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Friday, 7 March 2014

And time for a new wig and bag!

Hey-y every cutie!
Today I wanted to show you my newest wig. Know am a complete wig snob. huhuh. Okay maybe snob is not the word. Am very picky when it comes to wigs. I often buy from the lockshop but due to the lack of shorter styles , I have not bought from them in a while, I like my mid-length and shorter wigs. They are much easier to look after! 

So I happen to be surfing on ebay when I spotted a few wigs, when I looked at the price , I thought well if the wig is so bad at least it only £6.  Right know I cant afford any Brand wigs with my debt of buying my camera and buying the equipment each month. So I thought . I would chance it. I picked this wig here.

I liked its shade and length. I didnt have high hopes as looking at the other items they looked like cheep cosplay items so I wondered it it was going to be a hit or miss.Well lucky for me mine was a hit. The wig is actually not to bad. Its super light and that will be due to the weave's of hair being super spaced apart , Its is adjustable for size. It came with a wig cap which is super handy . The fibers are soft but I have had softer than this. (see so fussy about wigs haha!) It do have the skin top scalp bit at the crown of the wig too.

The bangs/ fringe are long but not overly long that you have to trim it. I swept mine to the side. The colour is very close to the picture and very natural. ( my camera picked up warmer tones ~eeek) So here is a worn picture.

I like this wig for what I paid for its a bargain, I have no idea how long it will last or if its a good wig as I have only worn it for a day and a half. The best thing about this colour is its very close to the shade my daughter is naturally and she loves it when mummy looks like her haha  She can be so cute. The colour of this wig is very natural and works well with my skin tones. I am a natural Jet black and slightly olive in complexion so I can get away with most shades. Am not sure what I will end up doing with this wig if - I might use it for causal wear and days out and about with the little one. I have ordered 2 more wigs from the same seller. So I will be able to see if this is a case of a hit or miss from this place too. heh. I will let you know how they go - one will be an alternative wig to wear when am being a maid at Marshmallow Dream Maids.
So the other thing I wanted to show you today is my cheeky and funky bag its like a 3D effect bag, cartoon style. Its so funky and Kawaii! From the photo it looks so big right? DO NOT BE FOOLED! I was fully aware it was a small and flat bag!  Its got a tiny inside I can only fit in my purse, phone, Keys and Babywipes...yes the wise Kawaii mummy puts baby wipes in every bag! You end up using wipes for everything as a mummy haha!  I might be able to put a spare Pull up nappy in there but I would not be using this bag as I have other ''Kawaii Mummy bags'' to use lol!
The prices of these bags range a bit on ebay and they have a few to pick from. I love the over all quirky-ness of the bag and its something I will use if am nipping into the city or the local shops on my own or such. Plus is just so kawaii! Though Chibi bean has been eyeing it up - its only a matter of time of her claiming it as her own.
Hope you all enjoyed my post today!
Tartan <3

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Wig Set

Hey Cuties!
Today my wig order came in, its not much of a order but am super happy cause its come right in time for the maid cafe am helping out at on saturday! I was worried my blonde in pink wig was gona tie me down with weight of the clip ins. 
which would annoy me and there is way to much hair I think it would just not work...So when Lockshop announced the new set in stock I was happy to see it was a short bob style wig with 2 clip ins. That you can add to the bob style and make it look extra kawaii!

They come in a range of colours I loved the Honey one but I knew I already had a base bob from the Candy Curl set in Pink Cherry so instead of buying a whole set I got the clip in's only and took a leap of faith that they would match in shade. 

All the colours are very nice and pretty  and you could mix and match the clip ins with the same base shade with the other wigs from the Lockshop.
So lets take a look at the photos!

All wrapped up pretty!

My new Clip in's in the shade Cherry Pink I adore that shade!
Wonder, who that fuzzy creature is to the side?! A clue to my next blog post maybe?!

Yup I got the ring too, I had been looking at it for some time and since I had the funds for it, I went ahead and ordered it too . I do not have many statement rings.

Again I used the cheaper method of shipping and I've not had any issues with shipping with this company at all - All my wigs but 2 have come form the lockshop. 

So this is the base wig  from Candy curls and these are the clip in's that are the same shade, As you can see they match. (Yay!) Again ive had the Candy curls set since they came out and compared to a brand new item from the lockshop the base wig is still as soft and silky as the clip in's. Which means I must be looking after my wigs well and the lockshop wigs are great products. 

