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Friday, 3 January 2014

Jenni Instillation

Hello Cuties!
Am not sure if you all remember me saying I won a give-away contest?! It was over at Jenni.Illustrations where you posted in a comment what you Christmas wish list was and if you won she would draw it for you! Cute!!

Am a bit of a fan of Jenni Illustrations. Every piece that has been posted makes me smile as its all so sweet!
I think it also helps is I like the things that she draws such as Anime, Disney,Games,Characters,Cute Animals and everything Kawaii!

 I do adore the style she use's in her art.Its very gentle and soft. What I love about it is the child like hints and cute size proposition of the drawings. The Colours are also very soft and often found in lovely shades!

You can find Jenni Illustrations both on facebook and Tumblr. I wanted so show off some of her work and the piece I got given, which I will be printing out to display in my kawaii space in my room!! 

 Kawaii Anime Characters.

This is one of the piece's that caught my attention as am a big old sailor moon fan and I love that everything is soo chibi and cute!The piece that was done for me  is obliviously my favourite...But then it comes close to the most recent piece that she has put up on facebook as am a huge Toroto fan! 

How Kawaii is this!?

Any way here is my piece above, I hope you all love it as much as I do. My wish list for Christmas was to get a gaint Domo Kun Plush and if any of you follow me on instagram you might have seen some photos of him! As I did get him on Christmas day!! Yay!
Please do hop over to her Facebook and give her a like!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hello Kitty Tights!

Hello Every one How are you all today?
I have a review for you all its super Kawaii and cool! Its these super and awsum tights from Jill_Punk x Loli. A Ebay seller.
I saw these appear through their Facebook Page and when I saw them - I just had to get them!
I had to wait a good few days until the times were listed for buying, Soon as they went up..I had to get them!
They were so cute looking..
So am sharing with you what I think of these Kawaii and Stylish tights!
Image belongs to Jill_Punk x Loli

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

BJDs-The world of Kawaii dolls

I came a across something so cute,so adorable,that make me squeak the word kawaii!

The world of BJD's which stands for ball jointed dolls.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tis the season to be Hello kitty kawaii

It's that time of year again,it was my post last year that put like into followers and Likers of my Hello Kitty Christmas tree that really got my Blog going and it it was not for that spark of interest and you all this Blog would have not had the sparkle to make become what it is today .
So this year,I have taken on the task to make this years hello kitty Xmas even better than last year!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Minty Kitty Art

I love anime art,I love ones that are full of detail and have admired Minty Kitty Art for a while .
So I contacted the Artist behind Minty Kitty Art and asked them a few questions about their Art.

But Lets check some of the Art out 1st!

(all Images belong to MintyKittyArt!)

Aww Sky Kittys Kawaii!

Cute and spooky 

Super Sweet!

Awww I love the kitties!

Panda LOVE!

Tartan Kawaii Meets Minty Kitty Art 

Hi there Minty Kitty Could you tell me a little about when you started doing your art?

I have been drawing since I was very young, mostly copying old Japanese wood block prints in pen and ink, my father taught me how to paint!I have only seriously been drawing though for the last three years, I have just completed a degree in Illustration and can now focus 100% on what I love!

Wow Cool ,I love your style What would you say inspires you?

My inspiration is fashion and cute things! I see everything as cute, from Kitties to slugs!

I have always been interested in Asian culture since I was very small, my earliest memories are watching old Godzilla and Kurosawa Movies with my father and listening to 80's Japanese Hair Metal band Vow Wow! 

This naturally progressed to Anime and Manga.

What you would like to achieve with your art and what else you like to do with it ^^

My dream is to design cute stationary!
 It doesn't sound super ambitious, I know, but I have always loved collecting adorable writing paper, pens and pencil cases and would love to make my own!

I hope that I can give a little cute to everyone who sees my work and make them smile!


I really love this style of Art,Its utterly Kawaii and adorable!
If you want to support Minty Kitty Art you can by liking  on Facebook and checking out the information on commissions as the prices are not expensive at all.
You can also check out the Art of Minty Kitty Here and find all the latest pieces.

Stay super Kawaii

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dollicon Shop Review

Oh Wow I know have 50 Followers on my Blog !
Not bad if I do say so myself!
I have not blogged as much as normal due to lack of time and modelling on the side but I have a nice Entry for you all.

Many a time I've seen a few Facebook share and links have come up on my news feed.
I also was Tagged in a photo of a cute necklace and got a sweet message about this online shop so I went to have a look at the web site.

This Online shop is called Dollicon,Its very new and they do not have very much on the website its self how ever they do update all the items on the face book.

The picture I was tagged in was a photo of a cute pony necklace.I really liked the colours so went ahead and ordered it.
It did not take very long for my order to arrive even though it came from China.

