Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lumie Cosmetic Review

Hey there Kawaii Unicorns, here is my newest post. This time its a review on the Matte Liquid Lipsticks from Lumie Cosmetics.  You all know how much I adore a liquid matte lippy so when i found this UK small brand and these yummy warm looking shades. I had to check em out!

This is a UK Brand - yay as the shipping is low costing for a change! The brand seems to only have a instagram and main web page and they are both Vegan and Cruelty Free lippys!
Which is pretty cool ( disclaimer - am not vegan but vegan products are kinda a extra add on for me.) So there is a total of 7 shades from Lumie Cosmetics and I to being with only had one shade to test out. And as I really liked it I took advantage of the latest sale and got myself 3 more shades.

 The products are very simple in presentation , they are straight to the point and are clean tidy and look very nice- not as  Kawaii as I really wanted them to look but sometimes you can not win them all. The products themselves are the main thing here and my goodness they are really impressive for the price!

So the shades I have are the following , Demise- a grey tone, Cookie-a light brownish tone, Maple- a warm brown orange/ red shade and Cupcake- a more redish shade . Leaving Pecan, Brownie and Fudge missing form my collection but I really think Pecan would be the only other shade I would maybe buy. I found the website pretty easy to use but kinda wished to have more information regards to what the company say about what shades are what. All it really says is that they are light weight and dry matte, in 7 shades. ( sorry for the flash reflect in the photo below!)

The lippys themself take a little longer to dry down but once dry they pretty much have a great staying power even with oily foods , you may wana touch em up slightly . The shade Demise is the only one that I have a little problem with is that it needs 2 coats as its a bit sheer on the lips and you really have to work at it a bit to have it right. Its also the shade that comes off the most where the rest seem to take more to remove.

Over all I adore these, The price is amazing, the shades are shades I will wear a lot of and enjoy wearing them as they are not sticky or messy. They are slightly scented but that disappears after a while and they dry really well on. Am going to give 9 outta 10 stars as I found the packaging dull and that there is only 7 shades to buy. But theses are so so so good! So I do recommend them! Here is 2 looks I created with both  Demise and Maple I love how well they go with warm tone make up