All about Tartan Kawaii

Tartan Le Cuirot -  Quirky, Super cute and sprinkled with glitter. Was a hairdresser and qualified jeweller . Now turned Online Kawaii (かわいい) Public Figure and Kawaii Lifestyle blogger . Its time to embrace ,Tartan and her Kawaii Alternative world.

Tartan's , Quirky, Super positive, Happy-go-lucky and eclectic tastes , that range from Japanese Fashion , Cute culture , Alternative styles and 50's Rockabilly that might not be for every one . Don't let her love for all things Hello Kitty and Disney fool you. As hard working woman with the mission to spread the word of Kawaii Culture from Japan to around the world . She is more than just a pretty face. We are talking sweat, unicorn blood and fairy tears. Working from home, a Hobbyist Photographer, Model and Wig Designer for the new range at Cutesy Kink

These just a few of there many things Tartan works on . Working along side Cyten, a UK gamer and anime website. Working as the team's Kawaii journalist and reporting at events such as Hyper Japan , Edinburgh comic con and MCM comic con. Which often includes Tartan joining in the fun of Cosplay or wearing a super Kawaii outfit , that needs to be seen , while making her presence know at the events. You will also catch her busting out some moves on any dance style game too.

Tartan currently lives in Bonni Scotland, Edinburgh, Has a weakness for anything cute. Has a high chance of bursting out into a Disney song or that random crazy dance that appears from no where, she is also huge Make-up Junkie (who is against Animal testing on make up). Tartan  rarely never, leaves the house with out her signature bright lipsticks. Even on the School run!

You can find Tartan regularly on her Offical Facebook page .  Tartan is as much as addicted to Hello Kitty is she is on Instagram where you can , see for yourself an insight to her Kawaii world  and you can catch her on her very own Youtube channel of her chatting about cute-ness overload .which is updated regularly as possible. 
Later's Kawaii Kitten's.

The Ultimate Goal

The Goal of this blog is to help spread Kawaii around the world, As Kawaii can be anything you wish it to be, its what ever makes you Happy!