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Monday, 3 March 2014

Keep it Secret's *NEW* Kawaii Range!

Hello every Cutie!
Today I will be a sponsored review for keep-it-secret. Your UK retailer of Kawaii goodies. This is a very exciting review because these are BRAND NEW IN!
Coming soon!!
So with out further a due, I give you the most Kawaii, pop culture clothing line, that is only available at Keep it Secret in the UK.
I have been in love with this brand as soon as I lay my eyes on it! I have wanted some of their stuff so long! Its a colourful vibrate and the most kawaii designs. huhuh I fell in love- so much Kawaii.
So I got my parcel in the post and am going to show you what I got ! eee!

Item Arrival
This is the item boxed- how cute it this?! Its shaped and designed as a milk carton and is so colourful and cute.There is even a window part to see your item- nyaa cute. I love the designs and images the milk carton.
The product I got to review was inside, Its a Jumper and when I took it out the first thing I noticed how soft it was- like super soft.

The Item
Once laid out  you can see the jumper is long sleeved  has a image on it. The image is very clear and very big. Great for a statement piece.The colour is a lovely sky blue, I was super happy to get a colour I don't own or wear much as I saw this as a great chance to experiment with making up a outfit.
 I really had a hard time at 1stas I had nothing to go with the blue ...but because there is few pink details in the jumper. I teamed it up with other pinks to make a nice overall look. The Slogan on the top says '' Feeling blue.'' and the picture is a super cute bear  wearing a pink and white bow tie,whom seems to have used the paint bucket to paint lots of blue . Under the slogan it has some Kanji and  the juizy woozy signature. It also has a printed juizy woozy on the back at the base of the neck. You will find this item is also a round neck line shape. nyaa its just so cute!

This line of product have their own sizing system. They are numbers 1-4 and a 1 works out as a extra small or a uk 6 , The  2 works out as small and a uk 8, The  3 a medium and a uk 10, and  finally the 4 works out as a large and is a uk 12.
I got a 2 size which is a uk 8. Am a size 10-12 UK size ( I love baggy jumpers!) and I found this jumper to be a nice size on me and it has some room so you can layer up in the colder weather! So am very happy with the size and  it is made of very soft 100% combed cotton.

Product quality 
The image is printed on to the jumper, I checked the inside to see if print was sticky on the inside. I find some times jumpers or tops often have that and it is annoying but its not the case hear- yay!
The Jumper is not the thickest jumper I own , but its not paper thin either which means you just layer up on colder weather and you can wear this jumper with out melting either. haha! All the stitching is neat and tidy. I found no lose threads .So am super happy with the quality of this jumper 

Over all thoughts
Over all, I love my jumper, is is super comfortable on and so colourful, The box is came in is so cute and the character on the jumper is so sweet and adorable If you love the fashion and pop - culture this is your sort of thing. I would recommend these to a friend who also likes this kind of style and will be looking forward to more item that will be coming into stock! I have seen some sneaky insights at Keep it Secrets Instagram and fallen in love with some of the other items.

Rate out of 5 star's..its gona be 5! I love it so much and its super cute and colourful! I cant wait to show it off - heehee.

I hope you all enjoyed my in-depth review of the new kawaii clothing range that is coming out at Keep it Secret. I hope all my cute readers will be wanting a statement piece of their own!

So till then, stay Kawaii! Tartan <3

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Hello Kitty's Releases 2013

 Wah Kawaii Lovers,How Hot has it been in the UK!
I have been loving the weather, Summer dresses , cute outfits and lazing about in the sun.
I have been a busy bee viewing new houses for my progress of moving house the biggest news we have sold the house!  ZOMG- It went really quick so please expect some blog delays and such, I will most likely post up more information on when and if we get a new house *Hopes it will be sooner rather than later!*
Any ways! 
I spied some Hello Kitty goodness today- I was on ebay and saw some Kitty plushes to bid on but I forgot too, as I was playing minecraft LOL  whoops, So I thought there is no harm looking on ebay ..yuno for a bit of online window shopping... HAAHA ...
so I soon came across this ...Look out TY Hello Kitty fans, Here is a dose of Super KAWAII Kitty-Chan!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kitty Pink and black with spots!

Hello Kawaii Lovers and of course you Kitty fans! Look what I have spotted over at sanrio!
WOW (^O^) Are these not just stunning!
I love loungefly X Hello Kitty collaborations its so elegant and divine!

This is one of the mini hand bags- I love this pink on black combo and print with the cute Little Hello Kitty's all over it!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Kawaii Kitty Hunting

So I have been Kawaii Kitty Hunting yet again.
Its an addiction, I say a it is unhealthy but it's only unhealthy for my bank account.
We all love a good bargain when it comes to buying which is why I swear by eBay, like the saying goes.
One man's rubbish is a other man's treasure.
I like to check there every so often to see if I can pick up a few kitty s on the cheep side.
Though I do like to buy them brand new from shops if its a Kitty that I really want.
Here is a few goodies I have got off eBay at a good price.

