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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Studs Spikes and Skulls

Studs,spikes and skull are all back in fashion!
Good news for you Kawaii Rock chicks!

You can find them every where!

Its a personal love of mine this look,with being a gothic lover at heart,But there is some thing rather cute about this look,more so the over sized t-shirts and floaty ones.
Prints that mix  flowers and skulls with simple prints.

Even Crosses are in with prints I love this sleeveless shirt  its more white/silver and black and its got a long length at the back to team up with some cute leggings.
I could see a lot of j-punk inspiration coming from these trends.

I also think this is a great shirt I wonder what would it look like under a Gothic JSK in Lolita?
Also Come across some Great accessories that Ive found ,again I think these are cute!
I may even buy some of this stuff and explore it with a mix of different fashions and see what can be created with them.

I love this Stud collar!

I'm not a big fan on hooped earring but these are so cute with baby studs all a round them.

A very Spiky yet sweet bracelet and quilted stud necklace

I Personally thing this trend has a more gentle touch with the use of shape the spikes are not bulky the studs are not tall in height,They mix both metallic colours of warmth and cold on colours and the prints are not all huge making them smaller has given them a softer and cute look.
All these are stock from NewLook which you can find online and up and down the UK.
I also gather up enough guts to go into a salon for the 1st time in years and got a new hair cut.

If only I had lots of moneys to buy it all its all so pretty,yes my taste is rather bi-polar when it comes to fashion.
I may look hard on the outside but I am Kawaii to the core!
I also love my new hair cos its very easy to look after as my hair cant handle being long,as its very weak.
Also I have got a new hair on the way!
But I will be review it later once it comes.
Till later
Stay Super Kawaii