Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gothic, lets make it Cute

As I still have a fond love for Gothic stuff becoming a Gothic Lolita is rather easy to achieve in outfits,one of my liked shops is a shop called Kate's clothing Which is in the UK.

What I do really like about this online shop is its range,It is more Gothic Retro than others but I like that because the items are colourful and not all Gloomy black.
I have ordered ,well My hubby has for me,which I got the pink and black Petite coat skirt and this Gothic Top.I had no problems with ordering from them and the dispatch was also quick and those whom know me well I hate waiting! ^__^''

The Range of stuff is Great  Corsets,Dresses,Punk,Retro,Gothic,Romantic,Emo, Steam-punk and with this kind of range for both Men and Women then add the range of Accessories of leg warmers tights, Jewellery,outdoor accessories  umbrellas and hair dye there is something for every one.
So I had a good look at what they had to offer and picked a few things I thought would work and you could add to your closets with Gothic pieces that would create a new look!

I thought this would be great for a Casual top teamed with a cute black and white skirt below to make a semi cheeky Gothic outfit.

Then I found this dress and thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Its got a cherry and fruity print its so sweet and great for summer for a Sweet Lolita or a retro kind of girl!
And this one too for a more Gothic look!

there are so many things Id love to show you but we will be here all day!
so finally one of the things I have set my heart on is this...

I love this top and it would be perfect with any skirt or to put under a dress for any Lolita style its simple but its so pretty with its lace and high neck even the slightly puff arm sleeves,oh and at the back its go a lace up corset style design *LOVE* so I would wear it with a skirt.
Take a look at the back.

I recommed that you have a look at Kate's Clothing where you can zoom into the photos (handy) and see the prints more clearly and see what sizes they have in store and you can easily contact them with any questions.

You can find them hear at
The online shop
the link to their Facebook page.
Also they have a Press and news page so go check them out and make Gothic Kawaii!

Stay Kawaii x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Outfits and Family

So its only just Monday and with the power of Ebay I have purchased 2 Lolita Skirts
One is a Pink and Black Lolita Gothic Style skirt a part of if in the same colours as Tartan,Which I am very excited about because its my all time favourite colours pink and black and Gothic.Also some one has suggested  its fitting with be being a Scottish Girl and that I should be know as the Tartan Lolita >w< 
The other skirt is a lilac and Poodle Dog print one that utterly cute I hope it fits either that I'm going have to cut out eating so much junk!It was a fight to win this one but My last Tarot Reading has paid for this skirt and my hubby (Bless him <3) got the other one for me and each of them for under £20!
Which leaves me only to get some pretty blouses and I can create some Lolita looks which my be interesting as I want to get a white and black one with a high neck and a bit of lace ekk! 
This may prove hard to find here and with a low price!
The other thing I have purchased is a a new wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs! *^__^* yes the one I was on about a few Blogs back well they had a 20% off and I could not say no to that! However I am vowing not to spend any more money know I won that Lilac Skirt >__<''
But will do a Review on the wig once it comes I got a email saying it was dispatched!

Mondays are when I take Daughter (whom kept me up most of last night we were both in tears cause we were both so tired) to see My Gran (her Great Gran),
As my Gran has become house bound I see it as my duty to at least visit her each week,She did do a lot for me but its my turn to give back to her with Visit from myself and Chibi Bean and Ill go make her a Cup of Tea and have a bit of cake together its nice,I like spending time with her even though it brakes my heart when I seen her age so much and become house bound.
I gave a lending hand while Chibi Bean played with the Fridge magnets,I did Gran's Dishes and made her dishwasher a bit more user friendly as she had to put the cutlery in a stupid way and left her standing for so long I hate her to have a fall  with bending over so much so I sorted it for her making it a little more easier for her.
I think she still see's me as a Little girl and forgets I am a mother (Bless) I actually wish I could do so much more for her but I do not drive making things take twice as long when I travel via Public Transport or ask others for lifts!  >__<''

So when I get my skirts and outfits made up I will get some pictures up of them,May even ask my Photographer to do a shoot with some Cherry blossoms that would be so cute!

Here is some Pictures I took of a new Kitty Item I found in the supermarket mega block Kitty!

Stay Kawaii x

Roxie Sweetheart Give~away Le Tigre


How are we all doing?

