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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Making memories-a mummy post.

Hello every one. Hope you are all having a lovely week and staying very Kawaii!
I guess this is going to be a bit of a mummy like post today .As you readers are well aware this month is my final month in this house, we will be moving at the end of the month and getting a new bigger house to fit us all in with a bit of breathing room, hehe. The main thing for me as a muma to Beanie is that she grows up in a nice place and goes to a good school. Myself on the other hand, I didn't really get to make a mark on this current house. I have always felt like I have been renting this place. Its not felt like a cosy home...maybe cause am always cold in this house.
Any way because we are moving rather far from my own family, I wanted to have some sort of photo arrangement set up in the new house with a bit of Kawaii added to it of course! 

The 1st thing I did was treat myself to a new Camera,a Instax FugiFilm 25 mini. An a adorable looking instant camera aka a Polaroid Camera.A simple Point and shoot. I have found with a Digital Camera that as they may be saved on the computers but I forget to print them off. So I treated myself to the Instax.

Its a nice cute thing and makes really cute photos that come out in seconds to develop in a few minutes later.Perfect I have had  a lot of fun with this already its a great way to make new memories.
One of my idea to show off my new photos came shortly after seeing this really cute looking memo board on Facebook and I fell in love with it.
I got this cute idea at The-Kawaii-Cupcake on FaceBook.
It only cost me 16 for a Hand made Pink and white spotty memo board with little flowers added to it and small hearts,It fitted in my idea of new decoration for the new house so I ordered it right away.
I had to share the photos of it as I did take it out wrapping to look at it, teehee.
Its just so cute and pretty.
I cant wait to add to this and hang it up in my new Kitchen! Hehe.

It will come in handy for shopping lists and to do lists, which I seem to be making all the time these days. 

The colours are just lovely .

There is some cute girly details added to the conner's.

As you can see I still need to fill it up with Kawaii over load! Most of my stuff is in boxes ,so once we move into the new house I can go a bit more Kawaii Crazy with it hehe!
I hope to add more Photos to it as well! (Ill make lots of cute memories too!)
Its very cute and been made with love, It would make a cute new house gift for some one or even for a student or Teenager to have up in their room as a organiser of some sort hehe.

Do any of you like to do Cute things to add to your homes/Rooms. I hope to be adding a lot of  Kawaii touches around my new house. Which I also hope to share with you all once I am settled and the internet is up and running.So Check out The Kawaii Cupcake Facebook page and the new Esty Shop they are planning to open too!!

Till next time

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mummy Tartan time with Hello Kitty star Chart

Hey guys, so am sure there will be a few of you readers might be mummy's and daddy's.As a mother myself and have a 2 year old comes a lot of new adventures of teaching them new things. Myself am trying to encourage Potty training and trying to encourage good behaviour , The List is endless. Right?

Anyways I and Chibi bean set up a time a few weeks back to up a reward chart for every successful potty achievement , Chibi bean would get a sticker and get to put it on the big chart , we made together. It sorta works even if Miss bean is being very sly by asking for the potty for no reason. Just to get a sticker haha!
I also am adding new tasks to it am not sure what but am thinking of things like, Putting away toys , Clearing her plate at meal times ect.

However Chibi bean likes her Hello Kitty as much as I do and other things like of princesses and Minnie mouse. I would have loved to have made her reward chart look a bit more...well Kawaii! Its just pen on 4 A4's stuck together.  LOL! I know my Blog with often  mention my daughter but I try to keep her offline as much as I can.
Any how I thought some of you other parents would love to see what I happen to find the other day!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello Kitty,Hello Baby

As some of you know I have a Daughter,She is my Chibi Bean whom was born on the 25th of Dec yup thats a Xmas baby!She is know 16months and grown up into a toddler already is a Drama Queen and Full of mischief,
From day one I have showered her in Gifts of Hello Kitty.
Her 3rd word was even kitty,We have 2 cats also which didn't help but she can say a number of things know and everything is no longer a Kitty or Ditty as she used to say.

She is know 16months and grown up into a toddler already is a Drama Queen and Full of mischief,
When She was born we Changed her Lemon Room into a Princess Pink and Purple.
(we were not sure if she was going to be a girl or not!)

Chibi Bean at 7months

And Like her Mummy She is a big Hello Kitty Fan from toys to accessories she has quite a lot of stuff for such a tiny person!

So Lets have a look at her things!

Her Hello Kitty Kitchen 

Hello Kitty Xmas Book

Hello Kitty with Ipod Cover of Hello Kitty and Her Build a bear Kitty

Happy 1st birthday Cake of Kitty and Some Toys

Hello Kitty Mini Plush and Ball

Her Hello Kitty Xmas Plush and Mirror

Her Bedroom Rug

Pink Ponies that she adores one is a Rocking Horse Kawaii and we have Hello Kitty Bubbles and some of her accessories for her hair with head bands,clips and ear muffs!

Her Hello kitty pop up tent!

She is one Hello Kitty Princess with Tops, Pjs, Coats, Dresses,Hats and Dresses with Hello Kitty on them,There would be far to many photos to take pictures of them all!
She also get to play with my kitty stuff too! ( I can not wait to spoil her on her Birthday and Xmas!Oh and I also spoil her on the Sabbats too so that way she do not feel out done with being born on Xmas Day but in my defence Chibi Bean YOU were LATE!)

Stay Kawaii x