Friday, 16 June 2017

Cute Squishy Review!

Kawaii Cute Squishys!

Normally when I think of squishies - I think of cute small stress ball charms but I was very delighted to see that the new online shop over at  has many sizes, styles and different kinds! It is a squishy fans heaven.  They have so many to pick from and I have a few to show you from the ones that I got in the mail. As these were sent to me I can not say how easy it is to check out on the website. However when I was on the website it was very easy to find products and navigate around the website too. It is also a very clear and cute looking website.
So I got a few squishies to show you all!

There is so much kawaii form these products, What I love about squishies is that they are very much like stress balls or stress relief tools which are handy to have on your desk ect and even better if they look so damm cute! All of the ones I got are from Kawaii squishy shop.

First off we have 2  Sanrio squishies!! one is a a cinomon roll character key chain , its the face of the character but in the shape and style of a cake, This cake looks very pretty and has the cutes of pastel shades of cream and pink matching in perfectly with the character and cake style. It has the ball chain so it can be attached to a bag or your keys. The other squishy well its the egg character Gudetama as a slime or watery goo style squishie that reminds me of those water snakes. The character moves around inside. Its a bit of a sticky one and am lost for words on this one as its so funny , weird and strange at the same time with a dash of kawaii, you can even see his butt as well...Wot?!

As well I got some colourful and cute ones such as one of the Cat squishies . Which is adorable, its in a sitting or bread cat shape, it feels like jelly and very soft to touch . It is scented lightly and so cute! It is flat on the bottom so it can sit on a desk or table with ease and will not roll away from you. And did I say it was pink?! I love pink haha!

The other animal squishy is a baby dinosaur ones, A more 3D shaped one in a ombre rainbow colours. Again its scented but very lightly compared to the cat one. Its a large size. Am impressed with the sizes of these squishies some are as big as my hand! This one is also like the cat one a slow rise meaning the squishy when squished takes an longer amount of time to rise back to its original shape.

 The last one I have is one of the  Food squishies, one I got is the Peach one. Its a very large one at first in the packet it was really flat looking but it was when once out the packet it grew bigger to its real size .  It is a galaxy ombre style design and its again very soft to touch and is a scented . ( they are all that artificial scented smells again very light scents.) As well is is one of the slow rise ones. I am impressed with the size of this one as its so large.

Here below is a the items both normal and squished up and they all return to the same shape with ease!

What do you think of these crazy squishy items?
Do you collect them or love how cute these are. If so then head on over to the website and order yours!

Later Tartan