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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kawaii Club Upgrade!

Hey every cutie well I got my Kawaii Club Subscription this month but I have finally UPGRADED to the bigger Parcel, why?! Well Keep it Secret who run the Kawaii Club are no longer doing the Chibi (Smaller) Parcel , so you can no longer subscirbe to it any more However there is new Ookii Subscriptions you can sign up for ans save some money with the new selections. YAY!So I will be review my very own Ookii Parcel! YAY!

The Parcel is actully a super cute box that has the most kawaii label of their company mascot Tanuki. Its a fair size of a box to fill with goods. When you open it you will find your newsletter which will have a list of your Kawaii products for the month- This month was a food theme. Yummy!
You will also find your products are lovingly wrapped in a Kawaii coloured gift paper which adds to the cuteness of presentation! Kawaii-Check out the photos of the parcel and presentation .

So lets have a look into the goodies this month, Well the 1st thing I spied was the DIY grape soda, its a soda drink you make yourself. In Japan there is a lot of these DIY candy snacks they are all very cute and often miniature size in the tools you get to make the candy/drinks.

I and Chibi made the drink together,it had a very strong flavour and was a shade of purple and the mixture fluffed up like a milkshake.It was very yummy , I think that Chibi bean enjoyed the making part an the taste too.

There was a sheet of cute looking stickers again food themed they were rather enchanting with the food having faces on them, also they were more like plastic/stronger stickers than the ones that you can buy that often rip when you pull them off the backing sheets- which is a bonus, no stickers will be wasted! And these will be treat to put on my pen pal letters - am sure that they will bring a smile to my pen pal friends.

Also to be found was a lollipop shaped item , which after reading the newsletter it was a face wash towel warped as a cute swirl lollipop, which was so cute and something you could keep to take away for travels and such. It would be so cute to pack it way and then have a piece of cute with you when away from home.

The other food item was a box of pocky...but it was not real pocky to eat (tear) But it was a box full of pencils that were shaped and wrapped as Pocky! How Cute! - Though I think I might get so hungry when I use them for drawing and doodles I better no start chewing on them , thinking that they are real!!

Also there was a phone charm in the parcel- one of those ones are super sqwishy. I think of them as stress charms but on a cute level , even though its a charm for your phone you could attach it to your keys and even your bag- Mine was a character from Sanrio, Kerokerokeroppi (The cute little frog btw!)

So thats the round up on this months Kawaii Parcel and am soo happy to get much more in my subscription and pleased that I have upgraded.
So why not you give it a try too because I have a spiecial offer for you to sign up for your Kawaii Subsciption!

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*Ookii parcel RRP  £19.99 a month + Shipping.

Hope you all liked my Review every one!

Tartan <3