Worn right out of the bag, You can keep them in the shape they are in. Or you can brush them out and or back comb them. I will be keeping mine in shape for the maid cafe. I might give them a back comb for my other J-Fashion styles.

The ring is adorable , its a free size so it fits every one by adjusting the back.
Sound out the letters and the symbol and its says Cutie-pie. You cant see from this picture but the ring has some glitter on the lilac colour.

I am not wearing much make up today as during the week, I do not always have time hehe. I love my cute red lip tints though! They are great for Casual days and quickness!
Am super happy with my new clip in's, I can not wait to wear them as Maid Tartan and also what creative ideas I can come up with them.
I might think about the Honey set, but then I will have to wait till after Christmas as I've asked Santa for a Lockshop wig, hehe.

Have you tried Lockshop yet?  What wigs do you like?


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hats,am addicted to Hats!

Hello every one, How are you all today?
I hope you are all keeping super Kawaii and have you noticed the darker nights! I do like this time of year cause I like to wrap up snug and cosy. However I so miss the sunshine, its been so gloomy and dark for the past month. Bleh! 

So for a while I have had a thing for Hair accessories and such when using my wigs but I have such short hair I cant really use them on my real hair.  But  then I got a thing for beanie hats and berets which I could use and its know developed into trucker snap back hats. 

Hehe any its all thanks to River Island and its sale that I know have 4 cute looking and very street like J-Fashion snap back hats. If you are following me on Facebook you will have seen lots of photos!
I am so glad they are snap back hats as I have a small head .  So they can be made smaller but also when I wear my wigs I need to change the size again to make the hat bigger to fit with the wig. So I tend to stick to the Hats that adjust with ease!

So here is a few snaps of my newest Hats sorry they are mainly instagram snaps!

A Sparkle crystals New York in Pink.

Pink and studs with leopard print hat.
a other Leopard print and black hat.

And my zebra style one hehe.
Yea...not sure why but completely addicted to hats hehe. You can find all these Hats at River Island and lots of other styles too. I really like the ones with the sparkles! I can be such a girly girl when
 I want to be...


Monday, 28 October 2013

Lock Shop Wig Review

Hey every one here is a new review post for you all on not one but 2 Lock shop wigs I have ordered in the past month or so!
I ordered a long wig and a short wig which are called Gemmi (short wig.) and Mermaid (long wig.)

The Mermaid wig is the Blossom one, its a soft brown colour that fades into the range of pinks that hide under and are seen near the ends of hair sections with a Ombre effect.
I really liked this wig when it came out and after a few months of saving I went ahead to purchase this one, I did sway on buying this one as I am not overly keen on brown shades.Any how I went ahead and bought it, I think this might be one of my favourite wigs as I loved the brown colour haha! As normal its easy to use the website and find updates on the Lock shop pages on facebook. I have had no problems when ordering from the web site even when I was moving house.

My Wig was packed well and secure. I have noticed that you do not always get a complementary Wig Cap as they often run out of these really quickly! So you may wish to order a few off ebay to have handy. I also find they are easy things to go missing. 
Any way here are some photos - I've not altered the wig in any way I may trim the bangs/Fringe of the Blossom wig.

I adore this wig - It can make any outfit more colourful, I feel its a youthful fun wig but its not over the top in anyway.I would love it to have a bit more body and ''Waves'' in the style since they have revamped the mermaid style but I do not regret getting this great wig.!

The other wig the Gemini Wig a much shorter and different style to any wig in the Lockshop so far, This is a more interesting wig, With 2 shades one darker than the other and has a ''puffy top''  and a visible crown on the scalp .I got this before my camera was fixed so there is no parcel photos but it was packed just the same way the other one was.

This is a more Visual Kei inspired wig, I simply bought it because there is a lack of short wigs from the Lock shop and the darker shade would work well with my natural tones. I also got a sense of Rock n Roll from looking at it. 

This wig will look very flat and odd if you are not used to this style. I didnt like it looking so flat maybe because I have a small head?! So I found with a bit of creative back combing ( thanks to my hairdressing days.) made the wig look a lot more fuller and bed head style.
I love the contrast of the wig colours and the fact it is a shorter wig.

