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Friday, 25 January 2013

Jazzy stuff from Jazzy Little Magpie

Last week, I got a Kawaii parcel in the post from a lovely lass who runs a Esty store. The Esty store is called Jazzy Little Magpie, a place full of fun and kitsch jewellery. Lots of treasures to find there.
This is what I got in my parcel.

2 necklaces, one bow and a pair of glasses with a Hello Kitty on them.
Every thing was lovely,I want to show you some other things that you can get!
* please note all images belong to Jazzy Little Magpie*

Kawaii rings


Candy lollipop.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Whaa! check out this Esty shop that has found its way to me,sweet sugary goodness and Kawaii overload.

''BubblegumCandycane offers super cute, dependable lolita/decora/fairy kei inspired accessories that will instantly cute up any outfit! Whether you're looking for a finishing touch to an elaborate co-ord or simply want to add a dash of cuteness to a casual outfit, there's something for everyone! ''

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Starry eyed bows

I Just got my second order of bows form the lovely starry eyed Bowtique,there was a small mis-hap with my order but all was sorted with ease and I got the most loveliest customer service,It was not even really there fault but I was give a small gift due to the delay.

So I was over joyed when my Bows came I ordered a Mini and a Medium bow this time which one came with the hair band and the other with a clip and my free gift.
I went for the Black and Silver Sequin Hair Bow,

Its a lovely bow the photo in the shop does it no justice as its so pretty,Its Mega glittery and Sparkles all over it.
Its stunning and its soft to touch.

Nice and light to were on your head or in my case with wigs!.

The other Bow I got was the Mini Bubble Gum Pink in PVC,
This is a nice bright Bow its not made of a heavy material either so again nice and light to wear and It reminds me of a Hello kitty sort of bow its very sweet and I got this one on a Clip.
The bows can be easily swapped over from Clip to hair band.
I Highly recommend getting your bows from here,I love the fact that they are Handmade and there are so many to pick form too!
 And because I love you all!

And here is your very own 15% off your order!!
code: marna15
Stay super Kawaii!


Monday, 23 July 2012

The Jewellery Cafe

Id not say I am personally active on Twitter.
But since its linked up with my Facebook page,It seems to attracted attention.
I have been very luck to be asked to review a stunning piece of hand made item from 

The Jewellery Cafe.

Logo image belongs to the jewellery cafe

I was quite taken aback and very excited at the same time!

So I got a tweet asking me to look at the Esty shop and Oh my sweet goodness!

I cant get over the fact these are hand made! !


The photos on the shop show the detail of art and talent of the items.
Simply Stunning and creative!
I picked a really cute charm bracelet.

I do not own very many bracelet's myself odd when I think about it....I don't even have a watch on my wrist either.(Mines in a drawer I used to wear one when I was out working.)

As I said the work put into these items are beatiful and there is also Phone Charm's at the shop its not all just Jewellery the Themes of the Items are Food.

These are the calories free yummy goodies I like! 
Maybe cause I am on a diet (sorta.) and working out every day with dancing , weights and muscle work.
The may even cure my Cake Craving!

So lets have a look at the items!
You can Find all these yummy lovely goodies here

Yummy Swiss Roll Charm Bracelet.

A very mouthwatering Pancake Charm for your phone .

A slice of cake on a ring its so cute.

This is a close up of the Very Berry Chocolatay pin wheel Sundae necklace.
LOOK at the Details,Like the Orange slice and the sauce!!!
Just magic!

So I got my item the today and  because the shop is a Esty shop, its easy to order!
My item came in a secure sealed box and was wrap up in bubble wrap and gift wrap.
I got a cute cake bracelet.
I was every excited as the photos on the Esty showed a lot of detail.
I was not disappointed.
Have a look for your self,I can not get over the amount of detail of such tiny charms.

It comes on a nice size chain that is easy to fit to be your size and can be snug or loose.

A very close look at the cupcake.

I really love my cupcake Bracelet its one of a kind,Well made and would easily work with any outfit for any day,It more than just for Kawaii cuteness it can be a normal every day piece that would be a great gift for some one.

So go check them out,You can find them on FaceBook and why not seen them a Tweet
And I have a treat for you all.
If your in the UK you can also get Free shipping with this Code

Cant say im not good to you all know!?
So till Later
Stay Super Kawaii!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hidden in the shadows

Happy Friday the 13th!
 *@__@*  I do not see this day as unlucky ( a superstition before the 19th century) I think is Lucky for me with being pagan  we see it as a magical date,thirteen has a strong association with the moon and there are thirteen lunar cycles each year.
So I thought Id tie my Blog Entry of my Kawaii Finding with a Alternative shop that happens to be in Scotland *^__^*but not only that its online too! 

