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Friday, 22 September 2017

YouTubers and Make Up Inspiration

Hey there cuties!
Today am sharing a few of my all time favoured you tube channels/ accounts. These are you-tubers I really like personally and follow. I thought some of you might be interested in the accounts and maybe you all have a suggestion of channels I need to check out too.

My all time loved you tuber is the channel 'itslikelymakeup'.
Jordie, I adore her so much she is such a button.I just love everything about her , I feel we could totally be gal pals haha! I guess I can relate to her a lot with also being a mom too and a cat mom, oh her cats are just so sweet they are Sphinx breed cats - all the love for them ! I love her make up and love her videos and follow her on most accounts.She also was in the nyx cosmetics face awards and was in the last of the runner ups. As I like nyx make up I find I get a lot of inspiration form her videos with the make up. She has been a bit quite with moving and all but I really adore her channel and content, she can do really creative make up to every day make up that I love so she is my top make up you tuber! So please check her out! 

Secondly I like Sophie Li Ying,  her make up is very goth/ nu goth/ alternative and grunge. She uses a lot of make up brands I use myself. Such as Limecrime, Jeffree star and some Kat Von D. Oh and she also did a whole range of looks with Jeffree Stars Eye shadows ,So this was very useful for me . Also I like how her videos never go on and on and on with chat as some times that is to much with me. Simple straight to the point videos and great make up. Sometimes she will do other kinds of videos but make up ones are more her thing.

The next make up channel I follow is AtLeeeey
I enjoy her videos and make up get ready with mes. I used to follow her more as she used to use a lot of lime crime products but then stopped. I don't watch her as much as I used to but she is worth checking out.

 I do follow many other make up channels such as Dupe That, Jeffree Star , Laura Lee and Manny MUA but the above are the channels I really like the best for different reasons but I think each one can bring something to the table for viewers.

Who do you like to watch on youtube?!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My very 1st Video Review

So I did a video review for Keep it Secret,I have a couple of the items they sell and saw that they like to get reviews via video ,So this is my 1st ever review I must have taken about 8 attempts to get it sort of okay and tried to keep it in some kind of structure.
I finally loaded it up  and watched it back.
I had no idea I was the hi pitched in my voice!
I guess it add to the Kawaii factor but I thought My voice was rather low.

Anyhow the quality of the video is not the best and same with the lighting sorry about that!
So over at my Facebook page I asked if any one wanted to see my video so after lots of comments and likes I have put it up here for you all to watch!

Any advise would be great but be gentle on me as this is my 1st ever filmed piece,I'm not Camera shy but I'm shy and know more aware of my squeaky voice that I have.


Enjoy and Stay Kawaii x