Sunday, 11 June 2017

Forever 21 Kawaii Haul

Hey every cutie!
How are you all, I finally can share with you the items form my Forever21 haul , I have been looking forward to getting my order cause there was so many cute items online. I just had to get them. So many kawaii able items and cute styles. I was rather surprised in so many cute items , As its not a shop or a online store I go to often. So I thought I would share both on my blog and my video here what I treated myself too.

The 2 main things are the jumpers I got, The same style but in 2 shades. I picked the pastel shades and fell in love with them. The jumpers are very cute and have a nice style cut out of the back of them and are light weight ones, perfect for summer time to cover up light cute tops or for in between seasons. I adore these and the colours.

The other pieces I got is a simple black pair of legging shorts and a cute strapy cage style top in black too . They are kind of dull but I really needed the shorts that come in handy for cosplay , dresses and skirts outfits . The top I thought was really cute and could be worn under the jumpers and with other outfits!

I also picked up a really sweet baby pink top, its so cute its not something I would pick up normally as its a satin material but I really liked it and thought it would work well in many outfits. It is so girly and kawaii looking. 
As am a huge fan of chokers and always had a soft spot for them I picked up a few . I got a choker a few months ago form Forever 21 and loved it so I went and got a few more. 

One is a simple black o ring style choker where the other one is a holographic style pink o ring collar and they are both comfortable to wear and I love them! The other one I got is a fun and super furry pink necklace I had to have it and there was 2 shades but I went with the baby pink the hot pink was a bit bright and more purple looking. I also found a cute pink bangle that was furry too. I just adore these fun cute accessories. As well I got hold of a multi-colour flower crown. As I love to wear those with my wigs and hair styles. 

Over all I really love my stuff form my order, everything fits well. I only had a small issue with one choker due to the lobster clasp braking but cause i have a few odds and ends I just swapped in a new one and mended it. Apart form that I am super happy with everything and I could see myself ordering form them again if I spy any more kawaii-able or cute looking items .

Hope you like the post , Laters Tartan xox