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Monday, 3 December 2012

Cute Japanese Fashion

Cute Japanese fashion,is a great shop for us in the UK,a cute shop that sells lots of up to date fashions from the east,I have bought from them and wanted to show you what it was I had had my eye on for a while since it came in stock and had to wait a while to get my hands on it.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Don't keep it a Secret!

Yesterday I briefly spoke about a online shop named Keep it Secret.
I Sent them a small message asking if I could get permission to feature them in my blog and show off some of their goodies that the have on sale.
Keep it Secret are a small UK Based Online shop.
They have been selling  at stalls at the likes of Cardiff International Comic Expo,The Mcm Expo Birmingham's Comic Con as well as Exeter Comic Expo and  have been featured in Neo Magazine a good few times.
WOW and this is only this year for a small run business they sure are very busy!They have a Range of Kawaii style Gifts  including X-San goods and lots and lots of Sweet Sugar goodness with a range of yummy treats too.They even have a Section for Artist Work.

I have Bought From them as I have said before,My Nerd Hello Kitty Glasses which I ADORE so much and yes I did get a better Photo of them!The Service I got was fast response to any questions and enquiry's and a good Customer Service even when one item was out of stock they send me an alternative or a other colour for me,So sweet. >__<

They are still adding lots of stuff to thier shop and you can keep up to date with them with Facebook and why not give them a Tweet too!They are very Friendly and can be found on G+.
So lets have a Look at the goodies
*Images form Keep it Secret Website.

Check out these Kawaii cool Bags.

Cute Black cat and pink Bag

Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento Boxes with Chopsticks!

A huge Range of Pocky in many many Flavours! 
Nom Nom Nom's!

A adorable Range of Phone Charms I have these two they are so cute One is on my keys the other looks after my purse!

Know these little Neko's are soo soo cute I want every one of them!
This kitten is Called Chi they also have Plushies of her shown on Facebook,When they get them on the online shop and restock I will be after one I love cats so much! Chi has the funniest expressions.You can also watch her TV show on Youtube.

A sneaky look from Facebook of the Plush!


And my updated photo of nerd Glasses

I Love these Glasses so much you can get them in White too but I like the Black ones more my style,They are hard wearing due to with standing Chibi beans quality control (age 16months)though I do think I would cry if she broke them so I give her my old sunglasses to play with in stead.Oh and they fit so well with and with out my wigs too.

Any Hello Kitty Fan MUST get a Pair!
So don't keep it a secret ... tell every one about this Kawaii Online shop!

Stay Kawaii x