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Sunday, 14 October 2012

wigs lashes contests and kawaii goodies

Hello My Kawaii Lovers!
Hope you are well.
Ive not been keeping to well the last week .
However I think i have found out what was upsetting my poor tummy and on the mend .
I have been working and focused on my Fairy outfit for Halloween/Fun raiser,But I have been busy with my Kawaii goodies too.
I got those Pretty Lashes I was eyeing up from Bourjois to go with my fairy outfit and my wings also came in the end so here are some sneaky photos of the idea I am aiming for with my outfit.

They are so so light to wear and so pretty too! 
I love the effect they give off.
Also Do you all like my cute Wings,They are not as as big as I hoped but they are still so cute!
Also you may have noticed my newest wig is been worn a lot,I am getting used to the colour and its such a fun wig to wear and it looks so real!
The Lock shop are doing a contest for a model for them I'm thinking about taking part,I do not see me winning it but it maybe be a bit of fun,However I am hoping that its not going to be one of those Like face book contests,I really don't have that many friends or followers to get that many votes.There is also a Doll delight face book contest you could win a dress made by Doll delight, I have entered.
Its one that shows off your style,again I don't see myself winning but to be in the top Ten would be nice.

This month I was back in Neo Magazine.Yay!Yes that was me in the ''Keep it Secret'' Advert for the Kawaii club!It was Fun doing these photos with all my Kawaii goodies around me and trying not to eat the pocky sticks!
Have you noticed its the same as my banner image at the top of my Blog?!
Taking of Kawaii,My Keep it Secret Kawaii club package came the other week.
I love getting my monthly dose of Kawaii.
This month I was over the moon with my new Hello Kitty ear phones and other goodies that you can see in my photo.
Do you like my cute plushes? ^__^ Im just after a Gloomy bear Next and a Hello kitty but its not Hello Kitty one Im after is her Sister Mimmy that I want as I got lots of Kitty,so for a change here is a Kawaii photo of me and my Choco Cat.

I have also been doing some new images that I may use for my Blog and face book I wanted to make some nice new images with my wigs and seem to have found a bit of a signature pose haha!
But more of those later as you will see those be added at some point.
I am also going to be adding more of my personal fashion and added more of my outfits here to the Blog,As well I has more fetures and interviews to work on at some point for you all for your Kawaii needs and love.
But  in the mean time to vote for my style entry for the Doll Delight contest then please follow the Link.

Stay Super Kawaii 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Fluttering Lashies

So a week or so I entered a Twitter contest with Bourjois UK.

I never have much hope in myself when it comes to these things but  was 100% shocked when I got a DM (direct message) from them!

I won a prize! 
I won the fake lashes I asked for to go with my new rock out hair cut and the new Bourjois fancy Tweezers for applying lashes they have.
My prize came super fast and I got the Rock chic ones.
I Really like the style of them and there is a few styles,I already have my heart set on the lace ones!

These are what they look like so pretty!

The smoky eyes are pretty but I may get the lace ones for my Fairy outfit  for halloween!
I love my rock chic ones (sorry don't have a photo will get ones for you soon!)
Easy to use and easy to tailor to size and light to wear.

The Tweezers is also really smart.
I use a lot of lashes with my outfits to this will come in handy a lot!
I have used it lots of times on other lashes too,They are fab for holding the lashes and adding the glue as well as for even just picking them out the packet,Many a times I have lost lashes from getting them out the packet.


So the Grabby end is from holding the lashes and its angled to make it easy to take them up to the eyelids,the other end is like a angled tip to help stick the lashes into place where they refuse to stay put.
Id give this a 10 out of 10.
Fab idea!
Makes life that bit more easy and I no longer dread putting on lashes!
You can find Bourjois online in your local Boots and Superdrug.


I cant wait to get the other lashes!
Rock on Bourjois ,I LOVE your products,swear by them!

Whats you most loved High street make up brand?
I would love it if you shared.
Im a huge Bourjois Fan and a bit of a Barry M fan too.

With these lashes you have the cutest Eyes ever!
Stay Super Kawaii!