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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Disney Japan Ufufy!

Is this going to be the next big Kawaii disney thing?
After the amazing success from the Japanese Disney Tsum Tsums. Will the new Ufufy's be next to be the next Kawaii trend . Well I for one can only but hope as I have stumbled across these cute egg shaped plushes form Japan's Disney store called Ufufy.
And I want one!

They are the most kawaii things!

 ''With the story of "born from the clouds", "Disney ufufy (Ufufi)" is, like light and fluffy the touch of healing of features stuffed animals, such as the cloud. Sweet with the scent of Flowering Apple in pale pastel color, item can become a somewhat happy just to have.''

These are so cute and soft looking! I adore that pastel colouring and soft looking features they have on them as well. I have pulled some images form the internet to show these kawaii cuties off for you all to check out!

So far there is 16 characters to pick from.( As you can see from the photos!)
They look like they are palm sized but after searching about they are about 12 cm tall and 10 cm wide. So not a bad size. Not as small as your Tiny mini tsums but still small enough to not take up to much space. I also found out that they are all scented too , which is a apply flower and fruity scent. 

They do remind me of the Egg mascots that Sanrio did but they also were much smaller in size. 
I may have to get my hands on some of these!

Keep it cute, Kawaii crew!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

How to stay Kawaii , Positive and Optimistic

Hey every one, am sorry I have not been about on my blog much . It's been a month or something like that.
I wanted to do this post though cause I have not really been feeling, well myself. Both from being un well and emotionally all over the place. It can be super hard being so optimistic all the time and all so positive. I do my very best to encourage others to also keep their chin up and always there if any one needs me. But looks like I burnt the candle at both end of the stick!  My bad.
I guess when you have dreams and goals to reach you get dis-hearted when you see others surpassing you, even though I am a firm believer in ''things happen for a reason.'' Anyway leaving all that gloomy-ness aside I thought I would share the things I do when I get a bit low in my moods and need to pick myself up. Maybe some of these can help you too?! It's worth a shot anyway, Right?

How to stay Kawaii, positive and optimistic.

Some times life can take its ups and downs and can leave you feeling down, it can effect you in so many ways some get depressed others feel down right awful. It's okay it is human nature for that to happen , we all go through it at some point in our life.When I find myself feeling down,I take myself out of the situations and find a quite place - often my bedroom- and remind myself how damm lucky I am and that somewhere there is others who are not as blessed as me. And I count my blessings from my health , having a roof over my head and a wonderful cute little family.

Then I firmly tell myself its time to'' Man up Princess!!'' I then will go and do something as if I was to take on the world one step at the time from taking a bath or go and give myself a face mask, cause you gotta look good taking on the the world right. This will include using am beauty products and skin care mixed with my Kawaii pampering products, but of course!

Those 2 steps alone can snap right out of it but if that don't work . I move on to the next step...this is a great one, turning on your most up beat CD, in my case its my Kyary Pon Pon albums. Turn up the sound and dance and sing along like no one can hear or see me. ( may be a good thing I would hate to embarrassed any poor soul to be subject to that!) Might sound crazy but it and shift a mood pretty quickly.

The other things that I find help is picking a bright colour to wear may it be in my outfit or layering on a accessories and not giving a damm about what any one things, as in one of those days you put on those crazy like earring on that do not match and damm thing in your wardrobe but your wearing it anyway and it makes you happy- It makes you feel like its your armour. Or picking that lippy that clearly you know damm well fine that it is not matching your skin tone-lol- but gurl your wearing it regardless cause you need that pick me up, so just go for it!
Taking a walk has a great uplifting effect but when its pretty wet outside I retreat to my Kawaii room where I throw myself on top of my 4ft Doughnut (rubber ring pool toy- random I know lol) and surround myself with my cute and Kawaii stuff and have a huff or a sulk because we are only human and every one needs a good huff every so often, Chibi bean is the queen of huffs and then I change my thoughts on being thankful for all the wonderful things I have. Some times you have to put things back into perspective

Lastly the other thing I do it smile, keep on smiling and then get back up dust off the dirt . Grab some glitter and throw it around and get back to your working on those dreams and goals, Some times set backs and obstacles get in the way to test how strong we are. But even though it hurts, upsets or annoys us at the time if it didn't test us then it we would not appreciate  the dreams and goals when we get finally do get them.

