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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Okay I shall act normal and just say AM BACK!

Well, What a roller-coaster ride its been since I logged off and came back to the cyber world. So I shall sum it all up for you.I have been away and on holiday (visiting family.)Which was nice until I discovered my faithful Camera died when I took it out to get lots of family snaps and holiday photos
...yep I was pretty heartbroken , it put a damp mood on me for the whole week. The worst part was I was not sure when it could be fixed as soon as I got back from my holiday due to moving house.

I had a week to Pack up and move out to our new house.These things never flow smoothly and once we got into the house it was not long till we realised there was only one set of keys and hubby had work the next day leaving me key-less.
So a week of staying in the house and the spare keys finally handed in . I could get out and explore the area.
It was the 2nd week of being in the new house I finally got my camera back. (YAY!) And she works like a dream again..I say she I feel that my camera is a girl okay?!LOL.

Am still un-boxing and clearing out clutter and rubbish. I have been busy painting  rooms likes of Chibi beans and doing the odd bit of Do It Yourself building like units and such. As its a bigger house its rather bare! 
So am slowly settling into my house and area. I have a lot of plans for decorations and dcor.
The lull of having no internet - I have to admit a month with no internet and barely any signal on my phone oh and no land line too has driven me up the wall. I hated the feeling like I was lost and I left I was falling being in my dreams of Kawaii! Also it felt like a complete ban on internet shopping *Cries*.

But the good news is its back on , connected and am back online on here my kawaii blog and Facebook! Yay! So that's really whats' happened nothing to crazy just a bit of a bumpy ride!
I have a ton of posts to work on and so much to add to the blog. I hope you are all ready to stay tune and keep up with it,I will be changing a lot of the look of the blog and adding interesting posts!
I can not wait to get started and get your feedback!
So till next time! 

Stay Kawaii
Tartan xox

Check out my new current work set up hehe!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sunshine Snaps, Lolita and outfits

Hello Kawaii Lovers! Hey how you all doing?
I think am finally over my cold, 2 weeks it decided to stay with me *sigh* And then Chibi bean had it too so it was like ''Don't come near me I have the plague!'' . Any how am just glad it is gone. I really get annoyed more than anything when I get Ill, Like I cant get anything done or sorted cause am to busying felling sorry for myself . .(>w<).
But the Good news is I have a nice day planned for Friday- Yay! Am meeting a Fellow Hello Kitty Junkie Fan! I hope to also do a bit of shopping and get a gift for both my other half's Birthday and our Anniversary .
We will be taking the lil one on the train for the 1st time- (>.<) Helps! She is not one for staying in one place for long....*packs lots of entertainment*

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dolls BJD

Hello Kawaii lover's , Hey how are you all doing. So I been busy today.
I got myself in gear and finally got the tools to do the face up of my spare BJD that I did think of calling coco but well it didn't really suit in the end as once I go the face up done.So she has been renamed as Esme, She has lovely Auburn hair and Green eyes know. I thought I lost her brown eyes so went and got green ones but then later found the brown ones again lol!
So this post is my update on my BJD's

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tartan Updates and Adventures

Wow , What on earth is going on? My world suddenly has started turning in a crazy but a good crazy spin.
With us working on a kitchen which has left me stuck in the house for over a week- don't fancy leaving my house unattended with work men and such walking in and out.I been a bit bored so I took part in a few contests,I think am gona have to stop them cause every time I win. That company become interested in me -teehee!

Sort of funny in a way. I think these things do happen for a reason though.
May it be the universe on my side but this year is looking so promising for me!
After talks with a other company which I won a prize from a huge set of Hello Kitty Chinese New Year decorations!
I agreed to being a Guest Kawaii Blogger for them .Which they will announce today!
Its going to be a lot of fun and extra work but this will still be my baby.
I think it will be a more personal Blog- I hope that I can keep it running for you all.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Kawaii Club - January's Package and updates

Wow so much is going on!
Its just a bit crazy with getting a sponsor with a company,handling two blogs,playing in the snow and taking Chibi bean up to toddler group-plus the many other crazy things I do in between!
Not that am complaining-I love this busy-ness and enjoy it.

As most of you know am a huge fan of the company Keep it Secret who run a subscription of The Kawaii Club,which started back in August (2012).You sign up with them and each month they send out a super Kawaii package to your door and its full of Kawaii goodness.You can find lots of reviews on my Blog about the packages we already have had.

Not only am I going to be showing you what I have got in this months Package but also the new site for The Kawaii club-Yes the Kawaii Club has its own little place on the internet!
You can find it with the following link Here and it even has its own Facebook page is here the Link.
Not only just that but they are offering a new package!

The Ookii package which is coming soon to sign up for.
Its even bigger,Which means more Kawaii things.
Oh and did I mention that am also the face of the Kawaii Club?!
I love the images of Tanuki the mascot packing everything up and his little legs carrying the packed up.
So Cute!
Well then lets look at January's package.

In this month package there is a super sweet note pad,that fans out into a apple,a phone accessories of Mickey mouse that is a handy little thing to use for touch screen phones,a pair of crazy yet Kawaii faced sock's that made me laugh so much and a cute little Miffy Bunny.
Now this little Miffy Bunny may look very sweet and like a toy,however it took me 3 hours to work out what it was,I could hear it rattle inside but I didn't ever think it was a pen- HAHA

Who would have guessed it was a pen?!

Once again,a great package from The Kawaii Club!

Stay Super Kawaii

Monday, 31 December 2012

Kawaii Secrets from Keep it secret guys here are some Kawaii Secrets from Keep it Secret that I want to share with you!
Lots of new exciting things making their way into the shop.
There is a lot of yummy super cute snacks on offer so lets check them out!
Head over to to this link of snacks from the online shop to get your snacks but hurry as these are going fast.
sorry for the very fuzzy images 

Gummy's are so yummy!
Lots and lots of pocky and Memiji bundle packs in stock.
And some of them are at a lower price too.
Lots of savings for you all.