOT of stuff to get and how on earth did they manage to pack it all into that bag!

To me there was nothing new product wise, I would love to see more different items being put in these bags as a few of these products , Maybe more beauty tools or kawaii jewellery or add in a little more stationary into the mixed bags , or some cute figurines to mix things up a bit, as some of the items are ones I already have had in other boxes in the past. However I feel for the price you are getting A LOT of stuff !

I can see me using some of the items, some of them not so much. For me I would maybe buy this for some friends or surprise them with this as I think it makes a pretty cute gift. And you get to keep the bag the stuff comes in too!

Link here to my YouTube video!