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Friday, 20 December 2013

A small make up haul

Hey there cuties, How are you all, this weekend and start to the week has been very stressful with a trip to the Hospital for Chibi bean who has been unwell and a stressful few phone calls to the local GP. She has a infection and I hope its all cleared up for Christmas and her Birthday. So I not gotten round to doing this small makeup post.
Ahh the stress and worry of being a Kawaii Mummy! 
So its only a week till Christmas. Are you all getting excited?What are you all asking for Christmas?

Did you know I won a Giveaway on Facebook?! I won a drawn illustration by Jenni.Illustrations who does Chibi cute art,its all very sweet and darling, I follow her on instagram and love seeing her creations being posted,am very excited to have won! I will try and post a picture of my piece when its done,its a pic of me and my Christmas wish list! Kyaa cute ( I have asked for a Giant Domo Kun!)

So I am not really doing a review as such more a show and tell.
I placed a order with Fairy Cosmetics its a small online shop with lots of low priced make-up . Its not got the most amazing range but its got a fair few items to check out.
The best thing is the free shipping when you spend over £10!
Woah! Free shipping! Great.

I ordered some loose powder products and  some fake nails.
As well as a other product as a Christmas gift the false lashies but am not saying who its for  as they might see it on my blog haha!

The items came in a small box and came really quick.
I picked these 2 loose powder products on a whim.

They are rather cute, the pigments of these are very strong and long lasting one is a blusher the other is a body shimmer in a brown shade acting as a bronzer. They came with tiny little blusher puffies too.
Very cute!
The false nails set I got were the These ones!
And for the set I was only £1.99!!!! And its a big set, They are super easy to use and I have had mine on for 3 days and they are very hard wearing! I had to trim them as they were super long but they are very thin and fixable, I use fake ones a lot and often and need hard wearing nails and long lasting ones these have proven to be value for money and a great false nail set with all the different sizes to pick and then simply glue them on. Just like that!
Over all am super happy with my order, Its sort of a what you pay for is what you get web site and its a bit of a struggle to get used to its drop down menu but I can see me popping back and forth to buy the odd thing and my new fave type of fake nails!

Till next time!