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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Conventions so far this year.

So this year, its my year of conventions this year. Starting off with a Edinburgh based one called Capital Sci Fi Con. Which you guessed it was mainly about all things Geeky and Sci Fi. For this Con I made up a (Fem) Darth Vader Causal Cosplay. Which was really weird for me cause I had not idea how I would act or be like as Vader . I mean am a huge fan of Lord Vader but yeah am more your magical hero girl than anything like that . So that was really weird for me. However I did get to meet up with tons of fellow cos players whom I have not seen in ages and hang out with my deco girly pal too. It was also super nice meeting new folks at the Con as well as hanging out with those I already have mingled and chilled with before. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tartan's Tarot

Wow there has been so much going on right know in my life,As some of you are aware I read Tarot Cards (a way of fortune telling) 
I did a few spreads last month and over the past few days,It still creeps me out how spot on they can be even when I am reading for myself.
I love the Tarot,There is even a few Kawaii Decks I want to get my hands on.

Likes of this Deck the Magic Manga.

I Started Reading Tarot at the Age of 12,
It was a bit of a fun hobby and party trick,But I took it more seriously after my readings for others started to ring true!
I currently have 3 decks,I favour my Pagan Cat Deck but the others are The Wheel Year Deck and the Robin Hood Deck.
They are all very lovely and colourful.

But I really would love a Anime Deck,There is even a Sailor Moon Set,Card Capturers Clow Set and Hello Kitty Deck out there some where!


Though not all of them have all of the Deck cards or may only have just the major cards done.
The Deck is made up with 2 sets the Major Cards and Minor Cards,I personally use both sets to get a more in depth Reading.

I really do LOVE Anime Tarot Decks more so those of Anime I like.
They are Kawaii and Colourful!

I have found out the Clow Cards are of the Clow and a collector item and not technically a Tarot Deck But I think they are still cute!

If I could get my hands on a nice anime deck I am fussy when it comes to my Decks,I have owned a fair few and some I had to re-home because they just didn't work well or I didn't like some of the cards Art.

I could be super cute in a Lolita Dress with my dream anime card deck asking you all to cross my palm with silver and Ill tell you your future!

Stay Super Kawaii!