Its a adorable.
It reminds me of my love as a child of my little pony.
It came in Pink Blue and Cream with little jewels on it on a Blue Chain.
So Kawaii!
I got a good positive customer service and the young lady that makes her jewellery and is so sweet and very helpful..
The web site is clean tidy easy to use.
Their Facebook is Clean and tidy.I love the way they show case the Jewellery in the photos.

Oh so Pretty and Kawaii!
I have found a few other items that are so cute so may have to look into them.
So a big 5 star Kawaii Rate for Dollicon.

You can find them here at the links
The BRAND NEW Dollicon Website!

Stay Super Kawaii!

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Sunshine Daisy reivew

The weather has been so rotten over the past few days,I really needed something to cheer me up.Today I was delighted to get a tiny little box covered in love hearts with my name on it.

It was my Sunshine Daisy order!
I have been looking forward to my order so its well cheered me up.
Im so happy it really was a Glitter filled popper when I opened it! 
So what did I order?!
I ordered the lavender shooting star necklace I fell in love with the Shooting star range,not only is it cute Stars are a symbolic thing of mine with being pagan as the points of the stars represents the elemental energy s around us but also the fact the range is so CUTE like a cute-ness overload, I do love stars and the moon so much.
I spent a long time admiring all the products,Which there is a fair range of so many sweet things.
So I got my order and was over the moon.
The postage only took a week!
(coming from the USA too!)
The parcel was secure and well sealed everything was wrapped up in its own bag  which were cuddled up together in gift wrap,to be open with a shower or Kawaii love of glitter and small shineys!
*Imagen me cooing over the shower of Kawaii glitter and shiny show*

So yea after my Kawaii shower,I opened up my new necklace,its cute I mean super cute,I wondered if the pendent was going to be heavy but no its so light!

It is also bigger that I thought and its got the main pendent being the star in lavender with glitter in it,its got a smooth but frost finish to the star too.
Either side of the Star are 2 Kawaii baby lavender safety pins again they are light too so this is like a necklace that will not hang on your neck and feel like you are being pulled down to the earth.
Its on a Pink light weight Chain which is a short  so it sits nicely on just below on the collar bone and with a really good size clasp,Know I've worked with jewellery and i can not stress how much easier life is with bigger claw hook clasp!See those small ones they drive me round the bend!
So big thumbs up there! 

no flash

with flash you can see the glitter in the star!
(>.~ ) *~chu wink!

I'm very happy with my new necklace even my Lil Chibi bean said it was ''Prettys'' Bless her.
Because The Sunshine Daisy is on Esty is super easy to order!
Also the super kawaii owner who is a total sweetheart is interested in myself doing some small advertising  and a little bit of modelling for her Esty store with a few of the products.
Which I am very flattered about as she has so nice about it!

And Im keeping that suprise for you by not showing you them products so you are gona have to go over to The Sunshine Daisy Face Book
to see those coming soon and then look out for them at
 Esty shop!
Also you may get more of a heads up on their

Am I mean?! lol
Well you all gona have to wait and see!
But till then,Stay Super Kawaii with The Sunshine Daisy!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Miss Pixie_Late

You may have come across the Lovely Pixie_Late in my Blog before .
Pixie_Late a well known Lolita Model and spokes Model for Gothic Lolita Wigs.
Some of you know I am a bit of a Fan of her's.I Found her through Facebook and Lolita pages on the web while searching for my own Ideas for outfits,make-up and hair.
What I like about her is that she can create a range of Lolita looks and is always find new and inspiring ideas for her other outfits and is so well presented is like she waved a magical wand on her outfits utterly magic.
No wonder she is so popular!

Pixie_Late has been promoting other things other than Wigs,Roxie Sweet hearts Items and keep it secret have her modeling their products of Hello Kitty Glasses and she is a Hyper Japan fashion consultant & Founder of Frills and Frolics on Face Book.She also Has done a small interview on Mode Lolita.

What I like is the fact Pixie_late is not always Dressed up every single day and do not wear a Wig in every 
photo showing that she is a down to earth and pleasent Lady ans she is such a natural beauty!
I can so see her doing this for many many years to come as she has clearly been blessed with young looks!

When I contacted her to ask for permission to use her Photos she worte the nicest message back to me and she liked what she saw on my Blog 

All Images belong to Pixie_late.

I love the above photo of Pixie_late she looks like a Flower maiden of Spring with Her lovely bunny Rabbit,she loves Rabbits.

''I find modelling and spreading love for Lolita fashion is something I'd like to continue to do even with I other commitments outside of the fashion because it's something I'm passionate about. I think if you put your heart in anything you do, it'll be rewarding to both yourself and your audience so keep doing what you love.''
Such kind and wise words !
I do like seeing her in a new wig and outfit  its a surprise every time and she is just the Cutest thing! 
So I thought I would share some of her Model work.

Flower Girl she is just so cute!

She suits these pastel colours so well

She is a complete Princess in this photo.