Well do I have a Blog for you its a other contest Give away and also a little look into the online shop 
whom have gotten together with Hyper Japan,and their Kawaii Star 
Oh I was so gutted I found out last minute about Hyper Japan,I am hoping to get to the next event they hold! ^__^

 Roxie sweet heart have a unique Range of items they are bright colourful and sooo Kawaii I have my eyes on a few thing form there and its Free Uk postage big plus there!

As I said they have a Give-away and my goodness these are so cute!
Little adorable Tigers with Pom poms what a super sweet mix I love the fact the nose and ears of the tiger's are love hearts heehee and its nice and easy to enter the Give-away!

Find out and Enter Here!!!

Roxie Sweet Heart, 
have got so many nice things Which are so bold and bright I like that,I also noticed there is a lot of attention to detail on all of the animals which is a running theme of Bunnies Dear and Birdies as well of a theme of Lush Lips and a range of Funky Anime Girl Faces with pretty eyes and hair.

I think the Dripping hearts are great and the Fluffy bunnies are super KAWAII they are so precious and one of my idols Miss Pixie _late has done some Kawaii Modelling for them!

Can you see how cute that Bunny Ring is?

A blue Bunny necklace.
Drippy Heart Ring

How cute do this necklace the Purple mirror heart  match in so well with the ring and Miss Pixie_late Hair!

Know these little sweeties of baby Deer are brooches there are a few brooches at Roxie Sweet heart and I saw from photos at the Hyper Japan event Lolita's and other Girls were Pinning them to their own bows doubling them up as a cute hair accessories what a great idea!

So here are some Links for you!
Dont forget to Tweet to them also!

Stay Kawaii!

*All Images taken form Roxie Sweet heart Website with permission

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Konnichiwa Hello Kitty4U

Oh my poor hubby has just run for the hills after seeing this on my screen,a web page called Hello Kitty 4U which is packed with so much Kitty stuff! ^__^
And even better for me its based in the UK  (whoop!)

I actually forgot that I have ordered from here before and had no problems with them in any way,The had some plushes I got they were Kitty's with Anniversary dates and were styled to the date and occasion as well i got the Maneki Neko one but mines a smaller one sitting on a red matt she is one of my most loved Kitties!

Kitty milestone dates I adore the middle one 

Neko Chan!

Also my newest Large Kitty is also found in there online shop too!! 
What I like about this shop is you get a vast range of Kittys and other things,I could spend a long time looking at them all.From Bags, I have a feeling my own bag came from here maybe they would remember if I showed them my  photo

They even have Letter writting sets and its not just Miss kitty there is also my other loved Character Choco Cat! There is also the well loved san-x-rilakkuma.

There is even a menu for things around the home that is so cool!
Maybe not in my hubby's eyes waking up to a hello kitty alarm clock or find the cushions all all turned into hello kitty themes and when it came to dinner time that his salt and pepper has hello kitty on it....

There is a whole range of stuff at Hello Kitty 4U and recommend that you click on every tab there and section in case you miss something I can imagine its hard to label things and put them into groups but its well worth looking around the site.
Here are a few things that I am currently eyeing up and other stuff I,think is soooooooo Kawaii

Super cute key chain!

A collection of cute earrings

A bow ring (2 fingers) this is soo Kawaii and its glittery too!

Know this is a funky ring also I had to share it cos its very cool and I love the box it also comes in and it looks not to chunky and you could wear this every day and no one would think its a to childish at all!

A Hello Kitty Bow note book so adorable! from her 35th anniversary range.

some stuff to wear!

okay okay Im going Kitty overload here BUT! there is some much stuff I love it!
so I will post up my last photo from the store that I adore the most (this is so hard...)


Sorry for the over load in Kawaii Kitty Chan but I highly recommend Kitty fans to go to this online store here is the link again in case you missed it 
and don't forgot about Face Book!

Stay Kawaii x

*All Images from HelloKitty4U Website with permission

Friday, 13 April 2012

I love my Hair part 2 (Brake my hair & my heart)

Yay *^__^* my new wig has come and yes that means photos but not in this Blog entry today!
There is a reason Why I like wigs well Lets go back a good few years and step into my past,When I left school I went out to the big wide world on the path to become a top hairdresser and style the stars and celebs of today,Have great looking hair every day doing a glamorous job and be famous or at least well known make my own shampoos and Brands...
Yeah that was the Dream.
But the reality well...
Hair dressing right from the start you get the jobs of making clients Tea or Coffees,Sweeping up cuttings that are sticking to the floor cause the are wet and it smells yucky,From there you get to wash folks hair dealing with oily hair to hair full of lice oh and then Hair colouring being instructed to mix up chemicals that are a irritant to your skin to apply to hair and then to wash it off with bare hands and then you get dry hands and skin  wash after wash it getting worse and worse to the point you cant wear a watch or rings ...
Not glamorous at all!

