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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Crafting Japanese style

Last year i painfully tried to learn how to knit and gave up after trying for weeks and then i desided to try Crochet,I ask my Gran for some books which I read and failed to follow what on earth they were on about!I was ready to give up but i really wanted to learn Amigurumi which is Japanese for knitted stuffed toy so its Japanese Crochet,Stuffed little animals that are utterly adorable and looked easy to make,HAHA so i thought.In the end i was getting no where fast only could chain on my wool,I took many weeks and attempts to try and get it but failed each time.
(sample of Teddy bear cupcakes.)
So Yesterday I decide hey its a new year and why not give it a other try,With my love for all thing Japanese and cute or should I say Kawaii things I didn't want to give up,My other half was impressed with my devotion to learn and keep trying,as well as hiding under a rock in case I happened got it wrong again and threw my craft needle right at at him in a fit of rage LOL.
So there I was sitting watching you tube videos over and over to learn and after hours of this I took the jump into the deep in to make a simple bunny blob shape critter,Dead cute.
However come the early hours of 1am and 2am I gave up and went to bed.
(2 cute bears)
That night my mind did not rest at all and I kept having the vidoes still playing in my head not a good way to get some sleep!So next thing im up at the crack of dawn and I start again with the deacation to get it to at least something that looked like the blob bunnie....I have know successfully made 2 bunnies and currently working on a new pattern.I am hoping with pratice i will be able to make more and more at ease and make diffrent ones for my Witchlet!
My Blob bunny below.

Till we merry meet again.