I feel that with this wig it maybe a harder wig to dress with and work with a cord as such, its very emo/punk and extremely Visual Kei. So Perfect for all of you guys how love that look, To me I think this is a wig for my more rock chic look days. This wig also differs from the other wigs as the feel of this wig is much more matt compared to the other wigs, which made it easy to back comb this wig into a style.
I really am in hope for more shorter wigs in many styles from the Lockshop, I think the Visual Kei/ Gemini would look great in a variety of shades also.
Am just gona have to keep my fingers crossed!

Hope you like my Review!

Tartan xox

Monday, 1 April 2013

Cheap vs Expensive Wigs

Hi every one, So for some time know I have wanted to review the difference between Cheap wigs against Expensive wigs. I am a bit of a snob of your quality wigs, such as brands as Lock Shop and Gothic lolita wigs.
You can pick up a wig with ease from anywhere on the internet.Likes of Ebay for example and get them at a very low price, about £10- £15 in value, Often with free shipping. If you a devoted wig wearer like myself you will be wanting to read this.This is my own personal thoughts and what I like in a wig. Am not saying that  all cheap wigs are crap and that you must buy because I say so! No .No its your money so spend it as you wish....but I hope my post can shed some light on why some wigs are more costly than others and such.
Back Ground information here, Is that I have got about 5 years of hairdressing and salon training ,I've dyed my real hair many a times and every colour, but over use I took a reaction that leave me unable to dye my hair ,and my hair is very weak and poor. Since 2 years ago I been a wig wearer.

So lets take a look and read on...

Friday, 24 August 2012

A Wig Review

So I have ordered 3 wigs form a wig online shop,Geisha wigs.
The 1st wig I got I did a Blog and was happy with my purchase of the Vamp twin fall wig.
I went on to order the Galaxy Wig and Apple Toffee Wig.

So this is a more neutral review with the good and not so good on the wigs

What I  like about the shop was the prices they are low but I still stand by my statement of if you want a wig to last and want a quality wig suitable for long wear and modelling/Lolita  'You get what you pay for.' Rings true.
The Galaxy wig is very shiny and when I did make a comment on the wigs shiny-ness in one of my own photos, I was told that I had parted the wig wrong  by the shop.
Which sorta left me a bit like what?!
I have worked with real and fake hair for a long time as Hair dresser and never ever heard such nonsense in my life.Parting the hair has no effect on the shine-ness of a wig.Then later it was recommended  on the page of the shop to use  normal hair 'Dry shampoo'' to reduce the shiny-ness of the wig ,Normal Products for your hair really shouldn't be used on wigs (See my past Wig care post).
However I can cope the shinny-ness its not the end of the world.

The other thing that concerned me was the wigs fibres form taking them out the bag and giving it a gentle brush with a wig wide tooth comb,they started to fall out more freely than any of other wigs even the Vamp wig never had much fibre loss.
I understand know all wigs will lose some fibres but this had just come out the packet. 
 ; ~ ; 

However the wig colours are completely stunning which is why I got the wig ,The mix is Blues Blacks Pinks,Its just lovely and very in with the Galaxy print trend Right know.The length of the wig is great not to long or to short,The inside wig cap is neat and tidy I found the wigs rather Thin.
Moving on to the Apple Toffee wig,I ordered this wig same time as the Galaxy but due to the supplier of the shop there was a mix up.So I chose to wait for the next batch of wigs for it to come in.I didn't mind ,these things happen of course.
I was offered a other wig or I could wait.I was in no hurry.
So waited.

I got the Apple Toffee wig today and again put it on to see how it looked.
I was touching the bangs and again fibres started coming lose?! 
The same problem coming up the fibre loss.

This wig is  like the Vamp  maybe they are better ones out of the 3 I have bought,But loss of fibres are a pain its like cat hair or dog hair falling on your outfits and everything.So annoying! Maybe I have been unlucky with the wigs.Other may have had better luck.
The 2 ponytail wigs the Apple toffee is a lot shorter but had very tight curls,some which were matted but I can deal with that.
The clips on the wig are good though for the pony tails strong and not to big or over powering,and a good grip on the base of the wig.The wig base is very light and thin,the volume comes form the Pony tails.
Again I  do adore the colours maybe my most love colour way bit this wig do seem more matt that the other too.
I am wondering if this is due to a change of supplier of wigs to the shop its seems possible but I can not tell as each wig has varied  in consistency from shine and matt.