So lets Fast forward to my nightmare,Trainee Hairdressers where 'encouraged' to dye and colour their hair some one would do it for you and you have a new style and colour every month -3 months well I ran out of ideas and  one girl suggested a idea so we got permission and off they went mixing up the colour then applied it put me under heat and then it happened the most unbearable feeling of my scalp burning.tears rolled down my face as i begged them to wash it off to the point I was going to do it my self already removing the hot foils of colour to my horror the foils were taking my hair out too,at this point there was a bit of a drama and my hair was falling out,They washed all the colour off which was a mess due to me not keeping it on but the bleach used was destroying my hair (they had to bleach it up 1st to add a other colour on to it while they had a toner on the rest).Then they Dried my hair full blast heat and that made it go frizzy.I was looking in the mirror in horror it was still falling out but that was not the worse part it was also still burning,I went home with a bad headache and took some pain killers but it was still burning,Then to add to it my whole scalp.ears and neck swelled up
Yup you got it, I was taking a reaction to the Hair Dyes and Chemicals they used.
Ended up in hospital.

Fast forward to the present day,That was done in a Top well known Salon and Salon Owner as much as I want to type the names in here I will not as this is all in the past even if it still effects me,I have moved on.They never did anything or say sorry and that the thing that hurt most was this was the place I worked at! They swept it under the carpet and keep it to themselves,I left there rapidly and moved to a other salon but I couldn't become a hairdresser with out being able to colour my career left me heart broken.I know can not touch any thing like Henna,Natural hair dye,Semi Colours or anything. I've been all natural since and will go White or Gray no cover up for me.I miss all the Rainbow colours I had and the mad crazy styles but I got told that if I took a other reaction it may make me swell up to the point I cant breathe and that's not something I want to Risk!

Even to this day my Hair is in a bad way its lifeless and will not grow much but I have been using Lee Stafford's Hair that never grows treatment and have to say Yes its helping my poor hair recover which is shocking that its taken so long.I can not stress how much Hair dyes are really bad for your hair! Bleach is the worst,It maybe make you look great and stunning but its wrecking your hair structure and strength it gives you split ends and it burns your skin/scalp!

And only after getting into Cos play and Lolita I have come across my life savers Wigs!
They don't damage your hair!They come in so many styles and colours you could be a red head for the day to a blonde the next they are short long curly and even two toned! Clip in ones are great also have I have a pair and a full head curly wig and you can get heat resistant ones too.
They can create a whole new look for you that's why I love Wigs so much if I could Id have lots of them but they do cost al ot but mind you cheaper that a full head of Highlights and Tint!
That Place I worked in the Top Salon so to say is around £70-£100 prince wise! A wig is about £30 + mark,Think of the money you would save also! 
Highlight and Tints give you a Root growth and you have to go back for a touch up every 8-10 weeks to keep on top of it!

My top Wig shops are the Lock Shop and they have  a Facebook page the Owner is great they know what they are talking about and give great customer service and answered all my questions before I ordered the other shop is Gothic lolita wigs They have a big Range but  I have not ordered from them so can not comment on the service they seem to be bigger that Lock shop but I prefer smaller shops and liked the rapport I got with the owner and a one to one good customer service so try the Lock shop first!
Please Check these stores out its worth your time you don't want to end up like me with awful hair and left broken hearted over a career.

Though being a Mummy is the best and most rewarding one ever *^___^* <3 love my Chibi Bean so much!

So stay safe with colours and most of all ...
Stay Kawaii!

Hidden in the shadows

Happy Friday the 13th!
 *@__@*  I do not see this day as unlucky ( a superstition before the 19th century) I think is Lucky for me with being pagan  we see it as a magical date,thirteen has a strong association with the moon and there are thirteen lunar cycles each year.
So I thought Id tie my Blog Entry of my Kawaii Finding with a Alternative shop that happens to be in Scotland *^__^*but not only that its online too! 

