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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kitty Maid fun

Hello every one today I wanted to show off my new Hello Kitty items which had a Maid theme to them.
Yay!\(^_^)/I discovered some really cute aprons that I fell in love with and got them ordered. I have been wearing them for all the cooking and cleaning and they are just so cute!They are both from Harrods, I used a shopping service to get them.I also caved in and got a plush too, There is one plush I would love to get from Harrods but am not sure if they still do them any more?! 

A cute Cafe maid I got!

Full body apron

Hello Kitty as a maid!



Half apron from Harrods

However there is a other reason for all the maid stuff and Kitty-ness, Is that am planning a cosplay for the Scottish MCM as Hello Kitty /Maid style . With the events of the San Deigo Comic con there was a huge Hello Kitty and Sanrio presence, I was gutted about knowing about this at the last moment! It was not till after seeing the Musical Wonderland Hello Kitty that she was slightly ahead own of my own cosplay idea!

Lol its kinda funny but maybe this shall work in my favour when it comes to the event,
Hello Kitty looks so cute! She is a darling! 
My cosplay is gona be so like this with a few extra Hello Kitty touches!
Here is a sneaky look into my outfit!

Adding Hello Kitty iron patches to the apron!

It still needs some touches added to it, am thinking with no maid headdress just a bow, A pinky wig and some cute Lolita shoes-I may have to invest in a white petti and cute tights and gloves to get the over all look. 
I will be sure to update you on my outfit! That way you will all be 
 able to spot me at the MCM in Glasgow!


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pretty Maid

Today I was greeted by a dripping wet Post man who had a parcel for me,Know going back a good few posts Entries about a Maid outfit and Maid style Pinny,I found online,Well I asked in the Crafting Group I am a member of,if any one would be able to make me one.One lady said she would  and here is her own Blog.
Please Check out What Crystal Creations can make too!
So I open my Parcel to find my Pinny!
So here are some Photos to share with you,

I'm not very Lolita like this weekend!

Loves to you all!

Am so Happy the way it turned out the bottom two Love hearts are pockets and each one has a little ribbon on it,Cute!
Which will come in handy as I plan to use this for some Lolita Photo shoots as well to use during the week being a House wife when looking after Chibi Bean and doing House wife Tasks.
That way I can still feel Like a Lolita!

On a side note not long till the next Sabbat of Beltane!

Stay Kawaii x