As you have read I do have mixed feelings of the wigs and the company.
Over all they are okay.
But I don't think they are long lasting with the fibre loss or a good quality compared to the other wigs I have from the bigger companies.
However these Wigs are the type of wigs Id maybe buy for a fancy dress outfit or a for a bit of fun.
I  will  use my wigs but I do not think they will be able to keep up with the demand of being a Lolita/Wig wearer and modelling.
But if your buying as a 1st time wig wearer or for a bit of fun fair enough go for it,But My personal thoughts are they are not as good a quality as other wigs and what you pay for is what you get.
On a side note,I was rather upset about the company's unprofessional manner using my own modelling work for clothing company,with out permission from me or the company and showcasing it in a album 'our wigs modelled' in which  I feel is very misleading to customers as I am not one of their models.

Over all rating 2 out of 5.

However no matter what...
Stay super Kawaii !



Friday, 17 August 2012

Wig Care by Tartan

So I've noticed  that not many folks know how to look after Wigs,because maybe they have just entered the world of wigs and /or Lolita fashion or wanted to get a new look with out cutting or dying hair so went for a wig.
Even had a few of you ask me personally!
Your guys are just so cute!

Well I Tartan Kawaii your Wig Princess is here to help you! 
I am going to 'maybe' do a few posts on this Topic,As most of my Readers are know I used to be a Hairstylist in a Top Notch Salon but I took a reaction that in the end left me no choice to leave.
But I left with years of  knowledge about Hair and Wigs.
Oh and the Fact I like wear wigs all the time!
So with that on board,Lets get to it.


Wig General Care.

Fancy dress/Cosplay/ Synthetic fibre Wigs are not anything like Normal Human Hair.

Therefore it is highly recommended not to use any old Hair products on the wigs.
Do Not Brush wigs with any old brush.

Use a Wig wide tooth Comb Or a Tangle Tezzer.
When using the comb start at the ends of the Wig (this goes with general hair care too)
As you'll pull on the fibres that may brake off or come out with the tension at the top.
Store your wigs way from direct sunlight this fades the colour

Plastic large zipper bags and hair nets can be used to store your wigs.
You can use a wig stand to place on your wigs but make sure its free from collecting dust.

Washing your Wigs. 

When it comes to washing follow the companies guide that you bought the wig from.

If they do not have one then you can use either a wig shampoo and conditioner if that is not a option then use a very gentle hair shampoo likes of baby shampoo but also dilute it with water 50/50 same with the conditioner.Even then you have to be careful as these may still Damage the fibres!
Remember the wig is wet it is weak and fragile when wet! 
( same with human hair).
Wash the wig in a bowl of cold water only*
Swirl and swish the wig very gently around the bowl with care.
DO not rub the shampoo or conditioner in to the wig.
Just place the wig in a bowl of cold water with the tiniest amount of (diluted) shampoo mixed in the water for a few mins.Then rinse the wig in a plain bowl of water,then move onto the (diluted) conditioner mixed in a bowl of clean cold water and leave the wig in it for a a extra few more mins than the shampoo then Rinse again in a bowl of clean cold water
*Hot or boiling water may destroy the wig and make it lose its style and/or fibres.

Drying your wigs

Once the wig is clean,remove any excess water by gently squeezing the wig.
Do not twist the wig
Do not wring the wig out either.
Do not rub the wig dry with a towel
Do not use heat on the wig to dry it
Air dry the wig by hanging it up on a, coat hanger hock ,table conner,door knob or laying it on a towel over night,If you do hang the wig make sure to put a towel underneath the wig to catch any wet dribbles/avoiding puddles or hang it over a bath tub.
Do not leave a wet wig on a wig stand or a wig head this will change the shape of a wig and not dry well.
Wigs depending on thickness some will take longer than others to dry.

Other Care Tips

Try to store the wigs when you not using them.
Avoid using Real hair products on the Wig
For example,
Hairspray bonds the fibres together and makes the wig sticky,Hair Mousse has alcohol in it and can melt the fibres,Dry Shampoo can discolour and fade darker wig fibres/colours and normal shampoo and conditioner can dry the wigs out.
Do not dye wigs you can get any colour of wig these days!
Try to style the wig with your fingers than heated tools.
(unless they are heat resistant even then Id not do it myself!).
Try to keep the orginal packaging for the wigs and the nets to use for storage!
Invest in a good wide tooth wig comb.
Invest in the Tangle Tezzer comb

I hope this clears up a few things for you all! 
Again I am happy to help if you have a question you can contact me here with a comment or Facebook Me!