Doing these things* , even repeating them over and over and snapping out of feeling down helps me... Maybe some of these things might help you. Or even just knowing that even myself can not be ultra - super - kawaii every day of the year might help you. Every one has ups and downs but you can do it!

 I believe in you!

*if any of you think you suffer from low moods or depression in any way or form please seek out your local doctor . Or find some one you trust to talk to about your feelings *

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Stay cute or die trying!

Hey cute things!
I hope you are all well. Last November I took advantage of Black Friday thanks to online shopping and found a shop called Stay Cute or Tokyo Hardcore on Facebook.
Any way I was delighted to get my order in the mail today!This time of year I have so much coming in the mail from orders for Christmas form family or to family,Birthday gifts for chibi bean, stuff for the house and your daily stuff, that you use all the time and the I've just ran out of it stuff.... and  of course My own kawaii shopping for the blog - oh boy the post man is super busy!! No wonder am broke so quickly at midway through the month! 
 But hey once everything is out the way this month I can use next year to save up for a 3DS and a DSLR and a class I want to sign up for next year ! 

Ah the Kawaii Life its a hard one.*nods* So lets get on with my un-boxing from Stay Cute.

My Parcel took about 2 weeks to arrive to the UK. Which I more a less expected and it was easy enough to order.

I was a bit disappointed to find that my order was not really presented in some way, However the main thing is that everything was safe and sound in the box.   I was happy to get my order as I had been looking forward to it.

It was the slogan  Stay Cute or Die Trying that I thought was so funny espicaly when my excuse for every thing is '' Aww but its cute!'' And I say Cute and Kawaii all the time haha!

I got myself the very cute snap back hat, It has Stay Cute on it with a dripping style text and a really nice clash on the hat with the flowers. Which works really well together. The hat is really good quality and made well and looks great when worn with my normal hair and wigs.

I went for the top in a bigger size as I love my over sized style tops and you can layer them in winter to keep you cosy! I really like the top its got 3 quarter length on the sleeves. Again the top is made well and really good quality material and the printed texted on it is super clear.  And looks really trendy on and works well with the Hat too!It make a really nice overall look rather street like looking but still sweet and cute at the same time.  Over all am very pleased with my order.
I took a while to customize my wigs so that I had really puffy looking hair , so I might do a small video of that once I get myself a new tripod for filming.

You can find all the links here!

Till next time


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stay Super Kawaii

You may have noticed I say 'Stay super Kawaii' at the end of my post entry's.
Some of you maybe like ...oh... How on earth can I stay super cute or just be cute every day with out trying to hard?!
Well is quite easy to stay cute every day and I am not saying that you have to go around in a baby like voice because you may get some really odd looks from those who are around you all the time notice a sudden change and be like huh?!
Am also not saying you have to litter your bedrooms and houses in Japanese cuteness or Anime and go a bit over load unless you want to do the above then go ahead ....but let's take some baby steps to staying cute.
Every one can be cute in one way or a other and like cute things or personally think something is cute.
So I am going to tell you how I keep up my cuteness and it can be very easy and it depends on the way that you look at it too.
Start off with picking out what you think is cute to you,as it really do not matter what others think,If you love bunnies or kittens then you go for it and don't let any one put you down this is your style and your fashion.
So lets look into what I think is cute,Well I am a bit of a yin yang when it comes to what I think is cute as I like Gothic stuff and some girly stuff at the same time so it really do depend on what you personally think is cute
So simple ways to staying cute, accessories has a big play in this,

