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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My very 1st Video Review

So I did a video review for Keep it Secret,I have a couple of the items they sell and saw that they like to get reviews via video ,So this is my 1st ever review I must have taken about 8 attempts to get it sort of okay and tried to keep it in some kind of structure.
I finally loaded it up  and watched it back.
I had no idea I was the hi pitched in my voice!
I guess it add to the Kawaii factor but I thought My voice was rather low.

Anyhow the quality of the video is not the best and same with the lighting sorry about that!
So over at my Facebook page I asked if any one wanted to see my video so after lots of comments and likes I have put it up here for you all to watch!

Any advise would be great but be gentle on me as this is my 1st ever filmed piece,I'm not Camera shy but I'm shy and know more aware of my squeaky voice that I have.


Enjoy and Stay Kawaii x