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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

How to be Kawaii- with a budget!

Hey every cutie!
Today am going to talk about .How to be Kawaii- on a budget! Some times buying Kawaii items ends up totalling up and becomes expensive,really quickly.  And not all the time we find our saved up money can buy all our Kawaii goodies we would like. I have a bit of a large collection of kawaii items, goods and such but it do take time to build on making a collection .The Kawaii life is a hard one . heh.  So I put together some hints and tips together for you .

 Budget your spending and put money aside every month for buying Kawaii things and while you are at it save a little up every month too. Pop it all in a cute Kawaii piggy bank to keep you motivated to save up for some thing really special and Kawaii.

It takes time to build up on getting Kawaii things, don't blow all your money at once! Take your time. Talking of time, shopping at the right time can be a benefit as well.
Yus! Am talking about sales and holiday seasonal items sales too. Some of my own Kawaii things are really old so it can take a while to build up a kawaii collection.It takes time so its worth spending money wisely and watch out for fake brand products too! Remember also sometimes its better to pick quality over quantity.

 When you are out shopping and you need something new or replacements think about it? Can I buy this in a Kawaii version?
Like a new cute tooth brush or cute storage boxes.What about home goods like pillows, duvet covers or even cute make up accessories, eye masks and lip balms in cute shades and sweet kawaii flavours?!

Just think before you buy . 
1. Can I get it cheaper ? (so you can save more in your kawaii savings)
2. Can I get it in a Kawaii version?( some times the Kawaii version is cheaper!?)
3. Think Kawaii , Kawaii, Kawaii for everything!

Kawaii tip~ Check out 2nd hand shops and charity shops for cheep kawaii treasures!

Kawaii tip~ Don't forget about telling your family and friends you like Kawaii stuff and show them what you like it will help give them ideas for special occasions when they are stuck for ideas!

Online shopping-
You can buy so much online and looking for cute items and kawaii ones is not hard.Watch out for hidden shipping fees and custom charges when shopping, or try looking on sales groups online for cute things or even online trades. You might even be lucky and have a friend over seas that might be able to pick up Kawaii items to do a box swap with every so often!( Please be careful when giving out any personal information.) I will check out Asian web sites first and then hunt them down on a UK or world wide shipping website for the same item and compare prices and shipping when I shop kawaii !! - anther top kawaii tip!

Kawaii tip ~Sign up for a monthly Kawaii Club box from Keep it Secret and get a box of Kawaii goodies sent to your door every month!

Make your self-
If its to much to buy then why not have a go at making it your self? You can find lots of Kawaii DIY online tutorials to get you started and might even become a new hobby in sewing and crafts or be able to make up your own new ideas of cute things.

Kawaii tip- Why not re vamp dull looking things with Kawaii deco-den and accessories!

As I have said it takes time and money to get into kawaii stuff, from collection cute items to wearing cute fashions, its all about shopping about, thinking about what works best and budgets! Also keep in mind that even having a room full of cute things will not automatically transform you into a magical kawaii person! Sometimes the one thing that makes us super kawaii is a very simple but priceless smile! So don't forget to smile too!

Hope you like the post every one! Stay Cute.