Thursday, 20 July 2017

Trying Nu Goth Fashion Look Book

Hey there - I know its been a while since I did a post!But yay am giving you a new one and its going to be about the style and fashion form Japan ( J- Fashion! ) Nu Goth, this style ...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? 
Quote form the wonders of Google ~ Nu Goth is a fashion style that takes some of the tropes of casual Goth fashion and mixes it up with Hipster fashion staples like high-waisted shorts, crop tops, and oversized sunglasses. These Nu Goths do not listen to Goth music, they simply wear the clothing that they like.10 Dec 2011
Nu goth is not exactly about goth, that much we know. It's about black, symbols, denim shorts, ombre hair, pastels, purple, platform shoes, leggings, backpacks, studs, black lipstick, mermaid hair and occult symbols. -2014 rebel circus

So tbh its like my two fave fashions that I wear as causal and am like...gurl how did I miss this?!
So it was for sure time to get my butt in gear and give it a shot of course! I also had a new excuse to go but some new items form my wardrobe! YASS!  So hunted around instagram, google images and look books for outfit inspo and hit my own instagram account up with my ottd's ( ottd means outfit of the day for any one who is not down on the lingo- even  was like whats that mean for a while. Am thinking am getting old now?!)  Anyway its a J fashion trend, and am super late on the bandwagon but I was shocked at the response of the photos I put up. Folks liked my outfits!!

I did as I already said have to buy a few pieces to knit my looks together but most is stuff I have cause as much as I have hidden my old gothic love form my teen years phase of being a goth I still will pick Black items of clothing and of course pink, over any other shade. So this was really easy. I get the vibes that nu goth is a sub gothic fashion so its under the goth label but not the goth lifestyle label? However Pastel Goth fashion is also a style I like to lean to when I do not wish to be ultra KAWAII every day .

The few brands that I already love are perfect in me trying this style out and its been fun as well!
Ironfist, Killstar and Distubia have been great or if you want to do it on a budget you can simply head on to ebay try second hand or alternative cheaper outfits and use the brands names of products to help find the items . Even places like boohoo and forever21 had lots of bits and bobs. Am living for forever21 at this moment in time with all the 90's styles and festival looks pouring in this late spring-summer am a happy bunny with all the fashion picks ups!

So cause I do like my pink and pastels I did throw in this mix with the nu goth style am trying out so here is a few looks I created on instagram that I really like. If you want to see more OTTD photos then be sure to follow my instagram account!

Outfit run down
Boots from Iron Fist
Socks CutesyKink
Dress forever 21
Jacket Off brand
Hair Cutesy Kink

Oversize Mesh Top in Extra Long from Ebay
Bra top from Iron Fist

Maxi dress in tartan from Forever21
Necklace- Killstar
White top - Primark

Hair - CutesyKink
Jumper is from Ironfist
Leggings from Ebay

Killstar dress from my birthday and the hair is a old lockshop wig.

Skirt is something I have had a while in the drawer.
Chockers and Moon Doll top are from The Rouge and the Wolf.

I have really had a lot of fun dressing up a bit more than normal and venturing into nugoth style, What i love it that you can tone it up or down depending on moods, with it being the summer brake I can really express in outfits and not need to worry about them being OTT. Once am back at the school again things will tone down but I can see me really embracing this style , I love that I can throw kawaii into it and I love my lifestyle contrast of kawaii but my fashion style of nu goth lol!
Would you try Nu Goth Fashion? I can't wait to explore it more.