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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Japanese Fan's Heaven

At the start of the year I came across a very interesting online shop,I was looking for a Gift and wanted it to be a Japanese Gift.This shop is called The Japanese Shop.
You can find them here with this Link.
I really like this shop it is a Japanese Fan's Heaven,It covers almost everything to decorate your home with all things Japanese.
Also as it was a gift I was looking for I took them up on the free gift wrap service and It was so pretty and neatly done,The person (My other half) did not want to open it because they were so impressed.
I got my package of goodies from them.

A Lucky Black Cat and a 2 sets of Chopsticks with a Chopstick holder.

Red and Black with Fans on my new Chopsticks.

My Kanji 'Moon' Chopstick Holder

My new Neko close up.I got it as it looks just like my own Leo Cat!
He even came with his own Red Mat bless!
What I do like about the online shop is that its very informative,It gives you lots of information on the products,even details of how some of the products are made to information of the history of the item for example the Lucky cats and what they are even for.Which is great of any one who has just fallen in love with Japan and a great reminder of the meaning these products have.

This was What I got for my other half.And I also got a Card which is below that I later Framed and put up on the wall for every to see Its so pretty I really need to get a other one like 'Family' or 'Happiness' maybe even ''Kawaii''!

Below is my my 2 Lucky cats The Japanese shop do have the white one but I got this one in London when I was visiting and would love to get the other ones that are the same shape but in other versions of colour.

They look so cute!
I would say that the prices are not to high and you get good quality products,I love how everything I have bought has come in nice bold strong colours and that the items have not got damaged in the post either.
You can also find The Japanese shop on Facebook.
I do highly suggest you take a look around or if you are near by you can go check out their new show room!
You can check the details out here!
Maybe Ill take a Trip and go in my Gothic Lolita!

There is so much to look at on the online website there is so many things I want!
From Table ware to Furoshiki (Cloths used for gift wrapping )even stunning Kimono's.
(I want one!)
And they regularly have new things added to the list of products.
Go what are you waiting for?
Go see what you can find and treat yourself!

Stay super Kawaii and very cultural !
Tartan x