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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Happy Kawaii 100th Blog Entry!

Have I really done 100 Blog post entry's ?

It is such a mile stone for me as I am Dyslexic and some times worry how my blog will read for others. 
I am so glad changed the direction of the Blog to all things Kawaii and made it more me with my personal entry's of the Shred and Modelling even my Love for Wigs!
I just want to Thank every one.

From the Company's,Sellers,Online shops.Other Bloggers and even the Models that all have featured and given me permission to use them in my blog!
Thanks you guys xxx

And A big Thank you to my Followers and Readers!
Because its you guys that are the ones that read my Blog and thank you for all the lovely Comments and support!

so lets aim to make the next 100 entry's even more Kawaii!
Keep up to date with me on my face book account and Kawaii Tartan Face book Page.
And Dont for get to seen me a Tweet!
Yay for 100 Posts!

Stay Super Kawaii!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Imperfect Kawaii

This month has proven interestig for me my blog is starting to get more interest which I want to thank you all for supporting me from the readers to the companies that have granted me promission to Blog about them.

Arigatou Goziamasu!

I'm sitting in the sun shine form my window I can see the tulips with raindrops after the light shower that's watered my back garden,I am in a good mood as I have found out that my request of a fellow Crafter has made me my Pinny and will be working on my Neko ears ^__^  more to add to my Lolita/Cosplay stuff!

With the spark of Interest in my Blog and me asking nicely to feature folk in my Blog I came across some one Called Chibi Hoshino 
who has a online shop Called Imperfect Kawaii,
Hence the name of my Entry today.I took a look around her stuff and fell in love with a lot of her things and want to share them as well as her story on how it all started.

Again I am a completely obsessed with Jewellery...
well I am a JET1 certificated so I know my Stones to my Diamonds and worked with Jewellery for over 2 years but I do love handmade Jewellery and even though I am a proud owner of a high cut and grade Diamond.
But there is some thing about handmade that makes it more cute, fun,sweet and thoughtful which can tie in with any outfit as well they put a smile on your face.So When I saw Imperfect Kawaii stuff it was like I was in a Candy Store.

Lets check out Imperfect Kawaii online and what I spied,Also you can find them on Facebook where there is lots of photos of her creations.

Yummy nom nom good enough to eat!

This is so so so cute

Aww Love heart and Angelic wings so pretty!

Punk Gothic Earrings Loving the Tartan!

Pastel Star earrings so cute!

''Imperfect Kawaii started off as just for my best friends. It was almost Valentine's Day of 2009. My best friends were single and had no valentine, and I wanted them to feel special and loved. I looked on Deviant Art one day and saw fan art of Kingdom Hearts 2. That time I was playing the game and remembered how special Paopus were in the game. 

So I decided to go with clay work and made paopus for my friends ! 
The Paopus fruit charms by Imperfect Kawaii.

I had extra paopus and sold them to local aquaintances and ebay. 
They loved it so much and encouraged me to make different kinds of things, so I did. I kept making different things from the top of my mind. 
Most clay things were animals and food. I later kept getting commissions from locals. I decided to make a MySpace for it and gave the name ''Imperfect Kawaii'', since I believe my items were one of a kind with cute faces. 

Later other people (I never knew) started adding the MySpace page and requested some charms.
 The demand made me opened an Etsy. I was able to cater to the locals, USA, and then branched to the whole world! And now I have another mini website for much more things on Weebly. 
The Majority of my items are made of polymer clay and some accessories are plastic cabochons because I love to decoden too.

My goal for this shop is to keep doing what I love and hear out what other customers would like to be made by request. I want to deliver a smile each time I make business with another and form a special bond with each person  I'm very happy to be able to share my Imperfect Kawaii world with everyone.'' 
Chibi Hoshino

I love how it started out as a gift and then with others complements and requests for stuff has turned into a small business for Chibi Hoshino and her small team of helpers.

Finally the one thing I am completely in love with is this Gem of a necklace!

My 2 loved things Miss Kitty Chan and a Cupcake!
Imperfect Kawaii is also on Esty and will be attending a local Anime Expo 
6/29 - 7/2, 2012
Los Angeles Convention Centre  See here for more details so please please go say Hello!!! 

oh and buy me something nice hehehe...Well if you don't ask!
Stay Kawaii x

*All Photos belong to Imperfect Kawaii