And I have found some Goodies to share with you and even some Gothic Lolita Looking Dresses are you Excited? 
I am!

The Lovely Lady that Runs Gothica Jewels Contacted me and said.

''Gothica Jewels joined the world of facebook 20th April 2011 and they only traded with Alchemy Gothic to being with then added they more suppliers giving me a verity of items to offer there Friends and customers on Facebook.When We Run out of a stock we replace it with something new to keep up our growing range.''

These are a few Stunning Dresses I have come across in the Photo Album's .

How Kawaii is this very Gothic Lolita and its only £30*! A Cute mini Lolita Dress!

This one is a eye catcher! I love the Tartan Look and team this one up with a Black high neck Blouse and it would look STUNNING! *^__^* Heart this one so much it also reminds me of my Wedding day.
At only £35* its a Bargain!

This one here is £40 but Again it would team up with a pink of white blouse that would pass off a semi sweet/Gothic Lolita look its very pretty Id have to add a pink bow in the hair with this one!

In February 2012 Gothica Jewels decided their hands at handmade jewellery where the limit was only imagination!
 For the past few months the skills are improving and always looking for inspiration for new projects.

Here are a few...

Dark yet So Cute!

A sweet Strawberry it would be so cute of a bracelet made up of these as charms 

Gothica Jewels Do Lots of Give away's and Deals from both the supplier and the hand made items so go check it out on Face Book and Become a Friend and see what little Treasures you can find .
(*Postage is not included in the price)

Stay Kawaii x

** Images from Gothica Jewels

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kawaii and the Cuties

So the other day My Hubby's client was asking about Facebook and how to get a Page direct like for example likes of,So my hubby put in Kawaii Kreations and lots and lots of things came up,I just had to have a look at them since they were Kawaii Related!

This one here called Kawaii-and-the-Cuties came up and I had a good looky around the picture of their stuff I had to translate a few things as it was in Italian! @__@ but I have a translator so here is what I found!

 This is a cute necklace with a love heart macaroon very Lolita like!

I also come across these sweet and adoreable earrings with Kawaii little smiles

I love this new Craze of what I called Fairy Bottles but they may have a other name but I think any princess would love this! *insert Starry eyes here!*

I like this one the most and the Stars in the bottle above soo cute!

To order you contact the Ladies that are both Lolita's from Italy and they say... 
'We love Kawaii and one day we decided to Create a new world full of sweets,Ice-creams and colours and want to share this with other people so we created Kawaii and the Cuties.'' Marty and Jazzy. :3

I like how you can tell its Handmade and the fact these are utterly Chuuuuu Cute!
Each item is different and unique.
Some are also listed here.

Stay Kawaii x

*All Images are from Kawaii and the Cuties

Staying Kawaii with me!

Its hard work Staying Kawaii Which is why I Changed the Direction of my Blog though don't worry followers of the Craft I will still post some things regarding those topics,However up here in Scotland its extremely hard to get hold of Kawaii Stuff which can drive a Kawaii Lover mad!So I thought would try and make it Easy for not just those in Scotland to get hold of those Kawaii things out there.

Kawaii means Cute in Japanese.

Kawaii in Kanji .

Online is the best way I have found stuff but you may have to Google more that the word Kawaii as a lot will come up,Try words like Lolita,Gyaru,Kitsch,Cute,Emo,Punk and Harajuku help too.
Places like Ebay and Esty have hidden Gems but can take a long time to get through all that stuff and sorting out the good stuff from that bad again this is where I come in,I search out and hunt down Things that are Kawaii to save you the time and review or show pictures of what I got but also I want to help out those on the other side,such as the shop owners and sellers.

So going back to keeping Kawaii its hard work,I like to wear something Lolita inspired or cute looking most days and where I live right know its really hard to find that sorta stuff so I have to create my looks form scratch or spend a insane amount of money out on a real Lolita outfit and the range is very limited too!So half the time I don't even like what I do find,So have to resort to high street shops or markets to find something that even hints on a Kawaii Style, Accessories seem to be a bit easier mind you and I have gotten hold of some gems that have gotten lots of notice and complements too.
I also like the idea of home made items to mass production items when it comes to Accessories and outfits and things that you would not come across in Primark and Top shop so to say.
But they are starting to produce a lot of cute things slowly.
The other thing is I have found is that i have to Travel to big city's likes of London Glasgow and Edinburgh to get an Alternative good shop for things Kawaii and semi Gothic Lolita/Emo that happen to look very cute and would work with outfits and for around the house.Yes my kawaii-ness has spread out to the poor husband!