Most of all have fun with your wigs!

Stay super Kawaii!

Sources~E-How, Lock shop,Gothic Lolita wigs,Geisha wigs,Dreamy Store,Wiki ,The Great Richard Cartier oh and my great knowledgeable of know how and experiences!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Lock Shop Online

I was talking to my next door neighbour's Gran daughter who is about 12 and she was going on about the latest new hair styles and made a comment on my hair and how it changed every time she came to visit her Gran.I laughed and let her into my Secret .
I ware Wigs and am proud too.
She sat on the chair with her mouth hanging open for about 5mins she and even her mother had no idea however her Gran guessed with the variety of hairstyles I have created.
I explained to her about what happened to my hair and think I put her off from dying her hair Purple!(Yes her Gran thanked me for that lol.)
So were do I get my Wigs well I have got lots of hair pieces from the shop's that sell accessories but I have ordered from the shop,The Lock Shop and hoping to order from the again.
As I have been told the Wig is back in stock in the next month or so.

The Lock Shop Wigs Online shop is so clear and so easy to use,You can create an account which has a  Wish list section which has come,this I likes lots.I can save the wigs I like best in their!
The Site is Clean and Tidy not fussy or Busy.

The method to buy you wig is easy also maybe a bad thing for my bank balance and with being in Scotland,I was so shocked how fast my order came out to me.The Parcel and Product came in mint condition and I fell in love with the product in a instant.

I ordered these!
I Love my Clip in hair pieces they are silky smooth and come in a pair,They have a big,hard wearing crocodile clip to use for attaching to your wigs or your own Hair which I do,Simply create bunches on the top of  the side of your head pick your head then clip the pony tails over the bunches!
They are the curly ones I  have maybe used them many times know and easy to look after when I'm not using them I keep them in the net bags the came in to stop them getting tangled up with any other pieces of fake hair and Use a very big wide tooth comb to comb them and twist them to keep the shape.

I am hoping to get a Full head wig next to go with them.
Also I did contact the shops Facebook Page for advise on which Product was best for me and I got back the most helpful information.

The Lock shop is a small business and I really hope from the depth of my heart that the shop will take off and expand its range as the Owner whom runs it Knows all about Fashion from High Fashion to Lolita and is a Well known Model herself.
Because of this it has a good range and these wigs can be used for every day wear than just Lolita and Cosplay.

So lets have a look

I really like the Blonde of this wig,I have never been Blonde so I'm not sure if I could get away with this colour but I do like the shape of the wig with the fringe/bangs and the extra hight at the back.

I love this Colour!You could so get this to have a change from your normal hair colour and no one would know its a wig.
Its so stylish.

This is the Wig I want to get myself but I am swaying to pick Curly or not.
Wonder if I can get 2 wigs not sure what the hubby's take would be on that.
I do love this one though as its looks like my own hair colour,Yes I have extremely Dark black hair,Its a Shade 2 on a Colour chart so I do get asked if I dye my hair but I cant use dye and most are shocked on how dark my real hair is!

The Lock shop has just got a new batch of Items so I asked the owner of the Lock shop if I could have permission to Blog about them and these are stunning!

The new Dreamy 'Honey Mermaid' wig,Its just so beautiful and so is the model can you believe that its the same model for all the photos Miss Chokelate Milk.
The Mermaid comes in a soft Pink,Black,Auburn and Beachy they are just so Kawaii
Also the other new Goodies are these Gems!

Im Talking about those Adorable Buns!
That come in the the same colours of the wigs so you don't need to worry that they will mismatch your wig.
And they come in a pair.
I so love this pink colour it reminds me of Cotton Candy!
Also there is a wig stand and wig comb in the shop too for looking after your wig.

You can find the Lock shop Online here and why not like them on Face Book to keep up to date on new Wigs and Pre orders.
Don't forget to give them a Tweet!

