Sponsorship and Review's

Sponsorship and Review Disclaimer .

From 2011 all reviews have been written based on my honest thoughts , opinion and  have not been influenced by the company or seller in any way.
 Items review have been purchased with my own personal funds and bought by myself. I leave my personal thoughts and feeling on the items and can change my mind on them and edit the post at any time due to these items coming out of my own money and funds. This is also due to first impressions and how the products and items hold up over time.

As of 2015 any items on my blog that have been sponsored to me to review will be marked with a (*) form this day forward. Sponsored items will be only chosen if I feel they are suitable for my readers and related to Kawaii Culture and Lifestyle.

If any one wishes to suggest or recommend a product to try and review then please leave links in the comments at the end of a blog post or contact me via email.
Any companies wishing to sponsor or collaborate with my blog and other social media formats are also welcome to contact me via email also. As well, I can offer my services of modelling products /items as well as photography.

Contact me by Email at ~ tartan@aura-online.co.uk