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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Wig lockshop review

I have been selling off my other wigs that I no longer wear due to them having bangs/fringes.
I have been using that money to save for a few things one being a camera. ^^
but I had enough to get a new wig.I returned to the lock shop for my wig,I have got my eye on a few know!

This is one of the newest wig that is very long and is hand dyed at the ends its stunning and of course looks lush on the model.I like the style and the colours of this wig,like all the wigs in the lock shop there is a selection of colours that  look like colours that you could get by going to to a salon.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Lock Shop Online

I was talking to my next door neighbour's Gran daughter who is about 12 and she was going on about the latest new hair styles and made a comment on my hair and how it changed every time she came to visit her Gran.I laughed and let her into my Secret .
I ware Wigs and am proud too.
She sat on the chair with her mouth hanging open for about 5mins she and even her mother had no idea however her Gran guessed with the variety of hairstyles I have created.
I explained to her about what happened to my hair and think I put her off from dying her hair Purple!(Yes her Gran thanked me for that lol.)
So were do I get my Wigs well I have got lots of hair pieces from the shop's that sell accessories but I have ordered from the shop,The Lock Shop and hoping to order from the again.
As I have been told the Wig is back in stock in the next month or so.

The Lock Shop Wigs Online shop is so clear and so easy to use,You can create an account which has a  Wish list section which has come,this I likes lots.I can save the wigs I like best in their!
The Site is Clean and Tidy not fussy or Busy.

The method to buy you wig is easy also maybe a bad thing for my bank balance and with being in Scotland,I was so shocked how fast my order came out to me.The Parcel and Product came in mint condition and I fell in love with the product in a instant.

I ordered these!
I Love my Clip in hair pieces they are silky smooth and come in a pair,They have a big,hard wearing crocodile clip to use for attaching to your wigs or your own Hair which I do,Simply create bunches on the top of  the side of your head pick your head then clip the pony tails over the bunches!
They are the curly ones I  have maybe used them many times know and easy to look after when I'm not using them I keep them in the net bags the came in to stop them getting tangled up with any other pieces of fake hair and Use a very big wide tooth comb to comb them and twist them to keep the shape.

I am hoping to get a Full head wig next to go with them.
Also I did contact the shops Facebook Page for advise on which Product was best for me and I got back the most helpful information.

The Lock shop is a small business and I really hope from the depth of my heart that the shop will take off and expand its range as the Owner whom runs it Knows all about Fashion from High Fashion to Lolita and is a Well known Model herself.
Because of this it has a good range and these wigs can be used for every day wear than just Lolita and Cosplay.

So lets have a look

I really like the Blonde of this wig,I have never been Blonde so I'm not sure if I could get away with this colour but I do like the shape of the wig with the fringe/bangs and the extra hight at the back.

I love this Colour!You could so get this to have a change from your normal hair colour and no one would know its a wig.
Its so stylish.

This is the Wig I want to get myself but I am swaying to pick Curly or not.
Wonder if I can get 2 wigs not sure what the hubby's take would be on that.
I do love this one though as its looks like my own hair colour,Yes I have extremely Dark black hair,Its a Shade 2 on a Colour chart so I do get asked if I dye my hair but I cant use dye and most are shocked on how dark my real hair is!

The Lock shop has just got a new batch of Items so I asked the owner of the Lock shop if I could have permission to Blog about them and these are stunning!

The new Dreamy 'Honey Mermaid' wig,Its just so beautiful and so is the model can you believe that its the same model for all the photos Miss Chokelate Milk.
The Mermaid comes in a soft Pink,Black,Auburn and Beachy they are just so Kawaii
Also the other new Goodies are these Gems!

Im Talking about those Adorable Buns!
That come in the the same colours of the wigs so you don't need to worry that they will mismatch your wig.
And they come in a pair.
I so love this pink colour it reminds me of Cotton Candy!
Also there is a wig stand and wig comb in the shop too for looking after your wig.

You can find the Lock shop Online here and why not like them on Face Book to keep up to date on new Wigs and Pre orders.
Don't forget to give them a Tweet!

 OH and here is me with my Clip ins form Lock Shop

Stay Kawaii x