So If you are a Seller with Items/clothing/Other products that are Cute looking or smell sweet and are down right adorable then please get in touch with me as Id love to hear from you !

You just need to send the products details and information or even any give-aways that you are doing and if your really nice send me the product! 
 *Big cheesy wink*
That way  I could even write up a review of the product for you since this is like a free advertising service for Sellers and My posts get uploaded to my page on Facebook KawaiiKreations for my Likers and of course I tweet too!
You can contact me at my email

JiJi Kiki Kawaii

Have you been to Jiji Kiki?...Wait.....What! you haven't ?!
Well I follow JiJi KiKi on Facebook and love what I have seen.I have a thing for Hand made items and Jewellery ( with so much other stuff too Btw.)it means more to me to spend my money on something that's hand made with love <3
So if your not following them get on it as they are doing a
 contest right know so give it ago!

(I am giving it a go you never know *__* !)

I like the quirky and Kawii stuff myself in the shop adore the little faces on the items they make me smile too I  have found myself all starry eyed looking at the stuff on the page as well as seeing and reading the updates on the facebook that appear on my new feed.
Ive not ordered from them myself but I'm rather penny less since i spend it all on my Hello kittys ;___; whoops!
But would like to in the future since the stuff is more a vast range from the likes of RoxiSweetHeart again I do like the stuff there but not sure if I could wear it but I would ware these below!

Think this is well Cute!

And this lil Lucky Neko Chan!

He is so sweet,He would look good with my Bunny Ring from Kooki!

AWWW and yes they even have Super Kawaii Plushies (LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.)
I think my Daughter would too she had a Twinkle star that would sing but he stopped singing ;__;
Will Take note of this for her birthday-come Xmas (why on earth she came on christmas day @__@.)
Gona have to save hard core to get some of these lovely goodies!
Please go check them out guys x

Stay Kawaiix

*Images from Jiji Kiki with permisson

Bonjour Bourjois! (part one)

 Okay this could be a really Kawaii Girly Blog here so I did warn you Also is done in Parts as I may ramble on a bit how much I love My make up and love to be creative with it too.

So Make up,the art of using products to highlight your features.I love make up and have a few preferred brands such as my all time love of Bourjois for many reasons,I like a bit of BarryM for vibrant colours mostly the powder pots for eyes,Rimmel I have been trying out and Maybelline too but I find most of my Make up is full of Bourjois.
So it can be a task each morning trying to apply make up with a 16month little Bean running about in Pjs but I seem to have got it to a art by distracting Miss Bean with my box of Nail polish (all sealed tight.) which she takes them all out then puts them back or give her my clean make up brushes so she can play portend make up with mummy.

So why do I favour Bourjois? Well yes it is a little more expensive that the off the shelf cheaper shop own brand but its not a stupid over the top price either so its got that,The package and design is also compact and pretty,even with this aside is all about the quality!
I've ran out of my foundation the healthy mix one which I adore so using up my Maybelline Dream Matt mouse but liked the feel of the Healthy Mix on my skin as the the Dream Matt is a bit paste and heavy to apply so favour Liquid foundations best.
But here is the make up I am using at this time as you can see that with the almost finished pots I may need to go shopping for more Bourjois goodies!
These are the Eye shadow pallets,I use most of all numbers 2,3 and 5 of the Trio selection 

Know these are quilty eye shadows they do not crumble under the brush unless you want to add lots of pressure be my guest,They are also not brittle.They are easy to use and you can wet your brush to apply them too,They are soft and creamy but do not slide once applied and blend so well they are my must haves.

These are the Little round Pots of Blusher,I mind when I 1st saw one a Girl in the Salon I used to work at was doing her Make up and produced this Kawaii little pod with brush and mirror and I fell in love with the cuteness and colour and ran out and got one on my lunch brake!
Again they are easy to use the brush is a bit fiddly to use,but they have put it in a tiny cute box what do you expect for a brush lol!So I use my own angled Blusher Brush.
Know there is only 3 in the picture above they are the ones that I use with the above Trio Eyes shadows and the other Eye shadows the Black and a Beige,I wet my brush and use it with the black for a soft eye-liner effect and the Beige is one I use for all over my eye lid as a base.