And I have found some Goodies to share with you and even some Gothic Lolita Looking Dresses are you Excited? 
I am!

The Lovely Lady that Runs Gothica Jewels Contacted me and said.

''Gothica Jewels joined the world of facebook 20th April 2011 and they only traded with Alchemy Gothic to being with then added they more suppliers giving me a verity of items to offer there Friends and customers on Facebook.When We Run out of a stock we replace it with something new to keep up our growing range.''

These are a few Stunning Dresses I have come across in the Photo Album's .

How Kawaii is this very Gothic Lolita and its only £30*! A Cute mini Lolita Dress!

This one is a eye catcher! I love the Tartan Look and team this one up with a Black high neck Blouse and it would look STUNNING! *^__^* Heart this one so much it also reminds me of my Wedding day.
At only £35* its a Bargain!

This one here is £40 but Again it would team up with a pink of white blouse that would pass off a semi sweet/Gothic Lolita look its very pretty Id have to add a pink bow in the hair with this one!

In February 2012 Gothica Jewels decided their hands at handmade jewellery where the limit was only imagination!
 For the past few months the skills are improving and always looking for inspiration for new projects.

Here are a few...

Dark yet So Cute!

A sweet Strawberry it would be so cute of a bracelet made up of these as charms 

Gothica Jewels Do Lots of Give away's and Deals from both the supplier and the hand made items so go check it out on Face Book and Become a Friend and see what little Treasures you can find .
(*Postage is not included in the price)

Stay Kawaii x

** Images from Gothica Jewels

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kawaii and the Cuties

So the other day My Hubby's client was asking about Facebook and how to get a Page direct like for example likes of,So my hubby put in Kawaii Kreations and lots and lots of things came up,I just had to have a look at them since they were Kawaii Related!

This one here called Kawaii-and-the-Cuties came up and I had a good looky around the picture of their stuff I had to translate a few things as it was in Italian! @__@ but I have a translator so here is what I found!

 This is a cute necklace with a love heart macaroon very Lolita like!

I also come across these sweet and adoreable earrings with Kawaii little smiles

I love this new Craze of what I called Fairy Bottles but they may have a other name but I think any princess would love this! *insert Starry eyes here!*

I like this one the most and the Stars in the bottle above soo cute!

To order you contact the Ladies that are both Lolita's from Italy and they say... 
'We love Kawaii and one day we decided to Create a new world full of sweets,Ice-creams and colours and want to share this with other people so we created Kawaii and the Cuties.'' Marty and Jazzy. :3

I like how you can tell its Handmade and the fact these are utterly Chuuuuu Cute!
Each item is different and unique.
Some are also listed here.

Stay Kawaii x

*All Images are from Kawaii and the Cuties

JiJi Kiki Kawaii

Have you been to Jiji Kiki?...Wait.....What! you haven't ?!
Well I follow JiJi KiKi on Facebook and love what I have seen.I have a thing for Hand made items and Jewellery ( with so much other stuff too Btw.)it means more to me to spend my money on something that's hand made with love <3
So if your not following them get on it as they are doing a
 contest right know so give it ago!

(I am giving it a go you never know *__* !)

I like the quirky and Kawii stuff myself in the shop adore the little faces on the items they make me smile too I  have found myself all starry eyed looking at the stuff on the page as well as seeing and reading the updates on the facebook that appear on my new feed.
Ive not ordered from them myself but I'm rather penny less since i spend it all on my Hello kittys ;___; whoops!
But would like to in the future since the stuff is more a vast range from the likes of RoxiSweetHeart again I do like the stuff there but not sure if I could wear it but I would ware these below!

Think this is well Cute!

And this lil Lucky Neko Chan!

He is so sweet,He would look good with my Bunny Ring from Kooki!

AWWW and yes they even have Super Kawaii Plushies (LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.)
I think my Daughter would too she had a Twinkle star that would sing but he stopped singing ;__;
Will Take note of this for her birthday-come Xmas (why on earth she came on christmas day @__@.)
Gona have to save hard core to get some of these lovely goodies!
Please go check them out guys x

Stay Kawaiix

*Images from Jiji Kiki with permisson