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Friday, 18 July 2014

Kawaii Squishable Review

Hey every one!
How are you all? today's post is a other review with a video which is found here on my Channel!!
 This review is so awesome! I got a parcel from the delivery man today and he came to the door with this HUGE box! 
You can imagen how excited I was! My item for a sponsored review came, Yay!

My item for reviewing comes from the online store Squishables! Squishables is the home of over sized fuzzy animal soft toys and they have a huge collection from small ones to large ones. It is super hard to even pick out of the ones they have in stock on the web site. After much debate between a Kitten or a Unicorn . I gave up and asked my facebook friends, even then I turned to my faithful Kawaii little girl 'chibi bean'  and took her advise and picked the unicorn. Yep she has great taste!

So my item came safe and sound , the item was wrapped in a plastic bag and surrounded by brown paper to cushion it in the box. Along with its little receipt inside the box too.
 Personally and this is just a personal thing but I LOVE it when companies add some cute  flyers , business cards or  have a cute presentation , Maybe something like a cute packaging like what Build a bear do with thier carry boxes . I know many folks see this as extra 'junk' but to me it makes it more business like and personal , Again that's what I like to see when I buy something cause its nice to feel that bit extra has gone into ordering from that shop.

That aside, the item.  OH MY KAWAII!! This is the most adorable thing! I love it. I am super pleased with this unicorn. A chubby, plump ,Cute unicorn. The Unicorn is shaped in a round ball style and he is pure white body and head wise with a white tummy . Blue tail and matching mane, A yellow horn and brown cute hooves. No detail has been skipped on the unicorn looking like a unicorn.

He has a dopey smile on his face and is so fluffy its crazy soft! I have a feeling there shall be a battle between myself and my daughter over who gets to keep him  in what room - haha. I knew he was going to be one of the bigger items but I really had not prepered myself and to have him (Yes I have given him a gender.) in my hands and realise how big he is.

He is one from the 15"  size collection  and he is made from polyester fibre. He is retailed at £34.99 and I would say he is worth every penny, due to his size and quailty. As a mother I did check him over for any loose threads, or parts and nothing seemed to be lose or anything as he is pretty well made.However please do remove all swing tags before giving these items to a child and it recommends that these are for the ages of 3+ ( up to 200yrs old and down again.) I freely admit I am a big kid at heart and love all things cute and am so pleased with this item , I would for sure recommend these to others to buy and buy for Children.

I  also love the connection they have with the customers on Facebook (links found at the end of the post.) and the website to Vote for your favourite designs that they are working on! I think that is really cool and it helps build a good relationship with the customers. I would love to see more Kawaii styles being made.

I really do love my new squishable buddy - the name of the company is very fitting as you really do want to squish them and hug em so much with them being super super soft.
So here are some more photos for you to enjoy and the Links to everything you will need to own your very own squishable! Kawaii!!

Till next time Keep it cute!
Tartan x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Totoro post!

Hey every one, how stormy has this winter been?! and Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer,,Kyaa am so excited! So much so when I got a box of pink Birthday decorations full of  cute-ness for Chibi bean! Am not sure who the bigger kid is me for wanting to turn the house into a pink girls zone or little miss chibi bean whom is singing in advance ''Happy birthday ,give me Kitty Cake'' to herself.... Kya Kawaii!!
I guess I will be on and off around Christmas due to the celebrations but I will pop on to show you what Santa has left for us.

Today I shall spread some Christmas Kawaii cheer with you all!
I been saving up for a new plush addition to my collection, I am hoping to be gifted a Domo Kun one this Christmas to add to my collection also all to go into my ''Kawaii'' Room that am slowly doing up. If you follow me on Instagram there will be a high chance you have seen my new plush.

Who knows this big old grin...?

This Kawaii looking face?

Yep its Totoro!

Yay! Totoro is all set for Christmas too!
He is huge! So heavy and soft too! I love him very much. He sits in our Dinning room for the time being. teehee!
 As well I also got hold of a really cute new hoodie and a new onesies- I own a pikachu

 one but its far to big for me so I might  order the size down and get chibi bean one. But its a Rilakkuma one that is due to come some time, I have really fallen in love with Rilakkuma!  He is also on my list of must get in over the top size plushes-huhu. Teehee.
Getting back on track here is my hoodie! (sorry for the not so good images but was so cloudy and dark.)

Here is it with no hood up, its rather thin but I like to throw it on at night on top of what am wearing already!
I would like to put it with a totoro themed outfit ,not sure when but it am sure it would look cute. I might keep it for a convention.

Here is the Hoodie with Hood up as you can see it has Totoros face on the hood and his big cute grin, not forgetting his cute whiskers and ears too! cute! I also took out my pink wig for a change. 

Hope you like my cute Hoodie and new Totoro!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Hello Kitty Halloween

Halloween and Hello Kitty well this makes a fun mix!
Hello Kitty has been getting in the act of all things cute and spooky and I wanted to share some of the Kawaii Hello Kitty X Halloween goodness!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Konnichiwa Hello Kitty4U

Oh my poor hubby has just run for the hills after seeing this on my screen,a web page called Hello Kitty 4U which is packed with so much Kitty stuff! ^__^
And even better for me its based in the UK  (whoop!)

I actually forgot that I have ordered from here before and had no problems with them in any way,The had some plushes I got they were Kitty's with Anniversary dates and were styled to the date and occasion as well i got the Maneki Neko one but mines a smaller one sitting on a red matt she is one of my most loved Kitties!

Kitty milestone dates I adore the middle one 

Neko Chan!

Also my newest Large Kitty is also found in there online shop too!! 
What I like about this shop is you get a vast range of Kittys and other things,I could spend a long time looking at them all.From Bags, I have a feeling my own bag came from here maybe they would remember if I showed them my  photo

They even have Letter writting sets and its not just Miss kitty there is also my other loved Character Choco Cat! There is also the well loved san-x-rilakkuma.

There is even a menu for things around the home that is so cool!
Maybe not in my hubby's eyes waking up to a hello kitty alarm clock or find the cushions all all turned into hello kitty themes and when it came to dinner time that his salt and pepper has hello kitty on it....

There is a whole range of stuff at Hello Kitty 4U and recommend that you click on every tab there and section in case you miss something I can imagine its hard to label things and put them into groups but its well worth looking around the site.
Here are a few things that I am currently eyeing up and other stuff I,think is soooooooo Kawaii

Super cute key chain!

A collection of cute earrings

A bow ring (2 fingers) this is soo Kawaii and its glittery too!

Know this is a funky ring also I had to share it cos its very cool and I love the box it also comes in and it looks not to chunky and you could wear this every day and no one would think its a to childish at all!

A Hello Kitty Bow note book so adorable! from her 35th anniversary range.

some stuff to wear!

okay okay Im going Kitty overload here BUT! there is some much stuff I love it!
so I will post up my last photo from the store that I adore the most (this is so hard...)


Sorry for the over load in Kawaii Kitty Chan but I highly recommend Kitty fans to go to this online store here is the link again in case you missed it 
and don't forgot about Face Book!

Stay Kawaii x

*All Images from HelloKitty4U Website with permission