  • Simply wearing something cute can make you feel that little bit more cuter every day.
  • Try looking for cute piece of Jewellery that stands out  that you can wear like Kawaii charm bracelet,a Ring, Necklace and Earrings but try not to go over the top keep it simple.(but if you want to then go for it.)
  • What about taking a cute handbag to work instead of a dull looking plain one you can find some great ones online!You can also get some funky cute handbag charms.
  • Make up can be made cute also (I will be doing some how to's in the future!)Try some sweet pastel colours in eye shadow or glittery shimmers.Lipsticks come in a range of colours too and some are flavoured which I think is cool and cute more so if they have candy or sweet flavours.Again keep it simple.
  • Prints can be cute too but again you want to maybe have one item that's print with something cute like butterflies or bows all over it can work too.Or go a bit more daring and get a tee with a big bold image like a love heart or a Kawaii smiley face that's quite baggy and team it up with shorts or skinny jeans.
  • Make your stuff interesting invest in a cute and cheerful stationary and notebooks will cheer up some dull meetings,I have a Choco Cat note book I use for shopping lists!
  • Dress up your phone get a pretty and cute phone cover and add an adorable charm to hang from it.
  • Key rings can be cute too.
  • Picking out cute hair accessories are a great way to keep cute from hair bows or flowers to hair bands and pretty hair clips!
  • Be creative by adding stickers and stick on gems to your things like Decoden  ideas over in Japan.
  • Smile,Is so simple but Smiling is CUTE or make a silly face it can be cute and do not forget to laugh too.
  • Try not to have the same cute things on every day of the week change it over so it do not become dull and boring.
  • Explore other alternative cute ideas like's of Fey/Gothic/White Goth/Harajuku/Punk/Sweet and Classic.
These are just some ideas,hints and tips and not all of them will work,you have to find out personally what works for you but I hope these ideas will inspire you even if it means you go out and buy one of those pens that are in pastle green and smell of mint for work or school,Being cute can tap into your inner child and its fun to let them get out to play from time to time.

My cutest and newest thing I have got is this,Its a rubber case in pink for my phone I saw it on the internet and was like aww cute!I do like baby bunnies and I have a thing for cute ears on things like hoodies and I feel in love with the pom pom tail.

This it the front view hehe I love the ears!

This is the back view and tail.

And from the side I love it so much the tail can be removed too.
Remember, staying cute will take a while and to get used to  but just remember the following: smile, be sweet, and be friendly not annoying or fake.

So Stay Super Kawaii
Tartan x

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Super Cute things coming this way.

Hi~Hi !
So with some changes to my accounts and social networking pages,You may have noticed Ive changed my name on some thing's.
I've taken up a new nick name ''Tartan Kawaii!''
Cute huh?
It goes well with me being Scottish and Tartan can be really cute if you can dress it up like I did in the past with my Gothic Loli (Lolita) Outfit.

So there seems to be a lot going on,Currently I am selling off some things that I no longer need as at the back of my mind there is a chance of moving away from where I am know to some where closer to the Hubby's Work  so I want to make a fresh start even if its not for a while yet its always good to have a good clear out to then make room for new and Kawaii things!

Also  I did find out that in that area there are Scottish Lolita's who meet up there about's so that's really great I joined up on their group on Facebook to get to know some of them and they are so sweet!
(Thank you to all of those kind girls whom have welcomed me x)

So over at my Facebook page Kawaii Kreations is has been renamed Tartan Kawaii and I am know a ''public figure''.
Sounds important hehe.
I will be doing lots of new and exciting things for the page and for my blog,after doing the video review and getting lots of nice comments form every one I think I will be doing lots more.Even thought Im sorta blushing at the thought of it.

I was asked if any one wanted to see how I do my make up and there seems to be an interest in this,so watch out for that space,The other topics on the page are Wigs.
I love my wigs,And Asked my likers on the page what wig I should go for I have narrowed it down to 2 wigs one from GLW and one From the Lock Shop but then this morning I found out that Lock shop have new wigs coming in...DRAMA!
Okay That is no not fair I was so close to getting a new wig  with a well long thought out choice and picked one for you to do this to me!!

*cries a little*

Know I have to wait thanks to you Lock shop just so I can see your newest wigs to then be back at square one again over picking one!
Love the lock shop!

So I think I will do something fun on my Facebook page with the wigs and I have some reviews to coming up and cute findings to show you all.

so stay supa Kawaii