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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cute Oborocharms

Oh Im so excited ...
I came down to the letter box and found my package from Oborocharms.
I adore this online shop its supa KAWAII and highly suggest you go have a look and you will fall in love with some of her handmade cute charms that she sells and makes.
All Images are from and belong to oborocharms

I found Oborocharms on face book and fell in love with the charms that were on display and then went to the shop and ended up all starry eyes and Kawaii over all the sweet charms and jewellery I discovered.
Cute Owl

Chibi Fox Ring

yummy Pink chocolate cake Earrings

Neko Charm

There is so many cute Charms to pick from!

So after saving up my money I contacted Oborocharms and make an enquiry to get a custom bracelet after seeing a friend on face book with a custom order so asked if it could be made with 3 charms of kitties,I wanted one to look like my Princess Peach and one Like my Leo cat the other was one to match in with them and a bit of my dream cat I would want to own one day hehe!

So its a very personal item to me,I was so happy to such a great service and a personal one too with quick reply s to my messaged and even got a sneaky look at my charms being made!

Peach Leo and Dream Kitty.

Love them so much so so cute!

My kittys

Dream Kitty


Leo Cat 

I could not be Happier with the end result and they are so cute sitting on my wrist while I type!
As I said Oborocharms is on face book where you can keep up to date with regular give aways and photos of her newest Creations and do not forget to check her out on Twitter.

Stay Supa Kawaii