A hint of Gothic in this photo and I think this wig is so cool.

I adore this outfit and I have the same Wig arrive the other day.

In nature and can so suits being a blonde.

Winter Photos

I love this outfit and think she should do lots more Gothic Outfits soon!

Miss Pixie_late has her own Blog so you can keep up with her here!
And on her Face Book page.

Stay Kawaii x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Imperfect Kawaii

This month has proven interestig for me my blog is starting to get more interest which I want to thank you all for supporting me from the readers to the companies that have granted me promission to Blog about them.

Arigatou Goziamasu!

I'm sitting in the sun shine form my window I can see the tulips with raindrops after the light shower that's watered my back garden,I am in a good mood as I have found out that my request of a fellow Crafter has made me my Pinny and will be working on my Neko ears ^__^  more to add to my Lolita/Cosplay stuff!

With the spark of Interest in my Blog and me asking nicely to feature folk in my Blog I came across some one Called Chibi Hoshino 
who has a online shop Called Imperfect Kawaii,
Hence the name of my Entry today.I took a look around her stuff and fell in love with a lot of her things and want to share them as well as her story on how it all started.

Again I am a completely obsessed with Jewellery...
well I am a JET1 certificated so I know my Stones to my Diamonds and worked with Jewellery for over 2 years but I do love handmade Jewellery and even though I am a proud owner of a high cut and grade Diamond.
But there is some thing about handmade that makes it more cute, fun,sweet and thoughtful which can tie in with any outfit as well they put a smile on your face.So When I saw Imperfect Kawaii stuff it was like I was in a Candy Store.

Lets check out Imperfect Kawaii online and what I spied,Also you can find them on Facebook where there is lots of photos of her creations.

Yummy nom nom good enough to eat!

This is so so so cute

Aww Love heart and Angelic wings so pretty!

Punk Gothic Earrings Loving the Tartan!

Pastel Star earrings so cute!

''Imperfect Kawaii started off as just for my best friends. It was almost Valentine's Day of 2009. My best friends were single and had no valentine, and I wanted them to feel special and loved. I looked on Deviant Art one day and saw fan art of Kingdom Hearts 2. That time I was playing the game and remembered how special Paopus were in the game. 

So I decided to go with clay work and made paopus for my friends ! 
The Paopus fruit charms by Imperfect Kawaii.

I had extra paopus and sold them to local aquaintances and ebay. 
They loved it so much and encouraged me to make different kinds of things, so I did. I kept making different things from the top of my mind. 
Most clay things were animals and food. I later kept getting commissions from locals. I decided to make a MySpace for it and gave the name ''Imperfect Kawaii'', since I believe my items were one of a kind with cute faces. 

Later other people (I never knew) started adding the MySpace page and requested some charms.
 The demand made me opened an Etsy. I was able to cater to the locals, USA, and then branched to the whole world! And now I have another mini website for much more things on Weebly. 
The Majority of my items are made of polymer clay and some accessories are plastic cabochons because I love to decoden too.

My goal for this shop is to keep doing what I love and hear out what other customers would like to be made by request. I want to deliver a smile each time I make business with another and form a special bond with each person  I'm very happy to be able to share my Imperfect Kawaii world with everyone.'' 
Chibi Hoshino

I love how it started out as a gift and then with others complements and requests for stuff has turned into a small business for Chibi Hoshino and her small team of helpers.

Finally the one thing I am completely in love with is this Gem of a necklace!

My 2 loved things Miss Kitty Chan and a Cupcake!
Imperfect Kawaii is also on Esty and will be attending a local Anime Expo 
6/29 - 7/2, 2012
Los Angeles Convention Centre  See here for more details so please please go say Hello!!! 

oh and buy me something nice hehehe...Well if you don't ask!
Stay Kawaii x

*All Photos belong to Imperfect Kawaii

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Meet Dixie Doodle and her Doodles

On my quest of finding people,companies and items to feature on my Blog,

I came across this ADORABLE Artist.
Whom calls themselves a Dixie Doodle the Doodle Blogger and you can find her Here.
Did I say her stuff was Adorable well I said it again 
What I Love about her Doodles are her Style where its not Anime but its no to Chibi like or Japanese style its sweet carefree and fun loving. 
She a recurring theme of sweet simple simple on simple objects like household items to food and Animals in Cosplay makes you want to go Kawaii then smile and have a brighter day.
So lets look at her Kawaii Art !

She is currently doing a Fun Contest right know and Me and My hubby had such a giggle when I took part! so what you have to do is print out the moustache form her tumblr,Cut it out and then take a photo of you,your pet or friends have a bit of fun and a giggle then send it to her email for entering you could win a Doodle done by Dixie Doodle !
So what are you waiting for?
Give it a go!
Enter here!
Don't forget to Like her and become Friends on 
Stay Kawaii

*All Images belong to Dixiedooles