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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Kawaii Cakes and Baking.

Hello Cuties, How are you all today?
I have been so busy with on going projects, family visits and now dealing with a cold, as well miss Chibi Bean has the cold so we have been keeping cosy together under our Hello Kitty fleece blankets. So I have neglected the blog quite a bit and really not had much to post about. I have got my new camera and I have been taking some photos with it.If am feeling up to it, I will take a few more today since the lighting is much better. The past week has been so dull and rain, rain and oh yea more rain.
So while keeping busy with my project. I have been doing some Kawaii fun baking, I attempted Rainbow sponge cakes and some cute butter biscuits. Now am no chef I only bake for fun and with little Chibi Bean , who likes to help with mixing and icing. So I used some rice moulds shape cutters to make the biscuits really cute!

Hello Kitty, Bunnies and bear butter biscuits. Kyaa too cute! 

My attempt to make rainbow cupcakes. which took a long time to get the cake mixture right with the right colour dyes. I know my baking in not perfect or decorated well but its still fun to make and eat them all after hehe! They all went down a treat in the house and with family.
Also these photos were taken with my new camera 
I suppose this post will be rather short today , like I said am not feeling super kawaii with having a cold. There is nothing less cute that having watery eyes, coughing up ones guts and sneezing everywhere.
I hope to get some more blog posts done for you all since I have really neglected the blog. With any luck my creative Kawaii spark will twinkle back once I feel better!

Till next time stay super cute!
<3 Tartan xox