Monday, 21 January 2013

New Projects for Tartan- Kawaii Blush

Oh my I have been ever so busy and with so much news to share with you.
I feel like I have not been blogging much but I have been working on blogs but more about that in a bit.
So about a week ago I took part in a contest over on a Facebook page J-Grab fan page,maybe it was fate that I entered a contest but any way I ended up winning a super cute prize,A Hello Kitty X Maybelline Mascara.
But that was not just the end of that,Oh no!
I must have caught J-Grabs attention,maybe it was my determination to win or my photo I used,maybe even the universe working its Kawaii magic,who knows lol .
But the next thing I knew I got a email from them.I was sort of taking aback even thought this cant be real?!
Anyhow after a few emails and Meeting I took on the offer of being their Kawaii J-grab Blogger. >.<

I've set up a whole new Blog and there is also a give away on over there so check it out,If your already a follower of mine,make sure you follow the new Blog too.
Its Called Kawaii Blush and here is the Link oh and don't forget to check the rules out that are also on the Facebook fan page.

But this do not mean I am getting rid of this Blog,Ah nooo I still have this Blog for a other reason ,you see but I cant tell you why just yet!
Plus I have many other posts that I Have lined up like my newest Kitty's that I have on order,ho ho wait till you see them!
My orders am still waiting on from Kawaii shopping and a few outfit posts that I want to put up soon!

So this post was really to share my newest News!
Till later!


Monday, 31 December 2012

Kawaii Secrets from Keep it secret guys here are some Kawaii Secrets from Keep it Secret that I want to share with you!
Lots of new exciting things making their way into the shop.
There is a lot of yummy super cute snacks on offer so lets check them out!
Head over to to this link of snacks from the online shop to get your snacks but hurry as these are going fast.
sorry for the very fuzzy images 

Gummy's are so yummy!
Lots and lots of pocky and Memiji bundle packs in stock.
And some of them are at a lower price too.
Lots of savings for you all.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stay Super Kawaii

You may have noticed I say 'Stay super Kawaii' at the end of my post entry's.
Some of you maybe like ...oh... How on earth can I stay super cute or just be cute every day with out trying to hard?!
Well is quite easy to stay cute every day and I am not saying that you have to go around in a baby like voice because you may get some really odd looks from those who are around you all the time notice a sudden change and be like huh?!
Am also not saying you have to litter your bedrooms and houses in Japanese cuteness or Anime and go a bit over load unless you want to do the above then go ahead ....but let's take some baby steps to staying cute.
Every one can be cute in one way or a other and like cute things or personally think something is cute.
So I am going to tell you how I keep up my cuteness and it can be very easy and it depends on the way that you look at it too.
Start off with picking out what you think is cute to you,as it really do not matter what others think,If you love bunnies or kittens then you go for it and don't let any one put you down this is your style and your fashion.
So lets look into what I think is cute,Well I am a bit of a yin yang when it comes to what I think is cute as I like Gothic stuff and some girly stuff at the same time so it really do depend on what you personally think is cute
So simple ways to staying cute, accessories has a big play in this,

  • Simply wearing something cute can make you feel that little bit more cuter every day.
  • Try looking for cute piece of Jewellery that stands out  that you can wear like Kawaii charm bracelet,a Ring, Necklace and Earrings but try not to go over the top keep it simple.(but if you want to then go for it.)
  • What about taking a cute handbag to work instead of a dull looking plain one you can find some great ones online!You can also get some funky cute handbag charms.
  • Make up can be made cute also (I will be doing some how to's in the future!)Try some sweet pastel colours in eye shadow or glittery shimmers.Lipsticks come in a range of colours too and some are flavoured which I think is cool and cute more so if they have candy or sweet flavours.Again keep it simple.
  • Prints can be cute too but again you want to maybe have one item that's print with something cute like butterflies or bows all over it can work too.Or go a bit more daring and get a tee with a big bold image like a love heart or a Kawaii smiley face that's quite baggy and team it up with shorts or skinny jeans.
  • Make your stuff interesting invest in a cute and cheerful stationary and notebooks will cheer up some dull meetings,I have a Choco Cat note book I use for shopping lists!
  • Dress up your phone get a pretty and cute phone cover and add an adorable charm to hang from it.
  • Key rings can be cute too.
  • Picking out cute hair accessories are a great way to keep cute from hair bows or flowers to hair bands and pretty hair clips!
  • Be creative by adding stickers and stick on gems to your things like Decoden  ideas over in Japan.
  • Smile,Is so simple but Smiling is CUTE or make a silly face it can be cute and do not forget to laugh too.
  • Try not to have the same cute things on every day of the week change it over so it do not become dull and boring.
  • Explore other alternative cute ideas like's of Fey/Gothic/White Goth/Harajuku/Punk/Sweet and Classic.
These are just some ideas,hints and tips and not all of them will work,you have to find out personally what works for you but I hope these ideas will inspire you even if it means you go out and buy one of those pens that are in pastle green and smell of mint for work or school,Being cute can tap into your inner child and its fun to let them get out to play from time to time.

My cutest and newest thing I have got is this,Its a rubber case in pink for my phone I saw it on the internet and was like aww cute!I do like baby bunnies and I have a thing for cute ears on things like hoodies and I feel in love with the pom pom tail.

This it the front view hehe I love the ears!

This is the back view and tail.

And from the side I love it so much the tail can be removed too.
Remember, staying cute will take a while and to get used to  but just remember the following: smile, be sweet, and be friendly not annoying or fake.

So Stay Super Kawaii
Tartan x