 OH and here is me with my Clip ins form Lock Shop

Stay Kawaii x

Friday, 13 April 2012

I love my Hair part 2 (Brake my hair & my heart)

Yay *^__^* my new wig has come and yes that means photos but not in this Blog entry today!
There is a reason Why I like wigs well Lets go back a good few years and step into my past,When I left school I went out to the big wide world on the path to become a top hairdresser and style the stars and celebs of today,Have great looking hair every day doing a glamorous job and be famous or at least well known make my own shampoos and Brands...
Yeah that was the Dream.
But the reality well...
Hair dressing right from the start you get the jobs of making clients Tea or Coffees,Sweeping up cuttings that are sticking to the floor cause the are wet and it smells yucky,From there you get to wash folks hair dealing with oily hair to hair full of lice oh and then Hair colouring being instructed to mix up chemicals that are a irritant to your skin to apply to hair and then to wash it off with bare hands and then you get dry hands and skin  wash after wash it getting worse and worse to the point you cant wear a watch or rings ...
Not glamorous at all!

So lets Fast forward to my nightmare,Trainee Hairdressers where 'encouraged' to dye and colour their hair some one would do it for you and you have a new style and colour every month -3 months well I ran out of ideas and  one girl suggested a idea so we got permission and off they went mixing up the colour then applied it put me under heat and then it happened the most unbearable feeling of my scalp burning.tears rolled down my face as i begged them to wash it off to the point I was going to do it my self already removing the hot foils of colour to my horror the foils were taking my hair out too,at this point there was a bit of a drama and my hair was falling out,They washed all the colour off which was a mess due to me not keeping it on but the bleach used was destroying my hair (they had to bleach it up 1st to add a other colour on to it while they had a toner on the rest).Then they Dried my hair full blast heat and that made it go frizzy.I was looking in the mirror in horror it was still falling out but that was not the worse part it was also still burning,I went home with a bad headache and took some pain killers but it was still burning,Then to add to it my whole scalp.ears and neck swelled up
Yup you got it, I was taking a reaction to the Hair Dyes and Chemicals they used.
Ended up in hospital.

Fast forward to the present day,That was done in a Top well known Salon and Salon Owner as much as I want to type the names in here I will not as this is all in the past even if it still effects me,I have moved on.They never did anything or say sorry and that the thing that hurt most was this was the place I worked at! They swept it under the carpet and keep it to themselves,I left there rapidly and moved to a other salon but I couldn't become a hairdresser with out being able to colour my career left me heart broken.I know can not touch any thing like Henna,Natural hair dye,Semi Colours or anything. I've been all natural since and will go White or Gray no cover up for me.I miss all the Rainbow colours I had and the mad crazy styles but I got told that if I took a other reaction it may make me swell up to the point I cant breathe and that's not something I want to Risk!

Even to this day my Hair is in a bad way its lifeless and will not grow much but I have been using Lee Stafford's Hair that never grows treatment and have to say Yes its helping my poor hair recover which is shocking that its taken so long.I can not stress how much Hair dyes are really bad for your hair! Bleach is the worst,It maybe make you look great and stunning but its wrecking your hair structure and strength it gives you split ends and it burns your skin/scalp!

And only after getting into Cos play and Lolita I have come across my life savers Wigs!
They don't damage your hair!They come in so many styles and colours you could be a red head for the day to a blonde the next they are short long curly and even two toned! Clip in ones are great also have I have a pair and a full head curly wig and you can get heat resistant ones too.
They can create a whole new look for you that's why I love Wigs so much if I could Id have lots of them but they do cost al ot but mind you cheaper that a full head of Highlights and Tint!
That Place I worked in the Top Salon so to say is around £70-£100 prince wise! A wig is about £30 + mark,Think of the money you would save also! 
Highlight and Tints give you a Root growth and you have to go back for a touch up every 8-10 weeks to keep on top of it!

My top Wig shops are the Lock Shop and they have  a Facebook page the Owner is great they know what they are talking about and give great customer service and answered all my questions before I ordered the other shop is Gothic lolita wigs They have a big Range but  I have not ordered from them so can not comment on the service they seem to be bigger that Lock shop but I prefer smaller shops and liked the rapport I got with the owner and a one to one good customer service so try the Lock shop first!
Please Check these stores out its worth your time you don't want to end up like me with awful hair and left broken hearted over a career.

Though being a Mummy is the best and most rewarding one ever *^___^* <3 love my Chibi Bean so much!

So stay safe with colours and most of all ...
Stay Kawaii!