Lippy I love my Lippy There are so many kinds and shades of Lippy with Bourjois and they have a vast range,BUT I have not found a Bourjois Pillar box Red yet (classic all time colour of mine).Its a hard colour to wear and very 50,s but I've not come across this Red yet there is close Reds but not red enough for me hehe!They do have a new Pallet Range I have yet to look at maybe I have not there Reds in the shops or not noticed them but I find most of the shade have a lot of hints of Pink but I like pink too so its not a biggie as i use BarryM for my Red Lips.
These Lippy's will not dry out your lips either!
They are very nice lipsticks again easy to use and love the case they are in the lids don't come off as easy as other brands!Which is handy for the Hand bags!
Nothing worse than Lippy all over the inside of you handbag and contents and a lippy with dust hair and dirt stuck to it!
Not cute lol.

Know Mascara and Eyeliner,I use a mix of brands with it comes to Eye liner so I am going to rave with joy with the Mascara from Bourjous. I love the Wand with 2 Steps its FAB! Volumizer Mascara its simple I like to coat my Lashes if I'm not using Fake Lashes and this one is the one I use Step 1 is a small short wand that catches all of the lashes's and coats them I give this 2 coats both upper and lower and then use 2 coats of step 2 that pumps them up with Volume.Easy as 1,2,3!

Eye-liner Know I have used Eye-liner since high school and have learnt what is good what's not for example panda eyes...not cool in any way.I do not use it on my lower of my eyes of if I do only a tad as it makes my eyes look small which was my 1st mistake at High school and made it look Gothic instead of grown up,So after learning a few examples and how to do's I use a thin liner for the inner of the eye then thicken it up to the outer eye and flick.
I use Clubbing in Ultra Black form Bourjois  as my thin line all way across the eye and Barry M to thinking it up or Liner Feutre from mid way across to the flick.
I have found i like Liner Feutre and by keeping it in my Brush pot upside down helped it form clogging and drying out the felt tip bends a little to much for my liking but apart from that is Great and Easy to use if you are new to liquid eye-liners,I like Liquid to the pencils as its a sharp shape and makes your eyes stand out more than the soft pencil.

Here is a example of my Make up with Bourjois.

Using the 2 Trio Pallet.
A Kawaii look can be created.

Great for a daily look 
Part 2 will be posted later!

Stay Kawaii xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kookii Kute!

Well my order form the Est shop Kookii Boutque came and OMG KAWAII after cooo~over my things i took some pictures and I will defo be look out for new things from them uttery over load in sweetness!
So here are the pictures 

my order came in all pink even in the bubble wrap which is so cool and sad that i have never come across pink bubble wrap hahaha With Pink tissue paper and a pink postal bag with was so well thought out and clever!
They didn't take long to ship out the order either which get a extra star in my book.

My new Charm I will be adding to my Purse (I need a new purse mines ruined)
However my daughter has taken a shine to this lil fella and I was surprised how big he is.
He is a stunning pastel blue and I adore his face and smile.

And my Easter Treat of a KAWAAAAIII! Bunny so so so cute! Its a white bunny with a blushing cute smile and on free size ring.I barely had to adjust the size and have it on know!

I love getting things in the post!
Stay Kawaii! and Order From this Esty shop!

Monday, 2 April 2012

I love my Hair Part 1

So I have these 2 clip on hair pieces form lockshop wigs and I adore them so much and if I could I would wear them every day but Im looking for my 2nd wig! Im looking for a wig like a curly bob.
website here and for Miss Pixie Fan page

But Im not sure if i would suit this one?!

The model is Pixie_late Im a bit of a fan of hers and follow in a non stocker like way on facebook she is a stunning girl would you not agree!
So Im thinking of entering a Competition that I missed out on the Gothic Lolita wigs held the last month for some reason my entry did not load :( so I found that Lock Shop have made a Competition in which I am away to prep for tonight I have till the 14th April to get it in and its done by email.
So VOTE for me!

Here is the Lock shop Wig in a bob style that I may get  im not sure if i could style it to the one above?

Hmmm so many wigs to pick from! some one help me!!! 
Stay Kawaii x