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Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Melody all the pink things!

I love pink, but I could not pin down it as my favourite shade cause I love every colour. At the moment it is Pastels am so addicted to pastel shades! I guess this is where My Melody comes in. I wanted to share with you a new product I got. It is from a ebay shop based in Japan and the seller is very helpful and has provide me with a wonderful service that I keep returning to spend all my money on cute stuff!

From Sanrio's Hello Kitty to Disney Japan and even Pokemon there is a lot of things for you to let your eyes gaze over and admire. Any way the product I wanted to share with you all is a My Melody product*.

If I said . I totally did not but this due to the packaging , I would be a really bad lair.. . OF COURSE I BOUGHT IT FOR THE CUTE PACKAGING!
Its not just something that looks cute as it do have a use as well, this 3D shaped my melody hold in side her hand cream! And wait what? I  just happened to have run out of mine. Who am I trying to kid here? lol No honest I have run outta hand cream it was a boot's own range one. I clearly needed to give this a Kawaii make over by buying this one!

So this item took about a week to arrive, I had tracking on this so I could check up on the status of the order when ever I wanted and also ordered a small plush to add to my collection . My items came well packed in a small box and the items were wrapped up inside. The My Melody item was presented in a see through clear box . It is on the small side but soo cute! The 3D shape of Melody is so sweet sitting on my dresser .

 The hand cream is peach in scent and is lovely its quite a think mixture so a little goes a long way. Its also not sticky either. I find some can be sticky on the hands. It seems to absorb well into the skin and I love the smell.I try and use it before I do my nails and such to give my hands some TLC But I just adore this product so much.

It also helps having such a trust worthy seller, who runs the shop on Ebay and would go out their way to help you.  So I would say this is my high recommended Ebay seller for all your Kawaii needs! You can also find the other kawaii Sanrio products featured with this My Melody Hand Cream at the same Ebay sellers shop!

Tartan xox

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Staying Kawaii with me!

Its hard work Staying Kawaii Which is why I Changed the Direction of my Blog though don't worry followers of the Craft I will still post some things regarding those topics,However up here in Scotland its extremely hard to get hold of Kawaii Stuff which can drive a Kawaii Lover mad!So I thought would try and make it Easy for not just those in Scotland to get hold of those Kawaii things out there.

Kawaii means Cute in Japanese.

Kawaii in Kanji .

Online is the best way I have found stuff but you may have to Google more that the word Kawaii as a lot will come up,Try words like Lolita,Gyaru,Kitsch,Cute,Emo,Punk and Harajuku help too.
Places like Ebay and Esty have hidden Gems but can take a long time to get through all that stuff and sorting out the good stuff from that bad again this is where I come in,I search out and hunt down Things that are Kawaii to save you the time and review or show pictures of what I got but also I want to help out those on the other side,such as the shop owners and sellers.

So going back to keeping Kawaii its hard work,I like to wear something Lolita inspired or cute looking most days and where I live right know its really hard to find that sorta stuff so I have to create my looks form scratch or spend a insane amount of money out on a real Lolita outfit and the range is very limited too!So half the time I don't even like what I do find,So have to resort to high street shops or markets to find something that even hints on a Kawaii Style, Accessories seem to be a bit easier mind you and I have gotten hold of some gems that have gotten lots of notice and complements too.
I also like the idea of home made items to mass production items when it comes to Accessories and outfits and things that you would not come across in Primark and Top shop so to say.
But they are starting to produce a lot of cute things slowly.
The other thing is I have found is that i have to Travel to big city's likes of London Glasgow and Edinburgh to get an Alternative good shop for things Kawaii and semi Gothic Lolita/Emo that happen to look very cute and would work with outfits and for around the house.Yes my kawaii-ness has spread out to the poor husband!

So If you are a Seller with Items/clothing/Other products that are Cute looking or smell sweet and are down right adorable then please get in touch with me as Id love to hear from you !

You just need to send the products details and information or even any give-aways that you are doing and if your really nice send me the product! 
 *Big cheesy wink*
That way  I could even write up a review of the product for you since this is like a free advertising service for Sellers and My posts get uploaded to my page on Facebook KawaiiKreations for my Likers and of course I tweet too!
You can contact me at my email